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  1. Yup that's what happens... The other is when the kite arrives, the conditions are perfect and you have something else that gets in the way of flying......and then when you have the time...the weather says nope..... Both of these scenarios happened within a couple of days about a week and a half ago when the weather was flip flopping.....raining now as well....go figure. Like the old ketchup commercial.....anticipation..... bt
  2. Yes they sure are amazing kites crafted by an amazing kite maker. I'm an Aerie/BMK fellow for sure. Well "if" I ever decide to let one go I'll send a note to you....there ya go folks first dibs go to Paul..... Or do as I did and use the power of will as that's how I acquired the vented and the white sailed one(s)......both in the last year.... Actually for the vented I was doing research on Air fx venting and came across a couple of pix and realized the venting was pretty daunting. Besides it's a KMac sail. No offence to Revs but I've self vented a couple of those....a Sedg 1 and a single panel 2, with most excellent results...... bt
  3. Finally it got nice enough to go outside and take a few pix. Just took possession of a vented Aerie Air FX which matches a standard, plus another makes three. btw for the trio pix I did not install the winglet battens..... bt
  4. Was doing some poking around for info on AirFX vented's......came across this!!! I have two standard FX's and one is just like this one.....message has been sent. bt