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  1. Win: B2 STD Revolution package

    So close. I knew I should have bought 10 more tickets. Congrats on the win.
  2. TKL Quad Clinic @ SPI (Feb 4, 2018)

    Festivals are fun, you're right about that. I don't think I'd learn a year's worth of stuff, but they are great. I still remember the Lincoln City festival a couple years back where the wind died and they were closing the party early since nothing would stay up. As people were walking away, the loudspeaker crackled back to life announcing they'd had a last-minute exhibition show in the dead air. You pulled out an indoor dual line kite and wowed the crowd as the unexpected finale.
  3. TKL Quad Clinic @ SPI (Feb 4, 2018)

    Both days? Is this just the 4th, or both the 3rd and 4th? I'm trying to justify the 7 hour drive across Texas plus the cost of two clinic tickets and other expenses. I dismissed it earlier since the title says only the 4th. If it is two days I'll start finding room in my budget.
  4. Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    That colorizer is fun to play with. I've tried out a few designs that work with my existing color patterns. Part of me hopes for the win, the other part is terrified I'd win because I'd spend too many hours customizing it, then feel the need to buy a few more to get all the color patterns I want. I don't think I could afford to win.
  5. frob