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  1. B-Series MID Package (12/25/17)

    a big GRATS to paraglider : }
  2. B-Series MID Package (12/25/17)

    MY fingers are crossed prayers have been made it will go well in a stack with my b2 and b st of the same colors
  3. hi  john   hey sry  for buggin ya  but can you tell me where i can go in the site to find my member #   thank you  for wonderful site and your time  



    1. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Not a worry Ed, you came to the right place - your subscriber number is 1460. ;) 

  4. HI do you still have the level one V-Max kites 

    1. Airfx


      Yep... I still do. I actually have three complete kites (two vents and one standard) Also 4 additional sails/rods.