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  1. Trilobite

    Love this one...
  2. Bol

    Wow thats cool
  3. I am having a lot of issues uploading images. The upload starts and completes successfully but then a -200 error code appears saying the image can not be uploaded and the image thumbnail shows blank.
  4. Flying shots

  5. Break down in mesh panels.

    I've heard that you should just leave it and trying to fix it causes more issues but there are probably others with different opinions. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  6. FS: Prism zephyr

    Bump, please someone buy this its good to have in the quiver for those just a little bit lighter days where you want the feeling of a big kite.
  7. Lam Hoac's New AC

    I fly this kite on 65 - 100 depending on where I want to fly and wind. I won't mention my issues with it until Lam gets back to me (maybe he has some solutions) but here is a short clip I made my 3rd time out with it.
  8. Vented Deep Space

    They are just holes with some mylar around the edges. I really like this kite but sometimes it feels weird.
  9. FS: Prism zephyr

    Alright guys I'm going to continue to reduce this until it is irresistible. 120!
  10. FS: Prism zephyr

    Price reduced to 130 you know you want this!
  11. FS: Prism zephyr

    Basically shut the door on it and the last inch of the wingtips were taken off... The kite is in perfect order now. Price reduced because I think this kite is out to get me.
  12. Prism Zephyr for sale, I have had a string of bad luck after only flying it a handful of times and need it off my hands. The first day out with this kite out of nowhere a dog appears and decides to play with it (image 2) -- patched with small piece of tedlar on the back The week after it had a little run in with my car and both leading edges have been replaced( I think this was payback for not flying it) Note there seems to be slight sail staining (it came from the factory this way) For the reasonable price of 120 you can have all this shipped to your door.
  13. BUMP... you know you want this.
  14. Axle help

    Maybe take 2 lines off the kite?