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  1. Mine had the staining too when I purchased four months ago or so. I decided to fly it anyways
  2. Hey guys posting this for Tommy Chidester who used to frequent the San Diego area but now is in Venice/Santa Monica. I have had the pleasure of flying with Tommy daily for the past month, unfortunately due to some health issues and his living situation Tommy needs to sell these kites. All are in good condition, although I think a small piece of the venting is tearing on the leading edge of one of the vented kites. For the price of $1000 + shipping you will receive: 1 exp (this is a special one with only 3 icarex panels, this was given to him by John himself) b series mid vent b series full vent super blast 2.4 Various assorted line sets (at least 6, most laserpro), awesome fat carbon handles, kite stakes, a kite bag (zipper works) More complete album here:
  3. You might be a kite nut.

    you might be a kite nut if this is your car.
  4. You might be a kite nut.

    You might be a kite nut if you decided to take a job that paid 16% less so that you could go fly in the middle of the day.
  5. JB for a Weekend (10/1/17)

    Just as I was considering planning a kitecation to the pacific northwest, awesome contest! Best of luck.
  6. Bridle replacement

    cool. I just want to get it somewhat close to factory or better ;p Prism Fanatic, Dodd gross French Connection and my newly acquired sea devil
  7. Bridle replacement

    wow ok cool. I had so much trouble just trying to tie a simple prusik that the thought even scares me but I guess there are not really any other options. Any bridle line recommendations?
  8. So you have some older kites that you love to fly but can no longer get replacement parts for. The bridle is about to break, what do you do?
  9. Hey guys, I am looking for a few dual skybond linesets in various lengths. I know they sell a 1000' spool but I don't really have the patience or capabilities to make them right now. 30' #100 50' #100 x 2 60' #100 I would take any or all of these right now if anyone is willing to make them.
  10. KiteLife Chat Night!


  11. FAA Kite regulations

    Thanks guys, will get written permission. It seems like the 5 mile rule applies to kites with a line length over 150 feet OR over 5 pounds so in most cases a stunt kite would not apply. (2) Except as provided for in §101.7, any kite that weighs more than 5 pounds and is intended to be flown at the end of a rope or cable. No person may operate an unshielded moored balloon or kite more than 150 feet above the surface of the earth unless, at least 24 hours before beginning the operation, he gives the following information to the FAA ATC facility that is nearest to the place of intended operation:
  12. FAA Kite regulations

    Thanks for the great reply. Here is a map of the location for reference, the red box was where I was flying with 40 foot lines below even the tree level. The white boxes are where the police officer told me I could fly. I will try to reach out to the control tower and see what their thoughts are.
  13. I was asked to leave a park near a small local airport due to FAA regulation. After looking into the law further it seems that the law only covers kites over 5 pounds with a line length greater then 150 feet. It seems like this may be a common misconception?
  14. Prism Jazz (5/16/17)

    Wow this is awesome. As a new member Im in!