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  1. Happy day!

    Hi guys! Been a few weeks since I talked to y'all, been busy, I hope everyone is doing well. I had to stop in and say hi real quick and tell everyone how happy I am. Kaiju #31 is in my hands, and she's beautiful! I'm glad I finally ended up with purple/white, it was a tough choice, but it looks awesome! Great work @John Barresi and Kite Forge, and thank you! Im still having trouble uploading pics for some reason, but I'll try to get some posted soon, and maybe even a video when I can. Talk to y'all soon!
  2. Well, that was a bust.

    I've tried a couple times. I could fly, but it was a lot of work just to keep the kite up. It's weird, even though it's very windy, there's hardly any pull on the lines and the kite doesn't want to stay up. This was with my Quantum and Hypnotist too, so not the lightest of kites. Next time I get a chance to go over there I may try with a different kite. Is a smaller or bigger wing better in those conditions?
  3. Well, that was a bust.

    I do. I go to Galveston as much as I can, but it's pretty far. I have to make a whole day of it to make it worth the trip. It's definitely worth it when I can, though. I love flying on the beach!
  4. Well, that was a bust.

    Thanks for the ideas. I will keep that stuff in mind. I think I will find a place soon enough, I do have some feelers out in the community. I am already friendly with the local school and police. They let me fly my rc's at the the local school, but unfortunately it's not a good location for kites, it's surrounded by trees. The place I was checking out was a couple towns over. There are places around if you drive a while, I'm trying to find something closer where I can get some quick flights in when I don't have time to drive somewhere.
  5. Well, that was a bust.

    I went to check out that new flying spot yesterday, the school on the plain. It was locked up like Fort Knox. Drove around that area for a while looking for something else, but couldn't find anything. Bummer! The search continues. Had my friend with me that is still waiting to take his first flight, so he was bummed too. Oh well, I'll find a spot eventually. But this was another weekend with no flying.
  6. Welcome VirtualFacets

    Hi, welcome. I'm pretty much a noob myself, but I started on a prism quantum, and would highly recommend it. And, I beleive the lady you're taking about has a few for sale. I bought a kite from her and was very happy.
  7. Addiction

    Dang it man, now you've got me wanting an addiction too.
  8. Website is online and ready for orders!

    Woohoo! Congrats!
  9. Vented

    Haha.. I'll get carried away by a 747!
  10. Vented

    I didn't think about that. but I actually have been thinking about joining that club. Are you familiar with it?
  11. Riffclown's Homemades

  12. Vented

    Haven't flown it yet. Was planning on going out on the first, but it was 27 degrees and raining. Also, I still haven't found a good flying field close-by. I do have an idea for a place to check out that isn't too far, though. Hopefully soon. I'll be glad when the days get longer and I will have some time after work to fly.
  13. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone. Here's to some good flying in 2018!
  14. Vented

    We must be kindred spirits. I got the same deal on my zephyr from the same place. Picked up a few other things too.
  15. Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    Wow, what an awesome prize!