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  1. Youtube Influencers - Kites

    Such an opportunity to reach out, they have a solid production crew already, and consistent creation with very nicely sized following. Show them how awesome kites really can get, invite them to a private Clinic session, get their crew hooked on the addiction, their big followers will find their way to these forums and then we work on conversion for sales!
  2. Beach flying advice

    Feel free to read through my journey getting into revs in the other thread if you're bored, lots of tips and common questions answered by veterans here My tip, since it's about flying on the beach in soft sand, find a long, extra long stake. I learnt it the hard way when I took my Rev to the beach for the very first time. I was using a regular screwdriver as a stake, standard size/length driver from Home Depot/Target. Too short, got buried in the sand and I ended up having to bury the kite handles itself so that it was strong enough to not get tugged out by the strength of the wind on the kite end. I now use an extra-long driver
  3. Youtube Influencers - Kites

    A few months ago, one of the "evening kitelife group chats" I mentioned in the chat to JB the need of "Youtube Influencers" for our kiting community, to bring in the new generation of flyers and help create awareness of this amazing addiction. Just a few hours ago, Flite Test (huge channel for RC community) put up their very first kiting video!! Sure, it's showcasing a dual line parafoil (Prism Synapse, my favorites) and no quads/Revs yet... but maybe JB and iQuad could consider networking and getting a feature going with the Flite Test channel Josh and his crew, show them how it's done JB! Maybe even talk to them about KiteForge I am sooo excited to see where this continues. Like them, I found my love for this sport because I had too much wind for my RC fad back then. They've done a video now on Kites because it's too windy for them to do RC content currently. I hope more 'younguns' stream in over to the addiction! AND with Youtube Influencers, when one covers something of interest, you can bet other influencers will hop aboard and continue creating more and more coverage on the topic, ie. Kites!!! I left a comment on this 1 video I've linked here using my same username, quick Thumb up it so we get the comment pinned in the video and send people to Kitelife!
  4. Flic Flac Practice

    Two kitelife regulars sharing airspace, so kewl. Need a 3rd wing
  5. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    We'll be in Yosemite, I'll put my kite up there and join in spirit 😂
  6. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Was heading home over the weekend from a mini weekend getaway, when I realized we'd be going by the Berkeley Marina (Kite Festival grounds). Decided to stop by for the sunset, and felt so weird good being there. I met JB here for the first time along with a bunch if the other Rev/Kite community just some 9 months ago when I had just discovered the entirety of the sport of kites. The park now is sprawling lush green, grass almost a foot tall, a complete contrast from that day when John handed me his kite with dry dusty grounds around us and me gleeming with all the excitement . Just some months ago I was asking for so much help and this community so warmly welcomed all my questions, helped me find a starting kite. And now I have a bag of kites for myself, dual lines foils, my starter midvent, an Ash, and closer to my heart a rev2 and a loaner B2 with 80 & 120 sets. Hehehe. Am now a baby magnet (as the wife calls it) as I fly almost daily at the neighborhood park. I've taken the bag and flown everywhere I've been able to squeeze flying time in, including Singapore and Bali already. Looking forward to the new season and festival again already 😂😂 Just bought a bicycle with the wife so no chance to pick up a vented yet to complete the "wind range" collection. -Feeling so thankful and blessed- To anyone else interested in the hobby and on the fence about getting a kite and joining in, just do it. The amount of sheer fun you're gonna have will blind away everything else!
  7. Water flying: tips please

    I had my first water play some months ago too, all I can say is, Be prepared for the weight change. Once the kite hits the water you're gonna feel the weight of water, is completely different from air. The shock caught me off guard and I panicked, it felt like the water was quicksand and I'd be forced to take the wet walk of shame. But the "flight" dynamics still remain true, just be sure to position yourself with the correct water current direction (like wind direction) and the kite will respond like what you expect. Oh and my test play was in still water, no waves only a light current.
  8. Pull of Synapse 170?

    My Synapse 170 in 10mph-ish winds, with higher gusts. I'm 5'2 115lbs I have been window shopping for the 200, I want even more pull but I don't want to be lying down fighting the wind, so the 200 has been in my shopping list for so so long. Haven't bought it yet because after knowing the 170 characteristics, might not have sufficient wind here often enough for the 200 to satisfy my personal needs for enjoyment. I switch between my Shapsnot 1.2 (equivalent to the Synapse 140?) depending on the wind, I find the Synapse 170 needs a higher minimum amount of wind to get airborne, and even more than the smaller foil to "reset" and take off again.
  9. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Thanks for all the input again guys. Miss chatting with all of you! Familiar names While I've yet to fly any thing less than 80s, I've come to learn that i love the speed. So I'm okay with that. I primarily want shorter lines to fly in more places where 80s would just be inconvenient and not ideal for the location (crowded, cramp) But additionally having watched so much more kite videos now since I first discovered the hobby, I started recognizing that the most solo fun (combinations, tricks, variety) is performed while on a shorter set. The long sets show up more often in group flying. And that's what I wanna try next so looking to get a short set added to the bag. Probably end up buying a new one and cutting down the older set. Still piecing together hours of flight video footage from last year season hahahaha it's embarrassing, but I also still am excited to share it soon. Love the hobby, still all wrapped up in that "new" novelty gonna make the best of it!
  10. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Want short set to fly in not-enough-space patches of grass ^^ but thanks!
  11. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Anyone can link me the guide to cutting own lines? I remember coming across a fairly detailed post here somewhere but can't seem to find it now, it had pictures and accounted for measurements to include extra lengths for knot tying and sleeving and how to do everything. Thanks in advance, miss everyone winter has been dull! Is it better to purchase 120' lines, then cut down the older 120' to make a short set 30-50'? Can't determine what's the best route easiest on the wallet to get a set of shorties. Winds have been picking up here again but still uncomfortably cold for me to fly, feeling like a sad puppy looking out the window!! Love this hobby
  12. First look!

    Darnit.. so which kite to break the bank for first.. Shook, Phoenix, or Djinn.. Sigh. So excited for the Djinn, following the journey!
  13. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    I got a chance to fly. It lasted a good 45mins or so. im satisfied. mm. the tide went low and gave enough room. How to stake the kite down during setup if I go into the water Mark?
  14. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Need advice, if any.. At beautiful Bali for another two days, winds here by the beach are awesome and few people around which makes even more awesome..and it's super hot under the sun here too. Trying to take my mind off it, but I really want to do some flying (it's an addiction okay). Once I am back home it'll be another month or so before the Spring winds kick in and I'll have to bundle up to be outside. Problem is, there's only like 40feet of open space I can find/on the beach and the shortest I have on hand are 80ft lines. I'm open to anything, maybe ill find a pair of scissors and snip my lines down to length. Is there a trick knot to shorten the lines and still fly? I am a desperate newbie with an addiction. Thanks friends and blessed New Year <3