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  1. HappySuper Moments

    My Kite life begins, memories along the way!
  2. Sedgwick Series

    Watching this video a decade later and comparing to the way you @John Barresi fly in the more recent videos these days... Really, really cool to see a very noticeable good difference in flying style and abilities. It's a sport alright, putting in time is the only way to improving. I thought it was just kite flying. Who'd knew.
  3. Prism Zero G On table

    How well/easily does this little one fly?
  4. The Phoenix Pro

    I done it. What a beauty. Got all the approval of my veteran mentors too when they flew it, kite perfection! Good timing on the season ending too, the 1.5b midvent has been staying in the bag since this arrived. I am over the moon with this Ash. Day 1 flying it winds were on the strong end around 10mph maybe 11, it wanted to bowtie frequently. Following couple of days with lighter winds even no wind 0-1mph it flies perfectly and what a kite in the sky. Thanks to Eliot @flyingsmileskites, Bazzer himself, and @Wayne Dowler for the helpful chats in choosing the right kite for me!
  5. KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    Sweet take-home, congrats Elmo!! Send pics
  6. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    lol great response. I still fly in 15 on the mid, all I got and have I mentioned how much I've fallen in love with my rev? XD I'm still not able to fly backwards as fast as forward without it bowtieing.. seeing a supersonic pulling that off might be much fun. I've looked at power foils on the side per some recommendations in the thread here... for the thrill of the pull and such. Can't bring myself to justify the cost of any when all I have are revs in my sight now. I'm also a real lightweight you might never have to return to this thread again if I bought one. I do have a midsized Synapse afterall if I really wanted on some days.
  7. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Thanks again you guys, can always count on picking up something new that'll stay with me for a lifetime every time. I asked cause I only have one setup.. a rr/3wrap midvent, looking forward to building up a full set eventually. But in the meantime if I know more then I can continue to fly all i want and also still max out the lifespan of the kite. So maybe I should have asked when do you know it's time to bring it in to change your setup/be done.. do you guage by the le bowing, kite flying too fast, I love all the above full power but I am still trying to recognise the peak points or telltale signs that if I keep this going it's gonna hurt the kite or framesplode. For example that other time I posted having flown my midvent in 20mph ish winds by the coast someone had advised to refrain making that a habit as it's "too much" for the midvent. I thought flying it was a total thrill lol. Is there any "rules" or best practice on what you change first? Stronger frame, same sail, or vented sail same frame.. probably guessing it'll boil down to individual preference but what's the harm in asking :))
  8. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Quick question, How much is "too much wind"? In terms of damaging/wearing down kite durability. Goal being to extend the life of a kite as much as possible but still also flying it as much as possible. Like I'm noticing I get the most thrill out of flying my kite (midvent) when the winds are up and the sail is really bowed and lines are really taught (easier flying too) But is that a bad habit? I think I'm asking like when should you call it quits vs when have you reached the kite's limits. I'm sure there's some variables (switching lines/rods/vents) for any given scenario, but all and any info will be great for my pocket. Thank you in advance!
  9. Maxi vented rev

    That's just brilliant. How does it fly?
  10. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Really just wanted to give a shout-out to Steve and Fred (BASKL) for mentoring me, as well as everyone here that chimed in the last few pages of the thread! (Hi "S" & "F" I know you read here hahaha) I was lucky to meet Steve and Fred the very first day I walked out to the field to maiden my first ever rev just two months ago. Introduced myself to them and they've been ever so willing to help teach me to fly since. I've now gotten my first experience flying in line with them, chasing them in holding patterns and crossing lines, what. A. Rush. We even did 'Ball' which has been something I wanted to do since before getting my rev hahaha. Guarantee without a doubt I wouldn't be managing any of the flying I'm doing today if not for them two. All other learning material (videos, sharing, private message) has been amazing helpful too. I'm still all over the place with my rev, no finesse or precision at all yet, but I am able to enjoy any kind of flying now comfortably, low wind high wind fast slow hovers turns. Thank you! Hope to post up another video soon.. video editing sucks.
  11. 3 days with my first Rev

    Yeyyy welcome! Turn your handles even more, to get your bottom lines (brakes)like to tension even more, allow your kite to flip and flop and bowtie, then just walk to right it all back up again if you must. When the kite flips 'darkside' or bowties, it usually just floats to the ground and won't hurt at all so no worries (opposed to hard crashes due to error at high speed that hurt the kite) That's my moment that clicked for me. I struggled with figuring out that invert hover "bite" pressure too because I was afraid to "overdo" it (turning my handles too much) and flip the kite or crash it. That worry held everything back. Just let go, go for it, bowtie if you must it will accelerate your learning way ahead. Just my recent experience learning too! Keep sharing. Don't fizzle out, we'll all be here with you if you are. This is what forums are made for...well, typically forums are invented for complains, it's even better for any forum community when we share positive feedback and stories. Fly more
  12. Reflex review

    Again almost a year later after it started being offered for sale, and being discussed here on Kitelife, I think I've found the first team to be flying RXs! Not familiar with this team's skills, but the performance with the kites don't look anything exciting like B's are in the YouTubes. :l (not sure if they're flying with springs or regular rods either) Very scarce coverage on these new go-to Rx kites, it's the new defacto if you're new to the hobby and visit the official rev homepage without doing further research on other rev models, so, new go-to kite.
  13. The Phoenix Pro

    Thanks Wayne for that detailed experience flying it. I'm mad envious. Such beautiful sails against a blue sky. When you said increase wind range, that means like if a rev is 3-8mph, then the phoenix is 4-9, right? Opposed to wider range like 2-9. Can see how the kite would need more wind to fly given the TE vents. And what's this Ashes model ye speaketh of? Is it a color option or an entirely different sail construction? I see Ameyst and FireandIce options but no Ashes yet. Also, isn't Rev's new direction also with 5/16 rods? Rx/XX.. sounds like it's a unison choice over 1/4 rods. Is stiffer better for precision and inverted flight? (generally speaking, I know every pilot is an individual) Thanks for chiming in on the Ppros, I really miss having a "magazine" to read in-depth technical reviews on kite models like here https://kitelife.com/2007/02/01/issue-52-review-of-b-series-by-revolution-kites/ Sure it might be some kind of conflict of interest between manufacturers, but a kite is a kite and we all love love kites. Maybe I'll write my own up on a blog somewhere, there's a number of new models (Ppro, freliene, Rx, XX, Spider, Classic, etc) that im sure New comers would like to read up on outside of the sales-descriptions on commerce sites...hehehe
  14. The Phoenix Pro

    Curious, a year later, definitely seeing a good number of Ppros in the sky in the YouTubes, even in teams, anyone able to update this op's topic on how a P std compares to a B std? Can't take my eyes of off you (pretty sail) The FB group pages only show even more alluring imagery but nothing on flight characteristics and experience.
  15. KARMA 9/21/2017: Revolution Rainbow Radical

    Wow. Makatakam how awesome of you, I'm in :)!