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  1. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Hi all! Good news! It finally clicked!! After taking everyone's tips and advise from this thread, and JB's videos, and his in-person priceless quick tips, aaaand the in-person help and advise of the local veterans in the area (Steve & Fred!!), this weekend I got the inverted hover! I'm so so happy. haha. I'm just about 28hours in flying time with the rev, I'm platueing and that's just fine, it's been an exhilarating and so enjoyable a time outside, flying, words can't describe it. Who woulda thought kite flying could be this much fun?! Here's a really quick clip of some of the flying I had today during our trip to the coast, courtesy of my lovely one (sorry no HD) Enjoy. Can't wait to nail the inverted hover even better, and then I'm eager to start figuring out how the Bicycle science works. I'm actually more used to flying in lower winds, today's video clip at the beach I was flying in I am guessing 21mph+ steady winds, the gulls and pelicans couldn't even fly straight. I had to remove my seran-wrap fix for today hahaha. My midvent/3wrap/90# was pulling hard, it slid me along the soft sand several times, but what fun!! Definitely easier in stronger winds, I get to do what I think, I like. And the kite can get so much faster too, love it. Update again soon, I sincerely thank everyone that's been a part of my Rev journey thus far, I wouldn't be flying the way I am today if not for ANY of the tips big or small, long or brief, you graciously shared with me. (I'm no master yet, nowhere near the finesse needed to be a rev flyer, but looking back at a 45mins line-setup to a 4min line-setup and the control I have today, I'm so so grateful) Thank you!!
  2. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Thanks bunches for the tips makatakam and Paul! All good stuff I'll have in the back of my mind while I'm practicing. I've been following JB's tutorial method, working great for me. Agreed, lower winds I do step backwards to get lift when launching inverted. It might be my tuning. Will play around and see. I have the motions down, just need to build the muscle memory. I very quickly forget which handle side is forward/reverse when the sail is inverted. That's just muscle memory. I can go up and down inverted, but at times I go up and down, up and down then down again instead and blow it.. haha. Also noticed my wing bowties when inverted, the trailing edge tips I think I pull too much to me and the wing ends up bowtieing then flipping then I get bridles caught on the bungee. So perhaps it's my tuning I need to mess with. Gonna put up another progress video soon! Youll notice in the video I've been flying with seran wrap because wind season is departing.
  3. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    @dragonfishyes that Clinic thingy! I'm intending to attend, hope to see you there too and get to know more local fliers And yup, heard and read all about the Shooks already, haha, can only imagine what joy it would be to be flying one. I love the Bazzer eye design too, a lot. I saw a couple NYM sails at the festival over the weekend, those looked pretty too. I went to test fly the RX Spider at the rev booth that day as like I said, I had my eye on it heavily too prior to getting my B...but more because I love the design and colors of the regular RX sail they sell nowadays. Yet to get a chance to check out the RX (xx or not), already making plans to possibly get the RX (not spider) as my second wife sail, as my non-vented sail. But all that a very long time away from now. I wanna get my inverted hover down first.
  4. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    @John Barresi all good, incredible tips in just that small window already couldn't have asked anything more! yup I'm starting to track events in the area. Noted there's a "flying seminar" to learn at coming up in August, planning to check that out too. Cheers man! Forgot to mention, I also got the chance to fly the new RX Spider sail at the event that day.. ew. Disappointed. Even for a newbie, the way it flies is so significantly different, not in a good way either. I had my eye on that for awhile before I found my B.. Not sure if it's because if the springs and the way it is vented like that..but wow it was significant. Hopped over to the older vented 1.5 (non-B) next to it and holy, smooooth.
  5. Mid vented wind range

    I'm new too and also have been learning on my mid-vent, I actually now think that the line length is a significant factor to consider when flying in given wind conditions. Shorter (30-50ft) for lower wind speeds, longer (80-120ft) for higher wind speeds. But then again maybe I just fly with newbie bad habits to come to conclude that. Ha.
  6. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Awesome day at BKF yesterday. Got to catch a few rev team flying routines, including JB's Hunting Wabbits routine, cute. Hahaha So cool to have finally met ya John! Was a privilege and a pleasure. Really warm, extremely friendly and SO eager to help and teach and get newbies in to the hobby! Within a couple mins I found myself on JB's very own lines and B-pro. Ha. Sweet. Gave me some quick awesome pointers/corrections while flying that I'm sure is gonna boost my learning phase before he had to run off for another meet. Only first month plugging myself into the Rev community and I've already gotten to hangout with the legendary. What an honor. Having such a warm community-backed hobby is truly something worth the time. On the way back to the car, wife was like, why didnt you snap a quick photo together? Oops, too star-struck and fan-boying. Hahahaha. We'll meet again soon JB sir!
  7. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Haha thanks you guys for the speed pointers, appreciate it as always. Yup I've been aware of the supersonic and other 'power' revs, but I'm really content with the B already. If anything I'll ask the local flier here if I could give his SS a whirl. I like the B fast, but I think that's as fast as I'd like. I like the B for how controlled and slow it can get and how fast it can get too, it's just nice. Haven't had as much chance this whole week to fly yet, winds been dropping now at the times I flew the past two weeks. My rev succumbs to gravity too much at that point. But I did fly for about 20mins, i think something clicked in that small time window, im getting a good hang of inverted flight now following JB's tutorial steps. I also filmed flying with blue tape on my vents haha, and seran wrap too from another day, will get that uploaded soon too. Gravity still got the best of my rev with the vents taped up. Starting to wonder what kite season is like after the Summer winds are gone.. back to RC paragliding and airplanes BKF weekend is here, how exciting for our community ! I should be dropping by for Sunday's schedule.
  8. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Thanks for the tips Edmond That video is a from some days ago actually, took me a long time to upload it haha. I already changed leaders to the Barresi ones, they are longer than what I had yupyup. And more knots available for tuning too. In the next videos that I will upload soon you'll notice the change hehe. I also am starting to realize I love flying my rev fast. Slow and controlled looks amazing and definitely shows a lot more mastership of the kite, however I find the most excitement flying the rev as fast as possible. The faster and nearer to the ground I can get, the more the adrenaline rush To achieve that, I noticed now that I might end up prefering having a steeper leading edge, but I'm still really just experimenting at these early stages of the journey. Not sure if this is the best way to fly or one that still allows the core basics of rev flying to be achievable. Having also figured out that a more upright sail allows for a bit simpler reverse hover control. Yes, I've been gradually moving my way up to learning inverse controls. Progress videos available but still in the cutting room. Stay tuned
  9. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Thanks guys for the support. Got to fly and hangout with S & F again over the weekend, flew his B-pro on 120lines, so smooth. Tempted now to get a set of 120s. Haha. Planning to be at BKF for a little on Sunday, like after lunch, hopefully still able to meet you guys then! Finally got my recording posted up from back on Day 4 of owning the rev, deng really nice to see how much you can learn in a matter of days. The rev is easy to pick up but really challenging to master. Which is awesome, makes easy for people to get into! Have a lot recording to edit and upload, from Day 6 and 8, and then now Day 14... With all of you guys helping me and advising me and sharing your experiences, my setup time has gone from my earlier-posted 45mins down to less than 10mins as seen in that video, and today I now get up in the air in around 3-4mins. Will try to catch up with uploading to show progress and how easy it is for anyone to learn and buy a rev!
  10. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    @John Barresi had plans to join the bkf for a long time but doubt I would actually make it anymore seeing how we gotta be back for a concert that same afternoon. Still hopeful to squeeze in bkf though! What would be cooler than getting your autograph (and other vets) on my very first rev
  11. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Okay noted about knots being farther out. The spot I fly at is turbulent and grumpy, cause of the buildings on all sides of the park. Changes directions entirely within minutes, and also gusts up that the kite drags me along and then dies out for a few minutes that I can't even get it to launch and hover lol. Will probably get some better flying conditions at the better kite lot on weekends. Will start testing tuning then with the knots. How about bottom leaders, typical to have knots all the way in to handles or far out? JB mentions top leaders start far out and nlknot in step each time.
  12. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Thanks for yet another helpful tip makatakam! I tried messing with the knots, going farther out, but that made it take more effort to launch. Gonna test and make more notes on the differences next time I have to fly. Taped/seran wrap on which side of the sail? I'd imagine the front side facing me so that it bulges and flexes the tape inward, or put both sides of the sail? I'll try it, sounds like fun
  13. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Hi everyone! I've been meaning to get my videos up, but darn how much I hate video editing. I've been recording my flights and take home around 20-45mins worth of footage every other day since I first got my rev a week ago. Total flight time on it is now at around 13-15hours!! It's been great. I have a ton to learn still even though I "can fly" the rev. No finesse or precision yet lol. Might be my RC background, but I loveee when the wind kicks in and this rev starts darting around, love the speeds it can get. Always have questions and looking for pointers from you experienced fliers, biggest question now is what should I try first, seeing that I'm on a budget..I struggle to keep my midvent to stay up or hover in lighter winds.. (as expected) I usually have to wait for the gusts to come, could be the spot I'm flying sucks, but wind reported has been 11-14mph at the times I fly. 1 search for a std sail? 2 new lighter frame? But which? 3 seran wrap 4 lighter lines? I got Barresi's leaders now, and watched almost all his vids here including light winds tips. Didn't work very well for me, no height gained in s turns, ended up doing figure 8s haha. Thanks all, I'm determined to finish uploading my flight clips!
  14. Kites & Fun Things has a 100/100 if this is what you're looking for.
  15. Newbie Bay Area friends and Rev learning tips

    Thanks makatakam for sharing that, valuable notes for newbie like me to keep in mind when out in the field. I had the best time flying yesterday evening, flew for yet another hour, for a total of about 7-8 flight hours now with my first Rev! It went so much better in yesterday's flight. I've found my own way around lines setup for the time being until I understand further how they work and behave in relation to the winder. It took me less than 10minutes to get up in the air, after noting every single one of you guy's advise and suggestions here in the thread. So thank you. I'm gonna video what I do, maybe it will be useful for starters that don't yet know how to control the Rev fully. I quickly came to notice the seasoned fliers that advised me with lines advised me the way they did because they were well, seasoned fliers. They already understand everything about the lines and flying the Rev with twisted lines. They are able to launch inches off the ground, inverted, slide, and spin the kite on command, or turn handles over and around all while keeping the kite upright, in order to untwist any lines. It's a tall order for even how "fundamental" it is. A newbie like me, has zero confidence and no knowledge of how to handle the kite yet, let alone launch with lines crossed and twisted, and then unwinding by flying the kite or letting go of handles to untwist or cross over. I was advised to immediately hook the lines onto the kite, don't bother straightening and untwisting the lines yet, as it can be done easier and faster once they are hooked in and tenses up with the kite and some twists might not even be any actual twists after all. Following that resulted in my crazy twisted lines, so badly that the veterans were stumped too and struggled to help me untangle. Took me 30-45mins (with extra help untangling) before I was up in the air. Having the lines tied down to the kite and handles made any turns or cross over hard to manage. So instead, now, i stake my handles, and unwind the lines, all the way down to the kite. But before I hook them to the kite, I spend the additional minute walking back to the stake, and then picking up the lines and separate them by pairs as I walk back again to the kite end. Since the lines are free at this one end, they unfurl on their own and untwist easily and rapidly. the lines are in their individual pairs now, free of any tangles. Then I hook into the kite, parked inverted. Make my way back to the handles, pick them up the right way (crossed since parked inverted). And launch. Freedom. Less than 10mins down from 30-45. Getting the hang of the Rev now, will post video soon Update again soon thanks!!!!