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  1. Happy New Year

    Happy new year A picture form my last flight of 2017 (21. December) . Looking forward to many many more flights this year
  2. Video: 2017 Danish Quad Clinic

    Great video. Looks like a ton of fun
  3. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    I'm definitely not implying that you only should use this Club 38 thing. I, as many others, have watched (again and again) JB's videos and learned a lot from them. But it was nice to have a sort of "script" to follow. Besides the people on the club 38 Facebook site is as friendly as you guys, so it's a nice place to be and it's nice to get suggestions on how to improving based on your videos. As a lony flier I have no idea what moves are called. Is there a place where I can read about the names? Anyway just wanted to throw Club 38 in, as a suggestion of one possible source of help on the basic.
  4. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    It might not be popular to mention here, but I learned a lot by joining the 'club 38' on Facebook. It teaches you the basic skilles and build on them as you go through the program. I liked that it gave me a purpose when flying, and something specific to practice. Of cause mixed with lot of 'normal' flying.
  5. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    I don't like flying it in more then around 6 m/s. It might be able to fly in more, but the line is singing pretty good and it feels like you could potentially brake something. Don't know if you actually will brake anything though. Also I don't like to much pull on my revs for some reason. I ended up buying a Reflex Spider for more wind then that. I also like that one a lot
  6. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    I recently started out with the Classic, you get both worlds with it, both the Reflex system and you can fly it without. Truth being told, I can't feel much difference with or without the Reflex regarding the response from the kite. What I like about the Reflex is that it flies much better and more stable at the edge of the window. It also have a little less tendency to bow tight when flying reverse, but it's just a question of learning to feel the kite. I mostly fly on short lines. On 50 feet lines I really like the Reflex, as it gives me a noticeable larger and more controllable window. On my 30 feet lines I exclusive fly it without the reflex, because I like to mix in some catch and throw. As said, other then at the edges of the window, I don't fell much difference with or without the Reflex. That might be because of my inexperienced though. Anyway, I really like my Classic
  7. What's the Catch? and Throw

    Very cool and informative video. Especially like the tip to avoid slicing your fingers And of course yet another reason to regret that I first picked kite flying up after the Danish clinic was fully booked.
  8. What's the Catch? and Throw

    Thanks for the explanation [emoji4] Now I have something to work on [emoji4] You say it's also possible with the reflex springs. Do you have any more info on how to do this?
  9. No love for the Reflex line?

    Ups, think I forgot the link to the video. Added now. moderator note. Embedded the link for you.
  10. No love for the Reflex line?

    Had a little fun with catch and throw on my classic yesterday. It's a good way to keep warm
  11. Danish Quad Clinic (Sep 9-10, 2017)

    Will definitely be there next time
  12. App and Tapatalk issues.

    Seems to work fine here through Tapatalk.
  13. App and Tapatalk issues.

    Thanks for the quick response John It's working again
  14. App and Tapatalk issues.

  15. App and Tapatalk issues.

    I can't log in through the app or tapatalk anymore. Is it me and what can I do?