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  1. 4 lines... your choices

    Thanks all for the input! I decided to go with the 1.5 reflex rx and am enjoying it. I am finding all of your input to be true. The last couple of days have afforded some quality flying time and I feel as if I am starting to make a successful transition into quads. I have managed good landings and reverses as well as some good "infinity pattern" flying. Even some tip stands when the wind was consistent. Funny how a little success gets you hooked! thanks again to everyone.
  2. 4 lines... your choices

    So, I just want to know which quad to buy as a beginner. Half of what you guys said is over my head. Help guys!
  3. Which Revolution?

    Thanks all for the input. I will be watching.
  4. Which Revolution?

    Currently flying Prism 4D and Prism Hypnotist. Mostly fly 4D. Winds mostly 4-12 with 16-20 not unusual. Which Revolution should I be thinking about? What are advantages of vented/unvented? What is significance of number of wraps? thank you! Flying in Walla Walla Valley.