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  1. sigle line foil

    Believe me. It works great in the snow
  2. sigle line foil

    The trick with the right single line foil is that the main line is connected to one end of a bar then the other end of the bar is connected ti the rear of the foil, thus controlling the pitch of the foil. Works out kind of cool without using lines. We used to long board all over like that. 3.5 meters is the absolute low end for size. We have flown 2 liners off the bridle. Some worked and some did not.
  3. I am looking for a single line foil to do some skate boarding/snow boarding experiments with. P-60, Power Sled 81, etc. Anybody have some thing, I would love to talk with you. Power safe!!!!!
  4. Traction Kites

    Any of these kites left? Thanx
  5. WTB: c-quad 6.3

    i would like that very much. Just building up my inventory again
  6. Traction Kites

    Please feel free to contact me if you want. Dean at Thanx
  7. Does anybody know who has a C-quad 6.3 for sale?
  8. Traction Kites

    I am interested in the C-quad 6.3 if you still have it?