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  1. Fluke's journey

    thanks for the input. i'm guessing i'll keep the little bugger for the higher beach winds
  2. Fluke's journey

    thanks for the brand names. i know what to look for now what length and weight do you recommend? i tried my hypno lines on the expresso (26m 68kg according to prism website) but it just felt heavy with a lot of slack compared to when used with the hypno. I understand the smaller frame needs more wind too but i need to make a line set for it anyway so what specs would you recommend?
  3. Fluke's journey

    found it speaking of lines, what would you recommend for my 1.2m expresso?
  4. Fluke's journey

    Back from the maiden flight. The kite is so stable and majestic. I have another question. My bridle has turbo settings. Can you give me an idea of what each setting does? (labeled 1,2 and 3) thank you for your enlightenment. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using KiteLife mobile app
  5. Fluke's journey

    Is that really all it takes to remove stretch? Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using KiteLife mobile app
  6. Fluke's journey

    Hi all. This a continuation of my introduction thread found right here Basically I'm a new flyer who had a paimpol expresso, just got a prism hypnotist (haven't got it in the air yet) and just asking questions around So my latest inquiry is: Is there a noticeable difference between a brandname dyneema line like the one sold by prism and a dyneema line sold on ebay? (I know dyneema is a brand name. but you get what i mean). and just because: here's a pic
  7. Welcome Fluke

    If anyone asks: according to prism's website it's a 26m dyneema line. Which brings me to another related question: Is there a noticeable difference between a brandname dyneema line like the one sold by prism and a dyneema line sold on ebay? (I know dyneema is a brand name. but you get what i mean) Also is there a way to move this thread to the beginner's forum? Can a moderator help?
  8. Welcome Fluke

    Oh btw anyone know what lines are included? i've seen everything from 30m dyneema to 25m spectra online depending on which website i look at
  9. Welcome Fluke

    I also considered the zephyr and still am, and a micron, and a nexus, and a quantum pro... basically i already want all of them Raining right now but couldn't wait so i went to equalize the lines in a supermarket's covered parking lot in front of some quite perplexed shoppers both line were pretty close to identical out of the box. Now i'm hoping for some sunshine this weekend to actually fly. I'll make sure to post about it of course
  10. Welcome Fluke

    The thing came quite larger than i expected but it screams quality and quite a few tuning options out of the box (adjustable turbo bridle and wind settings) I did, however, remove the metal clips on the bridle (to hook up the lines) Next step is to equalize the lines and taking her for a spin this weekend
  11. Welcome Fluke

    let's say i have a "classic collector" kite lol still waiting for the prism. the postal service in my country is not the fastest in the world ..... so meanwhile i'm reading your blog
  12. Welcome Fluke

    Thank you all Exult, at some point i considered selling the kite but i glad i didn't. and now as i upgrade i know i will have a sturdy kite to lend around Well the leading edge doesn't hum that much louder. but the kite needs quite some wind to fly (120cm wingspan and non-hollow fiberglass rods. pretty heavy stuff). But when it flew i liked it... until Btreize made me try a nexus . now i can't wait for my hypno to arrive (due tomorrow). i also bought a cheap foil kite from ebay because it was $10 with free shipping along with some dyneema lines for the expresso and repair tape. I also got to try a Rev kite definitely one in my future when the budget and skills allows it. I haven't even started seriously yet and i already have a kite, bought 2 more, considering a 4th and bought spares....
  13. Welcome Fluke

    Hello Everyone. I figured i'd do a proper introduction to the forum You may call me Gael from Mauritius and my kite story is a 2-parter. around 16 years ago (yes 16) i was gifted a paimpol expresso which i flew once or twice before it went into dust collection mode. fast-forward to a few weeks ago a good friend of mine bought a cheap chinese dual line kite. we went to try it out and i immediately rushed home looking for my expresso. a few flights later (or awkwardly trying to keep the kite up a few seconds then gloriously return back to mother earth in a barely controlled manner) i believe a new hobby is born. after some research i got in contact with a local experienced kite flyer (Btreize on these boards) and ordered a prism hypnotist and a few other things. Meanwhile, here's a picture of the oldschool expresso (build like a tank, flies like a tank )