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  1. Fluke's journey

    Life of an online shopper Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using KiteLife mobile app
  2. Fluke's journey

    Yep it's a finger/wrist strap combo. I have a very limited experience but its lighter than my prism equalizer straps. looks like it's made of the same material as keychain neck straps and is actually very well made. As for the kite, i went for a silverfox 2.3 pro but i must admit i looked at freilein a bit and they do look interesting whether be their qlk or dlk oh and i also bought a small hengda stuntkite and a few cheap slks funnily enough i've found out that the slk (which i anchored on the field) along with the tailed stuntkites are the one that draws crowds here's a small video of my latest kiting session with a friend of mine. I'm with the red hat with green kite Edit: Sudden realization - i am becoming a kite hoarder....
  3. Fluke's journey

    ok couldn't wait New bird was ordered meanwhile this came for it in the mail
  4. Fluke's journey

    i actually like the widow ng design but the new silverfox seems nice too. i saw a post where they say it may be available in oct/nov. If true that's great timing still interested in views for the widow vs silverfox 2.3 vs 2.5 though
  5. Fluke's journey

    that's great i had no idea is there a thread where i can follow its progress?
  6. Fluke's journey

    also does anyone know about this version of the widow ng? https://premierkites.com/collections/sport-kites/products/67816 seems like it's only a cosmetic change but is also slightly cheaper
  7. Fluke's journey

    I am back to receive some more enlightenment XD I would like your honest opinion about a potential next buy: the flyingwings silverfox 2.3 or the premier widow ng?
  8. Fluke's journey

    i'm getting some dyneema lines coming soon but they are 30m/60kg ones. maybe a tad heavy .but trying doesn't hurt
  9. Fluke's journey

    this was funny and quite unexpected other than that the hypno is doing great and i just received a 10m tail for it Foil kite is also here but i had to redo the bridle. none were symmetrical. but hey, $9
  10. Fluke's journey

    nvm. answered my own question
  11. Fluke's journey

    Back after a few flights. Pretty windy around here so i tried my best to stay on the edge of the wind window (i wonder if ripstop can stretch in high wind? Lol. Noob question) Anyhow i got pretty good at landing/recovering/relaunching (dodd gross vids helped). Didn't have many lawn darts and those who happened weren't high speed/impact so no damage so far (knock on wood) i even tried a few turtles [emoji2] Things are going great so far. Next session i'll try to spend more time practicing stalls and landing on both wingtips Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using KiteLife mobile app
  12. Fluke's journey

    thanks for the input. i'm guessing i'll keep the little bugger for the higher beach winds
  13. Fluke's journey

    thanks for the brand names. i know what to look for now what length and weight do you recommend? i tried my hypno lines on the expresso (26m 68kg according to prism website) but it just felt heavy with a lot of slack compared to when used with the hypno. I understand the smaller frame needs more wind too but i need to make a line set for it anyway so what specs would you recommend?
  14. Fluke's journey

    found it speaking of lines, what would you recommend for my 1.2m expresso?
  15. Fluke's journey

    Back from the maiden flight. The kite is so stable and majestic. I have another question. My bridle has turbo settings. Can you give me an idea of what each setting does? (labeled 1,2 and 3) thank you for your enlightenment. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using KiteLife mobile app