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  1. Wind up or down

    And the wind will suddenly change direction like 90 degrees? Or land at what was the edge of the wind window only to get your kite blown over by a change in wind direction? Other times, during those nice long lulls, the wind direction is best described as "Down"? Nope, never heard of it.
  2. Beginner kite selection information guide

    Can't wait till you ask about line sets... I find that some kites can do some tricks easier than other kites. A trick learnt on one kite can be translated to another kite. I don't think there is one kite that does everything great, but there are kites that will fit your flying style better than others. Lots of great info. Good job.
  3. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    Between the four or five multi-line people that show up at our local kite festivals, if the kite is set up and no one is flying it, it's fair game. The trouble is, none of them own boutique trick kites. At least they don't break them out at kite festivals. ...or around me... I suspect we are all waiting for someone else to get one so we can all descend on it like vultures.
  4. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    Good to know. Now I feel better about taking some credit for the few times I have rolled the kite up while doing a backflip. I wondered if there was a special word for accidentally doing a trick.
  5. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    From time to time I have been know to have a bit of GAS. Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. I have made guitar purchases and thought about how much kite it would be worth, and vice versa.
  6. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    The Widow NG's live in the closet upstairs. It's the Ospreys that live multiply in the basement. I'm not really worried about their numbers growing much because the Single Line Kite is the dominate species down there. I do not own any boutique/smaller production dual line kites. This will probably change soon. I figure that I'll beat on the Widow NG for a while longer as I become more consistent in my flying abilities-tricks, precision, etc. I'll second what TonyB said. If you are buying a kite for you, save your cash to buy a better-than-mass-produced kite. I do not regret buying any of the Dual Line kites I have, but I would have to admit buying higher-end kites would have been a better direction to go with the cash. I'm not sure I would have fewer kites, those buggers would still find a way to multiply. Too bad about the quality issues. I believe I have that same issue with mine. The only time I ever think about it is when I'm setting up the kite. Any flight issues it might cause are dwarfed by my piloting skills, or lack of skills. There are rubber covers that go over the tips of the leading edges. I have lost a couple of these(off different kites). Go to the store and buy a couple extras and keep them with the kite, that way you'll never lose the ones that it came with.
  7. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    The one I prefer to fly the most? I can't answer that question(Widow NG) because the other kites might hear(but they can't read inside parentheses) and I might have a riot on my hands. If you had been in my basement, you would know that I am outnumbered. As for precision and tracking, I would give the nod to my HQ Bebop, but I couldn't axel or backflip the kite. The Limbo 2 would probably come in a close second. Again, I couldn't axel this kite well, and If I recall, I could backflip the kite but it didn't want to stay in that position. These two kites make me look like I am much better at precision flying than I am. Indeed. That was my reasoning for buying a second Widow NG. I bought the third and looking at buying a forth for the different sail colors and patterns. The one I usually take with me is the Special Edition- red, white and blue. The Widow NG tracks well for me; its trick-ability is well above my ability. I would choose the Jewel* over the Vision, if you are buying kites for others to fly. If you are buying the kite for an alternative to the Widow NG for yourself to fly, I would go with the Dream On* over the Freebird. If you want to get the best kite for the money, I would look at the Widow NG as your base kite and "buy up" from there. In my opinion, there are not many large production kites that are better all around kites than then the Premier Widow NG. Once you get to the smaller production/ boutique kites, the Widow NG drops quickly from the list, and the price goes up just as fast. *I don't own nor have flown either of these kites, but I have read great reviews on them.
  8. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    I was wondering if you had wandered into my basement. I'm headed that way as well. I find that, at my skill level, that certain kites do certain tricks better and/or easier than other kites. The Widow NG can do all the tricks I can do, and is capable of a lot more. There are lots of kites that don't like to do a turtle, and there are lots of kites that are easy to pop into that position. I have learned tricks on one kite and "translated" the moves to other kites. Actually this just did this yesterday with the fade I had learned on a Swift two weeks ago, to be able to do a fade on the NG. The kicker- I couldn't axel the Swift, but I could put it in a fade from a flare. The kites I carry for new people to try out: Osprey- It's a tough kite. It's fast, but it will give people a feel for flying. Prism Nexus- Maybe not as tough as the Osprey, it will hold it's own. Quantum- For the people who have graduated from the Osprey/Nexus, so they can get a feel for a larger kite. Whatever I am flying (if none of the above are available)- With a few exceptions, most everything can be fixed/replaced. A side note: The only times I have ever handed the reigns to a new flier was at a kite festival. I can't recall ever breaking out the trainer kite while just flying at my local park. Flying other people's kites is probably your best bet. I have many kites that I have only flown once or twice, and I could have spent that money on better kites.
  9. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    It's been a while since I have flown either kite. If I recall, the Limbo 2 felt like I was flying on rails with nice turns, as compared to the Osprey's tracking ability...in my hands*, of course. I would feel a lot more comfortable handing over an Osprey to a totally-new kiter than the Limbo 2. I just opened three kites to compare the sticks. The Limbo 2's Leading edges are noticeably smaller in diameter than the Vision and the Freebird. The Freebird and Vision appear to have the same size rods. The Freebird's leading edges feel more flexible than the Vision's leading edges, but they are longer. The Limbo 2's leading edges are the most flexible. I think Premier changed the panel layout of the Vision since I have bought mine, I don't know if they changed the frame. The Vision and Freebird both have two piece lower spreaders. The Limbo 2 has a one piece lower spreader that is attached to the spine by an O-ring that is pulled over the center piece, then the lower spreader is twisted into place. I considered the Widow NG a step-up from the Quantum. A more accomplished flier might see them as a side step. I do like to fly the Quantum, but in good winds, I'm grabbing the NG. The Widow NG has Yo-Yo stoppers, and I have accidentally used them when trying to do another trick, the Quantum doesn't. I do fly it from time to time, mostly when the wind higher. I will use it as my trainer kite for the adult/older teen beginner. I would rather hand over the reigns of a Vision than a Quantum in higher winds. If you teach new kiters how to crash before they ever have the kite in the air, the chances of kite survival is greatly increased. How the wind is behaving, is my main input in choosing a kite for a beginner to try. In lighter wind, the kite might not be able to develop speed to do damage. *In my hands- I like to "Fly Around" and this activity takes up most of my flying time. I have spent more time trying tricks. I am just good enough to know that I am not good enough to give comparisons on trick-ability.
  10. New Addition To My Kite Bag

    Cool looking kite. Have you gotten to fly it yet?
  11. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    Limbo 2- I have only flown it a couple of times. I would not think it would survive long being lawn darted. Vision- I think it much tougher than the Limbo 2. I have lawn darted its cousin, the Osprey, more time than I'll admit. My Osprey does double duty as a trainer kite and as a high wind kite with a tail. I think tails look better if the kite can do tight turns. I would skip this step. I used a Quantum for that, then switched to the Widow NG. Depending on the amount of thrashing, the Freebird and Addiction Pro should hold up fine if they are crashed softly. I don't have experience with the other kites you mentioned. Shadow- I really like my Shadow. Would buy another one if something happened to mine.
  12. General publics reaction to kites

    From my single line kiter perspective, I do fly kites to entertain, at kite festivals. And being a kite festival, there will always be comments and conversations about kites. If your aim is to entertain, kite festivals is where I get my fix. My single line kite flying, on a random weekend at my usual flying spots, is for my entertainment. The amusement of anyone walking around the park is a side effect. When there are people, I'll get a passing comment, "Nice Kite", "Doesn't seem like enough wind", or "The wind'll pick up! It's Kansas". I also like to fly an anchored single line to signal changes in the wind direction and strength. I would note that there are not a lot of people walking around the park when there is snow on the ground; I am out flying for other reasons, mainly- the wind is great. My dual line kiting is done for my own amusement. I'm not that impressive as a dual line kiter to entertain, at a festival or my usual parks.
  13. Flying Multiple Kites

    That sounds like a good idea, I wish I would have thought of that myself. I can't wait to give it a try. I find that the Wala XL and Skate are also nice very low wind fliers. Four?? Lemme guess- One of each color? I am sure that my Laima will have more Laima friends, someday.
  14. Flying Multiple Kites

    Most of the time when I go flying, I'll anchor off multiple kites. I have noticed that when I go to get another kite, the kite or kites in the sky will begin to act up. Has anyone else had this experience? For example: (this might be a long story) One day I headed to the park wanting to see if Clark's Crystal would be a fun tumbler. Well, the winds were a bit on the light side for a box kite but the gusts seemed way more frequent than the lulls. It wasn't the best tumbler, but it flew well with little to no input from me when there was enough wind. So, I anchored it. Took a couple of pictures. Watched it fly. Rechecked the anchor. Watched it fly. Walked off to grab a delta and another anchor. Watched it fall slowly to the ground. Long line launch- Watched it soar into the air. Took a couple of pictures. Walked off the grab that delta.[Repeat twice] I'm launching the delta as I walk over to do a long line launch on the Crystal. Both kites are in the air. Success! Since the Crystal wants to fly to the NNW and flies at a lower angle then the delta which is flying straight north at a higher angle, I anchor the delta upwind of the Crystal. All is well. Walk around. Take some pictures. Watch them fly. Then I go digging for a line set for the Quantum. That's when I heard a familiar yet oddly different song... "And they whirl and they twirl and they tango Singing and Jinging a Jango Floating like the heavens above Looks like Box Kite Love..." ...And that's when I looked up. Really..? So I break up the obscenities. I move the delta upwind. Watch them fly separately. I notice another kite on the other side of the park. Very cool, too bad they set up so far away, as the park runs a half mile north/south and east/west at its widest point. I go back to looking for that line set. Both kites decide they would rather be on the ground. Lines found. Kites relaunched. As I'm laying out my lines, I notice that the kite is no longer flying at the other side of the park. The kite is now headed toward my side of the park. They have to walk around a large pond that runs through the middle of the park. I see it's a stunt kite(I couldn't tell from across the park) I hurry up and lay out the lines, thinking that I can put the Quantum in the air and fly over towa... "And they whirl and they twirl and they tango Singing and Jinging a Jango Floating like the heavens above Looks like Box Kite Love..." ...You gotta be kidding me. By the time I was finished un-weaving that love nest of string and tails, he was almost to me. I grab the Quantum and put it together while I am walking toward him. ...And I'm Chewing gum. The kite looks familiar. It's small and he is having to work to keep it in the air when the wind lulls. It's a Jazz. He had found the kite at his parent's house and had replaced the missing top spreader with a wooden dowel. I hooked up the Quantum to his lines and adjusted the bridle toward "light". He flew it around a bit and commented on how much easier it was to fly. I picked up his Jazz and we moved toward better wind, toward where my anchored kites were... slowly... falling... to the ground. Gee, I wasn't even going to fly the Jazz... I'm watching him fly the Quantum, and taking pictures, as I find a spot to put the Jazz where it won't get stepped on. He has the kite at the top of the wind window, the kite goes into a back flip and does a complete roll-up. Very cool. The kite slowly sinks back to the ground. He asks me, "What do I do?" "I dunno, Yank both lines" Kite unrolls a couple of feet above the ground. Sticks the landing. Super Cool. ...And he didn't mean to do that... Well, that's what he said. The Jazz finds shelter near a tree. I relaunch the Crystal. The delta self-launches as I walk over to it. I avoid even looking at the Jazz. After he left, I did get to fly the Quantum without any more incidents, or roll-ups.... but I had that song stuck in my head... So, does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me?
  15. That's an expensive habit, but sometimes you need one of every color. Any reason will do- from wanting to complete the set to keeping the other kite(s) from getting lonely.