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  1. Jet Stream Speed

    What was wrong?
  2. Jet Stream Speed

    I this is the reason I have quit using the "stock" sets. I had one stretch 6-8". I get your frustration, and I can see how a new flier would frustrated with that quickly as they might not understand what just happened, and would have another line set. Flying a kite that sucks to fly, sucks. Hope all goes well with ITW.
  3. Kite friends

    Great meeting you. It was fun talking kites. I already got the wheels spinning on getting a frame. I just realized, it has no kite bag! Is it a symphony 2.1 that I have. Now I have to plan on a trip to the east coast sometime soon.
  4. Compiled list of some production kites

    I really like the Shadow. I can fly it in lower winds than the Black Dog UL. When the Shadow won't fly, I take out the Wala.
  5. Compiled list of some production kites

    The packaging says Carbon Fiber Frame and Ripstop Polyester. It is not listed on the Skydog site. I bought mine 2-3 years ago. It might not be made anymore, which is a shame, because if I lost it, I would want to buy another.
  6. Compiled list of some production kites

    Nice list. The Skydog Black Dog- UL(77" x 28.5") is a nice low wind kite(2-10 MPH). It comes with removable tail weights. I think it has good precision and tracking, and is capable of doing more ticks than I know how to do. Under 4 MPH takes some work to keep it aloft. Seems like a durable kite, as I have had a few unexpected landings with no damage.
  7. Airwave UL and Airwave Zero

    If you ever decide to get just one single line kite (Wallet Warning: You can't have just one, they multiply...fast.), you should take a good look at the Wala XL. It's probably one of the most versatile kites I own. You can fly it like a glider. You can fly it like a kite. You can fly it on a box with a fox. I have flown mine in gusts around 20MPH with the 90 foot tail.
  8. Jet Stream Speed

    You need to stop doing this, please. I read your post about breaking a lower spreader on your Widow NG. Last weekend I broke a lower spreader on my Widow NG. I have never broken a lower spreader on any kite before. Today I broke a standoff on my Black Dog, in flight. Another first. I was gonna blame it on the cold weather, although it was nice today, but I'm starting to see a pattern. So, I should expect a broken tee in the near future... Be very careful with your sails! We don't need any sail damage.
  9. Perception

    With music, once you know the rules, you can break them with impunity.- My guitar teacher, a long, long time ago. "You can't do that!" "What do you mean? I just did it... ...There, I did it again." Multi-line kiting, like guitars, relies on muscle memory built up by repetition. I've said that learning to fly with a cheap* kite is like learning to play on a cheap* guitar. (*cheap- poorly made, not necessarily inexpensive) Sure, you can do it, but progress will be painful. It sounds like you have chosen some good kites to start. I would suggest only buying "up" from the Widow NG. That said, some kites are better at some tricks than others, so I would discount all mass produced kites. For example, you were going to practice doing fades close to the ground. I might grab a less expensive kite, like my Swift, before I would grab a more expensive light wind kite. Let the Swift take all the inevitable lawn darts while I work on control. Learning the Fade on the Swift definitely helped me do Fades on my Widow NG and other kites. There are also kites that don't like to do certain tricks, like a back flip.
  10. Wind up or down

    And the wind will suddenly change direction like 90 degrees? Or land at what was the edge of the wind window only to get your kite blown over by a change in wind direction? Other times, during those nice long lulls, the wind direction is best described as "Down"? Nope, never heard of it.
  11. Beginner kite selection information guide

    Can't wait till you ask about line sets... I find that some kites can do some tricks easier than other kites. A trick learnt on one kite can be translated to another kite. I don't think there is one kite that does everything great, but there are kites that will fit your flying style better than others. Lots of great info. Good job.
  12. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    Between the four or five multi-line people that show up at our local kite festivals, if the kite is set up and no one is flying it, it's fair game. The trouble is, none of them own boutique trick kites. At least they don't break them out at kite festivals. ...or around me... I suspect we are all waiting for someone else to get one so we can all descend on it like vultures.
  13. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    Good to know. Now I feel better about taking some credit for the few times I have rolled the kite up while doing a backflip. I wondered if there was a special word for accidentally doing a trick.
  14. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    From time to time I have been know to have a bit of GAS. Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. I have made guitar purchases and thought about how much kite it would be worth, and vice versa.
  15. Dual line sport kite research, any recommendations?

    The Widow NG's live in the closet upstairs. It's the Ospreys that live multiply in the basement. I'm not really worried about their numbers growing much because the Single Line Kite is the dominate species down there. I do not own any boutique/smaller production dual line kites. This will probably change soon. I figure that I'll beat on the Widow NG for a while longer as I become more consistent in my flying abilities-tricks, precision, etc. I'll second what TonyB said. If you are buying a kite for you, save your cash to buy a better-than-mass-produced kite. I do not regret buying any of the Dual Line kites I have, but I would have to admit buying higher-end kites would have been a better direction to go with the cash. I'm not sure I would have fewer kites, those buggers would still find a way to multiply. Too bad about the quality issues. I believe I have that same issue with mine. The only time I ever think about it is when I'm setting up the kite. Any flight issues it might cause are dwarfed by my piloting skills, or lack of skills. There are rubber covers that go over the tips of the leading edges. I have lost a couple of these(off different kites). Go to the store and buy a couple extras and keep them with the kite, that way you'll never lose the ones that it came with.