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  1. Does Anyone Still Fly Lam's ABS Quadline?

    I recently purchased the latest version of Lam's ABS kite: the ABS MC (master control) SUL for $280. It arrives on Monday and I'll give some feedback once I've had a chance to test it out.
  2. Very nice! I'm looking forward to seeing some photos and perhaps some thoughts about your new kite when it arrives :). The ironic part is Lam lives only about a 6 hour drive from me yet the kites take nearly a week to ship since they have to go through customs (he's in Canada, I'm in WA State). If I didn't have to work I could have just driven up and picked them up in a day lol. Lam is a very cool guy though and offered to teach me some things in person when I have time to make the trip.
  3. Congrats on the new kite! Yes, I'm currently waiting for both of my Lam Hoac kites as well. According to the tracking info they should arrive Monday and hopefully get a chance to go flying on Tuesday :). Sadly, checking the tracking # every 15 minutes doesn't seem to make the delivery any quicker
  4. Silver Fox UL / Acrobatx UL??

    Yes, he tends to have a face on many of his designs although you can request to have him make one without the eyes (he actually has a few vids of flying the AC without the eyes on his vimeo account). The previous stunt kite he designed, the Mind Trick, also did not have a face. And yeah, I saw his video flying the yellow kite and I fell in love. The colors look so amazing in flight or when stunting and they make it really pop vs a blue sky or white clouds.
  5. Silver Fox UL / Acrobatx UL??

    Lam's stunt kite designs tend to all share some similar attributes which are: medium speed (not fast, not slow), medium feedback (you can feel the tension on the lines even when flying his SUL kites in low winds yet you don't have to struggle in higher winds due to the kite pulling too hard), excellent precision (not too squirrely yet also doesn't require exaggerated inputs to get the desired reaction), excellent trickability with little effort (the kites feel like they're working with you rather than against you - they seem eager and willing to do what you want). In short: they are very well balanced concerning all aspects of flight. Most of Lam's SUL kites fly well in anything from 2-15 MPH winds and you can buy separate spreaders from him with different stiffness to further tweak the kite for varying wind conditions (more stiff for heavier winds and less stiff for lighter winds). I recently purchased the ABS MC SUL (quad line) and the AC UL (dual line) from Lam and for both I had him include two sets of spreaders: the DT 8 and the DT 10. If you'd like more videos about his AC stunt kite (his most recent design) they are available on his vimeo page here (click his account name to see several other AC kite vids): Here is a photo of the AC UL he made for me:
  6. Silver Fox UL / Acrobatx UL??

    I just spoke with Lam on the phone about an order he was working on for me and I inquired about the upcoming Silver Fox (gen 2) as well. He said that Flying Wings hired him to design the Gen 2 Silver Fox and that video above was of the prototype he created for it. He didn't give an exact date about when it would be officially released (just said it'd be "soon") and he mentioned it would be close to $200 (one hell of a deal for a kite designed by Lam). He mentioned it will be slightly smaller than his AC stunt kite and a few of the attachments will be different but overall said it performs very similar to his other high-end kites. I hope that helps!
  7. Silver Fox UL / Acrobatx UL??

    I was considering purchasing the Silver Fox myself but after talking to Lam on the phone I ended up going with his latest sports kite design: the AC (Amazing Control). The winds in my area tend to be relatively light most of the year (average of 4 MPH) and Lam's kites are extremely well made by hand, precise, perform well in a decent wind range, excellent at tricking, and lastly he is extremely helpful and will offer advice before/after purchasing to ensure you get the most out of the kite flying experience. The main downside is that his kites do tend to be rather spendy so the upcoming Silver Fox might be worth waiting for (if funds are the limiting factor in your decision).
  8. Silver Fox UL / Acrobatx UL??

    The Silver Fox seems like a fairly capable kite in low winds (not sure how low they were during this vid since Lam didn't post the info but the trees weren't moving much in the background). This may also be a new revision Lam was testing since he also posted "coming out in the near future" in the description: Anyways, thought that vid might help to decide and if you had questions perhaps ask Lam how it compares to other kites since he has firsthand experience.