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  1. Lam Hoac's New AC

    That’s nice! I’m jealous. I think Lam was one of the first flyer who showed the trick "coin toss". Did you know he won many competitions with the kite sewed by himself? Mid 90's, I had his kite DREAM. It flew agile but also had a great stability.
  2. JORDAN AIR PRO bridle

    Thank you so much, Wayne and John. I got information I wanted from Dean and Steve. My kite was completely fixed. Attachment is yesterday's. So beautiful! JOE
  3. JORDAN AIR PRO bridle

    Great! I could find the PRO Master! Thank you, John! Joe
  4. JORDAN AIR PRO bridle

    Hi, Wayne. No facebook, but I already send an e-mail to Dean directory. I have no reply yet, so I posted here. You know, JORDAN PRO has a unique "free-moving" bridle system. I want to fix it completely. Anyway thanks for your plompt response, good information for me. Joe
  5. Hi there. I need some help about an old kite JORDAN PRO. Its all of connectors were broken because dead stock in a long time. So bridle lines were come off from leading-edge. If somebody knows, please tell me its original bridle length. Joe