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  1. It was a combination of minor things that was difficult to show in pictures. Premier said it was within specifications but wanted it back. It probably would have worked fine but I wanted Premier to advise me about it. The spine weight pocket on the bottom was sewn on crooked, and it looked to me like it pulled the sail off center a little. I think one wing was shorter than the other by maybe 1/2 inch. I didn't measure the wing lengths because it was already going back. I noticed that the leading edge bungee string knots were tied at different lengths but had the same tension. And one was tied 1/2" longer than where the red mark was for the knot. When I tied the knot on the mark to match the other one, that wing was excessively tight to assemble. I think someone tied it longer to compensate for over tension due to one side being shorter, if that makes sense. A small 2 inch section of stitching on the leading edge was questionably close to the edge. No worries. I will still buy one when I can inspect it first. I have no ill will toward anyone. As far as stains go, I don't really care about minor stains cause it is going to get used and abused. But yes mine had a faint stain also. Premier said all of them that they inspected had stains. Kites and Fun Things said that is normal for this kite.
  2. I am aware they are respected. I was polite and respectful to them, even after. Any reasoning about why this happened is speculation, such as; maybe they felt enabled to do that because of their position in the industry. Or maybe their priority is in defending the product due to a business arrangement. Whatever the reason I don't have to deal with it. I am aware, and I wasn't blaming them for the Widow NG quality control either. For not manufacturing it they were defensive about the suggestion that there might be defects with mine. Premier sure was nice and helpful about it though. Premier said to return the Widow Ng to them, and either get a hand inspected replacement from them or contact John for one since they might have one on hand, and it might be faster since Premier would take an extra week to get it to their office from the warehouse. So I contacted Kites and Fun Things about it. Called and talked to Marieanne on the phone to see if they had one, and would look it over for me, and what they thought about it. Before I even finished explaining the situation on the phone she had the position that the kite was perfect, and I was wrong sight unseen. But she wanted to see pictures. I knew that was a waste of time due to the backfire effect, where someone has a preconceived idea, and no evidence will convince them otherwise, they only dig in deeper and defend their belief more. But I did email pictures. The logic was strange to me though. There are no defects, but I should tolerate defects because of how inexpensive the kite is, and how much just the frame was worth.
  3. I never said the Widowmaker Pro was defective, and wouldn't expect it to be. I never had one.
  4. My Widow NG went back to premier on their request due to defects. I still want one, but won't buy one until I can inspect it in person first. It looks like I might be getting one of my old Prism E3 kites back. I guess that the Widowmaker Pro is off my list for now, and I will be considering the Lam Hoac AC in the future instead. John at Skyburner said he didn't know what the future of the Widowmaker Pro will be as Steve Tapp is not doing well. Guess they are filling the last orders and not taking any more the last time I checked. There is an announcement on his facebook about it. https://www.facebook.com/TappestryKites/
  5. Beginner kite selection information guide

    I prefer to define what level I want to achieve, and what the experience is like for myself.
  6. Lam Hoac's New AC

    Are you for or against him discussing the issues he might be having?
  7. Beginner kite selection information guide

    That's good to know about the lack of parts availability on the freebird. I wonder how parts availability is for the Dream On. I had an oversteer problem with my Prism E3. I never figured out what caused it. I do know that it was a heavy kite, but have no idea if it was the bridle setup, the weights, or my flying technique. I am surprised that the Wolf NG has oversteer. It weighs 9 oz, is a pretty good size at 6.71' wide, and is a wrapped carbon and 2400 fiberglass frame. I am not sure if that means composite rods, or that some rods are carbon and others are fiberglass. I have seen some pretty good flyers on youtube tricking pretty well with it. I am not sure if it has a tail weight but I was told that removing it helps if you are just flying around and not trying to trick, but I don't know. I am lucky that several kite shops in the NW can do full kite repairs, cut and make custom rods, sleeved line sets, etc. Ocean Shores Kites, The Kite Company in Newport Or. And the kite Shoppe in Vancouver Wa for line sets.
  8. Beginner kite selection information guide

    Haha. I will leave that list to someone else, in a different topic. I have been into the technical information of dyneema and spectra before, so it isn't as much of a mystery to me, and so not as interesting.
  9. I hadn't considered that, but I will from now on. In retrospect, I should have just accepted the offer right off, I would have had time to get comfortable flying my kite first anyway.
  10. I wasn't trying to insult anyone, and I didn't say never. I have only flown 6 times, and not in many years. I just got my kite the other day, so after I get a few hours to get comfortable again, than I am ready. That doesn't seem unreasonable to me. I understand what you are saying though, if someone makes the offer then that is their prerogative.
  11. I have a reason for selecting those tricks. Because I really like the flying part where the kite is mostly moving forward, and those tricks look to me like they would fit in with the type of flying I want to do. I have no idea what tricks are most easily accessible for me but those are the ones I want to learn.
  12. I appreciate the offer. I think it's best that I don't fly anyone's expensive kites just yet until I get some more hours of practice in. I would certainly bring my kite and go flying with you when I am over that way though. I have been waiting for it to cool down before making a trip over there. Funny thing is when I used to wakeboard on the Columbia down by Wallula, we would be bummed out when the wind would come up, and of course it would when you didn't want it to. But then we would just go out and blast around on the jet skis. There is an area I used to ride called Juniper Dunes Ohv area. It is up the Snake river and to the north. I know that there is a wilderness dunes area out there also that I have always wanted to hike out to. Maybe I will have to take a kite out there, it is fairly remote.
  13. Where is Lam Hoac located? I just noticed you live in Richland Wa. I used to motocross at the horn rapids race track near there. I lived in the Walla Walla area for a few years, and I still have relatives and friends there. I still get over that way sometimes. Lots of nice open areas and farm fields to fly in around that area for sure. I will be bringing my kites with me and do some flying when I go there again.
  14. I hear you on that one. Grew up skiing, doing motocross, wheeling, snowboarding, rock climbing, and the list goes on. Now I can't do much of the high impact sports, and don't really care or have the money for most of the other stuff anymore. The thing about kite flying is that it isn't very productive compared to fixing your house, or car etc. and there are many important activities in life that actually do require productive attention competing for a persons time. But when you have had enough of that being productive nonsense, or have the luxury of time it is pretty relaxing to go fly a kite. Which hobby might that be? If you don't mind talking about it that is.