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  1. Compiled list of some production kites

    An interesting question is whether the advertised kite size is the leading edge length or the assembled width.
  2. I got my Prism E2 back. The spine and leading edge was broken so I took it to Prism and got the parts, and some spares. It turns out that the E2 has a P200 spine and the E3 has a stronger pultruded spine, so I got one of each. They gave me weights also. So I am ready to fly again now, just in time for spring. I am going to order another Widow NG soon also.
  3. Comparisons

    Nice job describing how they fly. Interesting about the Addiction being precise and not twitchy. It appears that the jewel is less expensive than the Addiction. Sounds like you enjoy flying the Addiction more than the Jewel.
  4. Comparisons

    I appreciate it. I am Interested to hear about how they fly compared to each other.
  5. Compiled list of some production kites

    Don't know if I would want to fly the Widow NG at 25mph. Whether it is made from nylon or polyester is an interesting question. I don't care either way, but I like truth in advertising.
  6. Addiction

    I see. That is interesting. I don't see the nighthawk and addiction available for sale much anymore. I had to look up the nighthawk.
  7. Compiled list of some production kites

    Interesting. I hadn't figured out the light wind kite to get yet. Was thinking the HQ Shadow.
  8. Compiled list of some production kites

    Thanks. Thought it would be a good at a glance view. Added the Black Dog UL. Don't know any more details about the materials, or if it is still available or not.
  9. I compiled a list of some production kites, (and some that are no longer produced) to compare them and get a brief idea of the type and size of kites they are compared to each other. I listed some basic specs as I could find them, and added info and comments that I have read or heard about them. Maybe it will be useful to someone. I listed them by brand, and by size from smallest to largest. I am not making any claims about these products, their quality, or the accuracy of the information as the performance details are opinion based. Some of the spec details could be typing errors or mistakes or maybe were incorrectly listed. This list is for entertainment purposes only. Premier Premier vision – 5’3” (63”) Weight 7.5 oz. fiberglass frame. Ripstop Nylon fabric. 100' test low stretch polyester line. Wind range 5-20. hard to stall. Jewel – 5.5’ (65”) Weight 5.5 oz. 4mm solid carbon frame. Ripstop nylon fabric. 80lb spectra line. Wind range 3-18. Smaller version of the wolf, and widow. Quick and responsive. Addiction Pro – 6' (72”) – weight 6.4 oz, carbon frame. wind 4-20. not built as good as the original addiction. Too Fast. Twitchy. oversteers. Wolf NG – 6.71 (80.5") Weight 9 oz. Ripstop Nylon, Wrapped Carbon & 2400 Fiberglass. Oversteers. Magnum – 7.83’ (94") Weight 10 oz. Wrapped carbon. 30D Ripstop Polyester fabric. Wind 3-25. 150lb spectra line. slower, more pull, less oversteer, more of a precision kite. Widow NG – 8’ (96") Weight: 11 oz. (.687lbs) Wrapped carbon frame. Ripstop Polyester fabric? 150 lb. Test Spectra Line. Needs solid 5mph to fly, Tracking is solid and crisp but response to quick succession turns is slow, pull is very manageable up through 25 mph. Spec contradictions as to whether it is; ripstop polyester or ripstop nylon fabric? Listed as ripstop polyester fabric on Premiers site, and as ripstop nylon on kitesandfunthings site, in reviews, and on other kite retailer sites. Jon T insists that it is ripstop nylon, and Premier stands by the claim that it is ripstop polyester. Also is the frame P200 or P300 or both? HQ Bebop - 4.75' (57") 4+5mm fiberglass frame. Ripstop Polyester fabric. 44lb 66ft Dyneema line. Wind range 9-24. 4 point bridle. Limbo 2 – 5’1” (61”) 5mm fiberglass frame. Ripstop polyester fabric. 90lb 65' line. wind 7-31. Good precision. High wind rating. Salsa 3 – 6.17’ (74”) 5mm Carbon and Fiberglass Hybrid. 100% Ripstop Polyester. 100lb 80ft Dyneema line. More entry level ballet precision. Not that great, Slow to turn Jive 3 – 6.41’ (77") Pultruded Carbon hybrid Frame. Ripstop Polyester fabric, 100lb 80ft Dyneema line. Better trick kite than salsa 3. Ion – 6.75’ (81") 6mm Carbon + Hybrid frame. Ripstop Polyester fabric. 130lb 80’ Dyneema line. Wind 7-37. Good T, better trick performer than jive 3, more advanced. Good precision. Shadow – 6’9” (81") 4mm Dynamic T12+4+5mm carbon. Icarex fabric. UL 2-12 mph. Does not come with lines or straps. Weighted tail UL trick kite. Maestro 3 – 7.21’ , carbon 6mm / Dynamic T15, Polyester fabric. Line: 80’ x 130lb dyneema. strong Puller, stunt kite similar to Widow NG Skydog kites (hard to get parts for?) Thunderstruck – 5.79’ (69.5") Loud, pulls hard Freebird – 6’2” (74”) 6mm carbon frame. Wind range 5-20. Nice buzzing sound, slower forward speed, step under jive 3. Black Dog UL - 6.41' (77") Carbon fiber frame. Ripstop polyester fabric. Wind range 2-10 MPH. Jammin – 7.16’ (86” x 37”) 6mm pultruded carbon fiber frame. Ripstop nylon fabric. 3 point standard bridle. spars are sub par and tend to break at the t-piece with aggressive flying. Offshore wind, spins fast, is a fast kite. Dream on – 7.25’ (87” X 35.5”) Glorified beginner kite. Team kite, flies the best of skydog kites, good precision, well mannered, noisy, is the least tricky, better for inland wind. Low wind 5-20 mph. 6 to get going, Fast at 10. made for precision more than tricks. Crossfire 2 - 7.58’ (91" x 38") high aspect ratio, weighted kite, not good precision, more trick oriented Prism Jazz – 5.16' (62”) fiberglass carbon rods, ripstop nylon fabric. polyester lines. Prism Nexus – 5.33’ (64”) Quantum – 7’ ( 84”) Pultruded carbon, wrapped carbon. Ripstop Nylon fabric. 85' x 150 lbs Dyneema lines. Designed to be strong for beginners – heavy – not as good in light winds – slow E3 – 7.58’ (91”) Skyshark P100, P200 Wrapped carbon. Icarex Ripstop Polyester, Mylar Laminate fabric. 85' x 150 lbs Dyneema lines. Zephyr – 7.71' (92.5”) Skyshark P100, 3PT wrapped carbon. Icarex polyester and Mylar laminate fabric. Low wind 85' x 150 lbs Dyneema line. Hypnotist – 7.83’ (94”) Pultruded carbon / wrapped carbon frame. Ripstop nylon fabric. 85' x 150 lbs Dyneema line. Designed to be strong for beginners – heavy – not as good in light winds. Quantum pro sail, with quantum frame. Strong, fly’s good, turns slow.
  10. Comparisons

    What do you think about the Jewel? And compared to the addiction?
  11. Addiction

    Are you talking about the original addiction, or the newer addiction pro? Did you do any mods? I am also interested in this kite, and learning about the mods.
  12. It was a combination of minor things that was difficult to show in pictures. Premier said it was within specs but wanted it back. It probably would have worked fine but I wanted Premier to advise me about it. The spine weight pocket on the bottom was sewn on crooked, and it looked to me like it pulled the sail off center a little. I think one wing was shorter than the other by maybe 1/2 inch. I didn't measure the wing lengths because it was already going back, but the leading edge bungee string knots were tied at different lengths and had the same tension. One side was tied 1/2" longer than where the red mark was for the knot. When I tied the knot on the mark to match the other one, that wing was excessively tight to assemble. I think someone tied it longer to compensate for over tension due to one side being shorter, if that makes sense. As far as stains go, I don't really care about minor stains cause it is going to get used and abused. But yes mine had a small faint stain also. Premier said all of them that they inspected had stains. Kites and Fun Things said that is normal for this kite.