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  1. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    Thank you all for the good tips!
  2. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    What i find difficult is, to fly reverse upwards, because the poles pull together often. But i didn't try it with the new one yet. Too low wind But maybe we can meet someday to fly together I live close to the border to denmark
  3. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    Thank you Wayne! Okay thats something i definitley need to learn (and which is not so easy as it looks on videos hehe) : Flying slow and smooth and with control.
  4. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    Thank you! Set up invert means start inverted? One of the things i learned first, after some "crashes" on the first flights What do you mean with "building blocks"? Thank you very much for all these tips. I'll write myself a little "plan" what to practise, when i'm out flying. Sounds like months of work/practise. But i am SO looking forward for it And i will look for some people who are already good flyers. I never saw anyone here, but in this forum and another one i saw that some are not super close to me, but close enough to maybe have a meeting when the days become brighter
  5. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    Update: I got the Revolution Classic (interesting, they put the B Series informations in the package, and the bag also has "B Classic" on it..) But thats just a side note. Any suggestions what to practise first? I often have the problem, not knowing what to practise first... My status: Start, land, turn right/left, dive and stop I'd be glad, if you can give me some tips
  6. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    When i bought the first kite the seller said: You will need more for sure! I smiled and thought: Never ever. Now i already have a bag full of kites BTW if i won't recognize so much difference-what about the exp reflex? Something to consider; especially when i'll buy a vented in 2-3 month? Difference to classic is the sail - rip stop nylon instead of icarex. And reflex only.... Noticeable when flying?
  7. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    Do you fly the classic at more wind? How is your experience? (I'm thinking about denmarks westcoast..:)) Thank you all for your opinion. Doesn't make it easier to decide But it's okay, that's why i'm asking
  8. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    It wasn't a freilein kite I have no experience with springs, just without. I'm not sure- as a beginner, if i will recognize any difference between with and without springs.... And the local dealer only sells mid vented or classic reflex. And for now (i am sure it won't be the last one) i'd like to buy local.
  9. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    Well let me say: It has some quality problems (scrubbed sail..)
  10. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    Thank you! I just found another thread here with almost the same question than mine. I think i will go with your advise. For a lot wind i have some kites to have fun with, but almost nothing for low wind. So first i might buy the Reflex Classic (the color of the classic without reflex at my local dealer is SO not my style....:D). Ist there anything to say/consider against the reflex stuff? I didn't know the B series is stopped. But good to know-thanks! Is there a reason for that change? just curious... I try to find someone here locally who has more experience to maybe learn. I know some persons, a bit far away but its not impossible to meet them. Maybe worth a trip
  11. Need advise-buying new rev (classic or b series?)

    Thank you very much! I'm searching and reading a lot in this forum I already have some experience with kites..So..i know there is no kite for every wind hehe So in the end- i will buy both, i see Mmh i guess i will start with the Reflex Classic then. There are no people around here to learn from But i hope with videos and a lot training i will learn more and more with my own one
  12. Hey! I had the opportunity to test a rev "clone" and i loved it. Now i want to buy my own but I'm not sure, which one could be the best choice. I need to decide between the Reflex 1.5 Classic and the B Series Mid-Vented. We always have some wind, but mostly low wind. (around 5 mp/h). Somedays of course more 12 to 18 mp/h). Could the B Series be a kite for a beginner and low wind? Thanks a lot!