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  1. The "no-name" kites are pending sale. Thank you for your interest, Preacher. It is never too late to start. My dad and mom took them up in their 60s and flew them into their 80's. Dad still flies some. These kites are from their collection. I am going on a vacation trip in a couple days and will be back on February 5. I will update where the list stands when I get back. I've had a busy January. The Rev is still for sale - the person buying it seems to have evaporated.
  2. Edmond, I'm sorry I missed this comment. I was busy over the holidays and just getting back to selling the kites. The train has a waiting list of 2 people. I'm asking $180 for the train, plus shipping.
  3. Prism Flashlight is sold. Two Quantums are still available. One Nexus train is still available.
  4. Rev is spoken for and awaiting payment.
  5. Prism Stylus kites are sold. It turns out the Revolution is a 1.5 SLE.
  6. The following kites are possibly being sold: Rev I, both Stylus 1.8s, Nexus train, Eolo, and one of the Quantums.
  7. The revised list is now available at: Thank you all.
  8. Helping my dad sell kites to reduce his collection. Most are new or nearly new. This is the revised list after several were sold. Most are not priced but will work on any you are interested in. Shipping is extra. The Prism Nexus is $180 (pictured). If there are typos in my table below, the photos of the original hand-written list are correct. (see original posting by searching "2 dozen") (Note: several people have reported they are very happy with what I sold them over the last month since the original post. If there is a problem I will fix it.) # Type Name Brand Size Wt Colors 1 2-line Quantum Prism 7’3” x 3’5” 11.6 oz Purple, green, orange 2 2-line Quantum Prism 7’3” x 3’5” 11.6 oz Red, orange, lime 3 2-line Quantum Prism 7’3” x 3’5” 11.6 oz Purple, blue, green 4 2-line Flashback Prism 6’3”x 3’4” 9.4 oz Red, black, purple, green 6 2-line Griffen Griffen Designs 8’0” x 3’11” 11.4 oz Red, white, black 6 2-line Dynamite Dodd Gross 6’10” x 3’7” 10.4 oz Orange, multi 7 2-line Ventura HP Premier 6’0” x 3’1” 7.6 oz Sunfish 8 2-line Pulse Premier Black, small central multi 9 2-line Firecracker New Tech. Pkg Rainbow 10 2-line Hip Hop HQ Pkg Red, white, blue, black 11 2-line Eolo Stunter Eolo-Gayla 4’11” x 2’8” 6.5 oz Purple, orange, yellow, black 12 2-line NK-1100 Pkg 68”x 30” Purple, green, blue, lime 13 2-line Gremlin Rainbow 14 2-line No name 53.5” LE Blue, yellow, black, white 15 2-line No name 53.5” LE Red, white, yellow, black 16 2-line No name 53.5” LE Purple, yellow, teal, black 17 5-kite Train Nexus Prism 5’6” x 2’6” each Multi: orange, yellow, red, purple, blue, green, black 18 5-kite Train Nexus Prism 5’6” x 2’6” each Multi: orange, yellow, red, purple, blue, green, black 19 4-line Revolution I Revolution Kites Black, red, orange 20 Foil Stylus 1.8 Prism 6’0” x 2’3” 6.8 oz Yellow, orange 21 Foil Stylus 1.8 Prism 6’0” x 2’3” 6.8 oz Purple, green
  9. Happy that you are happy, Justin! THanks.
  10. Thank you Lee for your feedback; much appreciated! Debbie
  11. Thank you Frazer for the positive report! Happy to do business with you. I have yet to get around to reposting this list as it stands today - sorry to anyone waiting! It will be a new post.
  12. I believe I've worked through all the interested replies to this topic. I will update the sale list to remove all the kites no longer available, and repost in a new topic. Thank you, everyone, for your interest and help in working through the questions.
  13. Sale update: One Prism Nexus (5-train) pending sale.