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  1. My HQ Symphony 2.2.4

    THIS is the hardest pull to the dark side.
  2. Vented

    Right after last post went outside and yay winds were flyable for the Hydra. Got more then 4 hours in 0 to around 15. Wind ebbed and flowed nicely from the north. Nary a violent gust at all. Flew with 2 weights and nose forward the whole time. Kite would shudder a little at 15 but the wind would drop pretty quick. Kite rated for 18. Pretty sure it'll do that but I need to get more familiar with it before I explore the higher range. Really like this kite. It's flippy, precise and pretty fast. I think it and the Widow Maker are going to be a lot different. Hoping so. Not sure I ever want to fly on a beach. Might make me want to move LOL. Better hone those ice driving skills in a hurry. Scared the piss out of myself along the Columbia and down through the Siskiyous a few times. Even drove on ice in north Florida once but the Oregon ice storms are the worst Iv'e been in. Once I have a vent the bad will be good. Once I get my kite built the bad ass will still be bad ass but BAD ASS ,
  3. Vented

    Fantastic morning mild temps with winds around 5 to 6. Last 3 days winds have gusted 25 to plus 30 mph. Had chores and errands to do. Got done grabbed the Hydra went to set up and winds started gusting + 20. Sigh I do love Spring but dang it man. Sent my info to that fella up north yesterday. I'll let him guide me to the kite. Really thought long and hard about the Silver Fox vented and the Challenger Max. Going to bite the money bullet. With good flying and good fortune should last the rest of my life. Got a never flown Widow Maker Pro sewn by Steve Tapp that should be here by Thursday. Practicing some more sewing thinking about the new Widow and dreaming of the next kite ought to keep me from being to much of a . Probably not. Man I want to fly.
  4. Wingtip Tension Knots for Prism 4-D?

    Build a shed with a nice fence around it. Then find a reputable dog academy and buy a highly trained guard dog loyal only to you. If the dogs big enough you can make a pack so it can carry your kites and guard the ones your not flying. My Great Danes are big babies so it doesn't work with them. My Akbash Shepherds get offended when I put anything on their backs. I harness up my Chihuahuas but they can only tote 1 at a time. My Toy Fox Terrier just lays down and goes to sleep. The Pekingese gets very violent. The cats you might ask. Well that becomes a little life threatening. Hmm maybe I need a mini Burro. Lots of folks here have 4Ds . Won't be long before you get help.
  5. Quad handle types and line brands

    Fantastic !! I got some plywood and 1x4 slats. I'll take 2 of each. Post dated check 3/19/2052 is in the mail. So excited.
  6. Micron

    Prism Micron in good shape. $35.00 PayPal preferred. Includes U.S. shipping.
  7. Addiction

    Premier Addiction in good shape. $75.00
  8. Nighthawk

    Premier Nighthawk in good shape $85.00 PayPal preferred shipping included. SOLD
  9. Moving on

    In good shape. 2 of the 3 Premier Spider series. Widow ng $130.00 Jewel $ 60.00 PayPal preferred.U.S shipping included.
  10. Prism zephyr for sale

    Casey? I got a very unique one for $7000.00. It's been flown, broken and repaired by ME. Please buy it. Just think I could have kites from Canada, England, France, Holland, Sweden, Germany, China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A. Do it again Kite Ninja. It's just about as good as dreaming of hitting the Lottery. Hey you never know. 3 years is not so long and from what Iv'e heard this kite collecting thing can be habit forming. It's hard to imagine but some folks may have more than 1 Zephyr and still want another. That Orca color is sure looking nice . I think Ca Ike vented one or thought about it anyways.
  11. If Mommy Can't Share;)

    What Wayne said was the hardest thing for me to learn at the start. For me it was so counter intuitive. My brain would say one thing and my body would do another. Got a few broken parts waiting for a project to prove it. Now when I'm not trying to trick my main focus is trying to be as comfortable nose down as nose up any where in the window. The good thing about starting on Prisms is their customer service is an A. A+ if they weren't so pricey. Got parts from them twice. Both times I forgot to order hollow ferrules. Make a list when ordering like I didn't.
  12. Dust Devils

    Went out again for an hour. High winds stalled out till later tonight. Put up the Hydra on it's new 130# x 100' line set for the 1st time. Winds a little shifty between 1 and 12 mph. Had 2 weights in and not doing much tricking. Kite pancakes really well and got 2 really good roll ups at least for me. Was rocking the kite at the top of the window and heard a big gust coming. Went to right side of window as fast as I could. Kite was shuddering pretty hard with nose forward. Wind had to be above 15. Got to edge trying to go belly down nose forward when the wind twisted. Kite bounced twice and then headed towards me. Stepped in front of it thinking I could catch. Realized how stupid that was tossed the handles away and jumped back. Kite went pass at probably 20.Kite changed direction twice more and smacked the ground 4 more times. Was sure parts were broken and sail torn punctured or both. Wow no damage. Catching the kite could have damaged it but getting caught in the lines was a real threat. Even though it's not a power kite 130# line can still do damage. Going to the kite I was more worried about what I could have just done to myself. Thinking about the stories Iv'e read it was a foolish move. Been out in 30 mph and this is the 1st time scared. First twisty of the year and it sure won't be the last. Snapshot will relaunch and when I get a Lycos 1.2 it'll go 100 mph. Better not be foolish then!! Off to get the Addiction. It's tough
  13. If Mommy Can't Share;)

    My Toy Fox Terrier does not have a tail. Got out material and started measuring wondering what he'd look like. He got very irritated when I snapped a bungee on his nub and left. I'm not bleeding to much but I think I'll stick to tails on kites .
  14. This is one of the 1st post I read. The 1st time I put my Widow ng together the spine weight pocket twisted pretty severely to the left. I found everything measured out evenly and no stains. It concerned me a lot about the twist. Every time I set up the kite for launch I had to turn the pocket back to center. I have read that a sail needs to stretch and begin to breath before it aligns and it's true nature appears. For some reason I got it in my head this takes 20 or more hours of flying in different winds. The more the Widow has been flown the less Iv'e had to adjust the pocket. Now it seems it's from hard crashes more than sewn off center. Flew this morning for 1 1/2 hours. Started in 0 to 4. Last 1/2 hour some gusts hitting 15. No crashes [unbelievable huh]. Reset the kite quite a few times from failed tricks. Mostly wing tip wraps. Did not have to straighten out pocket once. Iv'e got more then 50 hours on it now and this is the 4th time out that the pocket stayed straight. Think the sail has broken in nicely. My Zephyr when new was even more dramatic looking due to the Mylar running down the whole spine. From the nose down it looked like the whole thing was sewn off center. With more than 25 hours in the air it's about 1/2 as bad. More flight time and I think it will straighten out the rest of the way. Maybe longer then the Widow due to the stiffness of the Mylar and flying in lower winds. I believe all my kites fly better now that they're broken in and the crispness is less. Being new I can't really tell how much because my skills still need a lot of honing. With close to 5 hours on the Hydra it should be the kite that I can really feel a difference. Maybe when it breaks in something will be off . Doubt it.
  15. Roller Coaster

    Yay no damage today. What a relief.But then I didn't fly today . Think I would have rather had to fix something. Winds are going to be 20 to 30 mph tomorrow. Maybe I'll get the stones to punch holes in the Addiction and see what happens.