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  1. Box Delta

    Yes the Premier Citrus OP with twin matching Premier citrus/green fuzzis that at 6" x 24' Long
  2. Box Delta

    Bumped the order at shop from 250 to 500 lb. [emoji91][emoji1305] with twin fuzzi tails to match .... #Showstopper Island Life | UFUV | Kite Life Subscriber 1482
  3. Box Delta

    Went back into the shop today and purchased the Box Kite with twin matching tails! Running 250 lb line for lifting laundry. Island Life | UFUV | Kite Life Subscriber 1482
  4. Into the Wind - Zodarion

    I absolutely love the Widow NG, been using it without tail and it is amazing. When I went by the shop a few days ago, I saw the Magnum (Makes: Lots of Noise) is what they told me... It's in the future for me.. Box Kite Delta first....
  5. Do you remember your very first kite?

    I remember it well... A Gayla Baby Bat. I remember placing the eyes on it and the paper sticker on the keel to attach the line. The line which was on the roll.
  6. DIY Kite Stake

    Wow! Thankyou for great info Wayne! I’m going to look for it at fabric store or similar place. Island Life | UFUV | Kite Life Subscriber 1482
  7. DIY Kite Stake

    I have carried stakes in my pocket but worry about exactly that, tripping in sand or obstacle in sand. With the sheath attached to a carabiner it will swing and not be in my way. Thinking of stopping at local fabric shop and looking for 2-3" nylon strap and having my wife sew the sheath.
  8. Box Delta

    I really am leaning to the box delta, it's different and not something I have in the collection. @RobB That Barbara Meyer Double Box is a beauty and the tails just add to it!
  9. Box Delta

    I was at kite shop yesterday and came across this 12' box delta. I am deciding between the 11' delta with No Box versus this one. Does one have more lift than other or fly in better or different conditions?
  10. DIY Kite Stake

    Decided to give a DIY project a go. I took a tent stake, golf ball and drill and went to town! Took a bit of trial and error but after first ball... Three great stakes! I just need to find (or make) belt holsters for them.
  11. Winders

    They have arrived all 12 of them and they are absolutely AWESOME!
  12. Kite Tail

    I got some surveyors tape in orange for tails and for line markers. Let’s see how it works out! Island Life | UFUV | Kite Life Subscriber 1482
  13. Kite Tail

    Thankyou for your insight@riffclown [emoji1303] Island Life | UFUV | Kite Life Subscriber 1482
  14. Kite Tail

    I’ll head over to website and look at those options. What length would you recommend Max length for the small kite? Looking at plastic vs. ripstop and tube vs. streamer. Island Life | UFUV | Kite Life Subscriber 1482