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    Kite aerial photography - taking photos from the air in a natural, organic and gluten-free style: with a kite

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  1. White gold of Strunjan

    ah, yes - our kites and other KAP gear can be found here
  2. White gold of Strunjan

    No - I was joking about that ... of course the interests differ! (yet this is a KAP sub-forum - and I was just trying to get more people to post) Thank you for your kind words and encouragement - and nice pic! (the first KAP we did was a video made with a smarphone on a quad - it was terrible )
  3. Well, this is a bit embarrasing - being the only one spamming this KAP forum - but it's actually you who don't fly, don't shoot and don't post, so you should be embarrased! ;-) This is a photo from a KAP session above Strunjan salt pans, Slovenia - the northernmost salt pans in the Mediterranean. Check the full story at our website! :-)
  4. Kite science: how to defend fragile habitats against invasive weeds - with a kite! Aerial photos cah help in assesing the number of invasive plants in an ecosystem. Kite aerial photos even more so, as the kite is way eco friendly than other alternatives ... you just don't go buzzing above an important habitat scaring the hell out of everyone (especially them protected species)!😉 Check the full story on our KAP Website ... ;-) Che
  5. Doing kite aerial photography with non-motorized rig means you need to point the camera before the flight - and this is somewhat of a black art. But while the camera swings under the kite, it covers more ground, so you can stitch the photos together into a wider view. We did this with photos of some of our KAP sessions - here is a stitched view from the Karst ridge cliffs to Sočerga valley, Slovenia. St. Quiricus church can be seen on the left. If you'd like to see more of them - just check the new post on our KAP website! ;-) Thanks :-)
  6. Well, maybe this topic should be in the KAP forum, but we got to ask - did you ever flew a kite where you felt you shouldn't? We did a kite aerial photography session above a cemetery - and it felt wrong ... our plan was to fly the kite directly above it ant to shoot straight down, but we just couldn't do that - so we flew the kite beside the cemetery ... it was like we were invasive and disrespectful ... like the fun that goes with flying a kite was somehow inappropriate for the place. Had any of you a similar experience?
  7. Kite above st. Volbenk

    Well thank you! :-) Will post again - the wind here is perfect these days, and spring is going full steam ahead ... KAP is in the air! ;-)
  8. Kite aerial photo of a cute little church of St. Volbenk (Wolfgang of Regensburg) near Zelše, Slovenia.Could st. Volbenk be a patron saint of kite flyers? See the whole KAP session and learn more about the church and the saint on our KAP website!
  9. Welcome KAP Jasa

    This is a great idea and shall produce an awesome video! :-D
  10. Our KAP website

    Thanks! :-)
  11. Our KAP website

    Hello everyone! We are two kite aerial photography enthusiasts - Janez and Saša - from Ljubljana, Slovenia. We would like to present you our just-launched, brand new kite aerial photography website!All our adventures, mishaps, discoveries, stories and beauty from the air in one place, with info on KAP equipment, kite types, rigs and cameras, plus tips on how to do KAP science, and some links. Every visit, critique, comment and suggestion is greatly appreciated :-) Thanks and have a nice day! KAP Jasa
  12. Welcome KAP Jasa

    Thank you - and hello kitelifers! :-)