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  1. My First Dual Line Kite

    LOL. I can't take credit for saying that. It's something Marrieanne Trennepohl told me yesterday. I just hope we get some better weather next week so I can try it out.
  2. My First Dual Line Kite

    "If you learn to drive with a Pinto, you'll appreciate the Ferrari much more when you finally get a chance to try one."
  3. My First Dual Line Kite

    I purchased my first dual line sport kite today - a Premier Vision. I'm glad I decided to buy locally from the only kite shop I've ever seen - Kites & Fun Things. Jon Trennepohl even gave me a quick demo of how to set it up, wind up the line, etc. It was a great experience. When my skills improve, I'll be back there for another purchase. Now what we need here is some better weather.
  4. Is it better to start with single line kites?

    That's exactly why I decided to get into kites. There is a lot of downtime in my chosen species of fishing sometimes.
  5. Welcome thebbqguy

    I saw the Windjammers at the Howell Balloon Festival several years ago the first time. I am glad I found this resource. I thought about stopping by School Craft today but it's still pretty chilly. I'll be bying a 2 line kite soon and maybe a single line too.
  6. Is it better to start with single line kites?

    LOL. And I'm worrying over a single kite or two. I'm going to drop buy the kite store and let the expert guide me I guess. It sounds like I need to cut back on fishing if I decide to get serious about learning dual line kites.
  7. Is it better to start with single line kites?

    Michigan Carp Fishing My fishing addiction website.
  8. Is it better to start with single line kites?

    I am an avid fisherman. I am learning kites are like fishing equipment. LOL. You can spend less, but you may actually end up spending more down the road. I'm looking at Premier too. What do you think of New Addiction?
  9. Is it better to start with single line kites?

    LOL. The more I read, I think I'm leaning to the Nexus. It has the lighter pull I think my knees will appreciate until I get some more experience.
  10. Is it better to start with single line kites?

    Is it worth replacing the lines on the 140? In some of the video for the 170, I see folks getting dragged around pretty well. I'm not physically handicapped but my 50 year old knees have seen better days. Or is it more a matter of knowing the conditions and not flying in higher winds?
  11. Is it better to start with single line kites?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think Nexus or Synapse might be in my future.
  12. I have limited kite experience. I'm considering a Prism Bora 5 or Isotope, but I'm wondering if I should go straight to precision or stunt kites; since it's fundamentally different pursuits. Until I figure out my real level of enthusiasm and aptitude for kites I want to keep individual purchases under $100. I would be willing to purchase a few under $100 kites to try a few different styles. How do you suggest I proceed?
  13. Welcome thebbqguy

    Hello from the Suburban Detroit area. I saw Windjammers a few years ago and then a couple more times in person and online. I'm ready to try kite flying.