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  1. Kite Flying Music

    Someone called this goat killing music, but I've yet to kill one. Disturbed Ozzy MetallicA Scorpions Dio
  2. Jacobs Ladder

    Wow that sounds cool. I would like to see that. As for the Jacobs Ladder, I start it in a deep turtle, do the half lazy, pop the fade, then role out and push it back in a turtle if I'm going for more rungs. Here's a video of some single rungs that were started with a turtle Somewhere on the net you can find a real good video of an R-Sky Hoby doing JLs all day from the turtle as a start. This is the thinking: If you can LS, or FJ, then you can JL. I know it's not that easy, but it helped me.
  3. The SkySail DELPHI std. Review

    Facts: Wingspan: 90” Wind range: 3-18 mph Frame: LE p200s Straight Lower spreader: 5pt Sail Nylon. Howe and Bainbridge 202 3/4oz special application spinnaker cloth. Manufacture: SkySail kites. Hand made kites designed and built by: John Rollins With yo yo stoppers, weights and a static bridle, the DELPHI makes a great trick kite. I found the weight system to be one of the best. The spine is short allowing for a weight to be part of the spine at the top of the spine and at the bottom. Included with the kite is a 0gm stick, a 10gm, 15gm and a 20gm stick. I made my own 0gm stick just to see how the kite would feel. It was excellent in light wind and still worked great in normal wind. The DELPHI was sent to me with the 15gm on the tail and 0gm on the nose. I flew it that way for about 30 minutes before I put the 20gm on the tail. Soon after switching to the 20gm weight, I was doing things with the DELPHI that I had never done with a sport kite… EVER. Pulling out a 540 landing might come easy to some, but it along with many other landings have been beyond me ‘til now. Inputs: This kite likes them BIG. I am a big input guy and that finger on the line thing will never be my thing, so this kite and I get along great. I noticed that the DELPHI will trick fast for a kite of its size. To pancake the DELPHI seemed to take a smaller input than I’m accustom to (that’s good). I have tried using small inputs on all of the tricks, but had little success. I think a more experienced pilot might have better luck with small inputs on the DELPHI. Opinion: Tricks: I was able to crank out my whole bag of tricks and than some with the DELPHI. I am trying to learn the Jacobs Later with the DELPHI and the kite has helped me get to about 4 moves before I mess it up, but I know I’ll get it in time. Stalls are forever with this kite and stopping anywhere in the sky is as easy as just thinking it. Axles, 540s and the flat spin family are very nice. Fades and fade related tricks take a bigger input from flare than to flare, but not so much as to affect any tricks. Back tricks are great. I love to lazy suzan and turtle. Yo-Yos are there and role ups if you like. Groundwork is easy and without worry on the DELPHI. I think that this kite is perfect for all tricks old and new. I also think that the DELPHI is one solid tracking kite. I’m not into tracking, or team stuff, but if ever I want to try it, I think that my DELPHI is the best kite I have to get me started. The DELPHI tricks, tracks and is great for team… excellent kite! Quality: As soon as I received my DELPHI, I inspected the kite from top to bottom. Every stitch is perfect and the care taken to build this kite became more obvious as I looked at it even closer. The attention to detail will grab you as soon as you see the DELPHI, from the leach line loops to the standoffs and the weight kit (nose and tail). Put all of that together with the perfect spreaders married to the best size APA fittings and you have a kite that’s not only a dream to fly, but also one that you don’t mind assembling and disassembling. Closing: This is another kite that likes wind, but at the same time has no problem flying without it. I can use any of the weights on the DELPHI and still trick it just fine. I made my own 0gm weight so I can fly 0 nose and 0 tail and I love it, but I am stuck on the 20gm right now and believe I could use more on the tail. The 15gm is perfect for all around stuff. The DELPHI is a very stable precise kite with a truckload of tricks built in. Four standoffs and two whiskers hold the sail out. The spreaders are male female. Removable at both ends of the spine are the weights. Your DELPHI should come with a 0gm on the nose and a 15gm on the tail, a 10gm and a 20gm on the side. Order: To order/buy a SkySail DELPHI contact John Rollins or see him at Kite Party IV.
  4. Best Backyard Kite

    I find that the back yard has a bit too much turbulence for a light kite. My FW Hornets are the best back there on the Addiction lines. When the wind shifts the kite will float over to the new window. The light kites just get blown out of the sky (There's no time to adjust).
  5. How To...

    I moved the Bridle Upper Legs (pigtails) from below the Upper Leading Edge Connectors to the tops, then I moved the Bridle Outhaul Legs from between the Lower Leading Edge Connectors and the stoppers to below the lower LE stoppers (not much of a move, but good enough). This takes the most work, but for me it paid off. Remove the spine from the top of the kite, then slip it out of the bottom pocket too. Take the rubber cap off of the bottom of the spine. Slip the center fitting off of the spine (Don't remove the spreader). Once you get the center fitting of the spine, you can remove the Bridle Inhaul Legs from the center fitting. Now slip the center fitting back onto the spine, then put your Bridle Inhaul Legs ON THE SPINE. Put the rubber cap back on the bottom of the spine, slip the spine in the bottom pocket, then into the top and you're done. This mod will take the ants out of the Addictions pants, but still leave the kites personality intact. Everything I liked about this kite is still alive and well, however the Loose Goose has been shot and killed. Kite MumboJumbo Decoder My Addiction after the mod... Video
  6. 180 Fade Wrap

    This is about three seconds of video (The last three seconds on the card that day) and I used it in slow motion, frame by frame and real time to help make this trick stand out and be understandable 180 Fade Wrap
  7. I have looked all up and down for a review on the New Tech Techno, but can't seem to find one, the only information I have to go on are the two videos I've seen (Dodd's and Randy's) and what Dodd’s friend Randy had said about the Techno somewhere. I can't seem to find it again. So is there a review for this kite?
  8. HQ Evolution

    I haven't flown the Evolution yet, but I think the guys at HQ tell it like it is when it comes to their kites. If you drop them an E-mail and ask them to give you a better idea of what the kite is like to fly, they will tell you the truth.
  9. Kite Recommendations

    I only want to add that going from your standard kite to an UL is a BIG change. I am certainly no one to give lessons in this area, but I can tell you that flying an UL is more like flying your lines in the wind. Until you pull your lines to get some lift, it is really hard to feel a kite at the end of the lines. I sure hope it's better with the STX 1.8. As of now I just fly my Premier Profile in the same UL winds that I bought my Flashlight for. I can fly the Flashlight, but I just don't like the feel of it. I like a kite that you can feel, that you can really yank and pull. The Profile is a 4-25 mph kite... Yeah right! I know the kite is vented but the bottom end is just a matter of working it. My lowest wind kite before the Flashlight was the Flying Wings Hornet. It has a low end of 2 mph. If you can find a kite that tricks better than the Hornet and has a low end of 2 mph, then the kite should be heavy enough to do some real flying. You must understand that these are just my opinions, coming from my two eyes, my two hands and my little head. I want everyone to know for a FACT that I really love the Flashlight. I just don't click with that kite. Everything about the Flashlight is fantastic. As I fly my Flashlight more and more, I might even learn to deal with the UL inputs that are the key to having fun with those kites... Just try yanking and spanking one of those things... LOL... Not that I would
  10. Best Beginner/ all around kite

    Good one Kent... I would like to second the Premier Nighthawk. After everything I've been reading and some of the cool video I've seen, I thing that the Premier Nighthawk is one of the few 6' kites that I would pay $100- for. I even waited to get a deal on my brand new prism Flashlight. I don't like to pay allot for my kites, but the NH is a "can't wait kite" plus I don't think people will be selling these kites used any time soon. Speaking of used. You can almost always find a KILLER deal on a good used kite in The Kite Classifieds here on KiteLife (see the home page for easy nav.). You can also find great deals on used kites at GWTW. See the forum and go down to the swap meet. I go there every day to look at all of the great kites that I can't buy... LOL
  11. Best Beginner/ all around kite

    I like the Addiction, but I find it to be a bit squirrelly for beginners. I think it is a great next step kite. The Addiction has more tricks up its sleeve than you will believe and cost less than it should. Premier: Thank you for the Addiction, however I find that this kite might be better off in the hands of an intermediate to advanced pilot. My good friend and the person responsible for getting me into sport kites tried my Addiction. He could not put it down for hours. He and this kite just clicked, but he is very advanced and he likes loose kites (It helps his flying style). The Addiction REALLY helped his flying style. Everything just came together so easy. The Addiction IS a kite that you will never out-grow, but it is also a kite that I feel needs some growing into. I think this might be easier for me to see, as I am not so advanced... LOL. I think the PYRO XS by New Tech Kites is a good kite that will grow with you. The kite is just over 6' and very trickable. A "buy it now" button on eBay will ship you the kite in 3 days for about $48.00 total. That includes shipping. Next The same eBay vender will sell you a prism Quantum for $70.00 on the "buy it now" button. Same deal... The kite will ship in 3 days. You need to add shipping cost to the price of this kite. I think it is also $8.00. I have the Quantum also. This kite will not stop impressing me. The Quantum has made tricking easier... Not just on the Quantum, but on all of my kites. I think that the prism Quantum should be everyone’s first kite. It is priced well and you will NOT grow out of this kite. Note: Before you buy; do allot of asking and reading. The kite for you is out there, but it might not be in your backyard. I've only bought one kite in a kite store (My Hornet), everything else I bought online. I have about 14 sport kites now. New, used, shops, eBay, or the kite classifieds... The resources are out there for you to get the kite you want at a very good price. See the vendors page on MAD KITERS if you don't know where to start. Be good to your kite bag. All it needs is one new kite a month.
  12. Looking for a real picture...

    It looks like there are no real pictures. When I get the kite I will take some cool shots (ground and air) and post them here. First shot of the Profile (Inside)
  13. I want to find a real picture of the Premier Patriotic Profile. It would be cool to find one that shows the bridle and the entire kite. Thank you to anyone who can help.
  14. Help-my mind is overloaded!:wacko:

    Well I sure Like the list of kites, but I would go with the Quantum Pro. and the STX 1.8. The 1.8 has a wind range of 0.5-12 mph and from what I am told this is an UL that you can really trick (you can feel it on the lines). If I had the money it would be my next kite. I think the STX 1.8 and the Quantum Pro. fit your needs perfectly.
  15. Kids Building Kites

    Thanks Dorsal. One looks really good there. I will bring it to the group.