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  1. The RNG came up with #3, so the winner is Amexpmh. PM me your address so I can ship it out next week. Thanks, Ken
  2. They are very nice. The ones I ordered showed up and look great. I will be using my mug ( not the fuuny one I see in the mirror) in the next few days. Ken
  3. Hey TKRINOR, It can hold beer, iced tea, ICED COFFEE, just about any thing you might want to drink. Or even a plant if you wanted. Ken
  4. Wow, after this long I would have thought more people would have been interested. Its a great prize in my opinion or I would have ordered it. Ken
  5. I like how the prize I won not only benefited me, but also another kitelife member. So in keeping that idea, this will also benefit another kitelife member whose products I buy. It is a new 16oz frosted glass mug from Leshockarts. ( i got one for myself also) I love thedesign and have one of the t-shirts. The drawing will be Saturday 6/14 As always, your post must include " I'm in". Here is a link to the design Yes, and I would like to think that the extra karma helped, Thanks, Ken So in the order that people entered. #1) bbailey49 #2) juststuff #3) amexpmh #4) tkrinor - This drawing will be done using the RNG method with entry number determined by order of entry. Standard Karma Note: This is a Karma Drawing. The winner of the drawing is expected to “pay it forward” by offering their own prize for the next drawing. Please do not enter unless you are willing to offer your own prize, preferably not the prize you just won. Drawings should be open for entry approximately 2 weeks, and the next drawing should be posted as soon as possible to keep the Karma rolling. These drawings are run by and for KiteLife members. The moderating team only ensures that your drawing post contains all of the pertinent information (drawing date/time, adequate prize description, drawing rules) before approval. If you are a KiteLife member, and you reside in the lower 48 states of the US, you are eligible to enter. You do not have to be a paid subscriber. Here is the link to the original Rules and Guidelines thread: The mechanism for the drawing itself is entirely at the discretion of the person offering the prize. In the past, entry number has been determined either by order of entry or by the post number in which the member declares “I’m in” to the drawing. The drawings have been performed using the RNG method ( or by choosing the numbers out of a hat (I believe an adorable daughter did the picking in that scenario). The only requirement is that the method of selection is clearly spelled out in the drawing post. Entry into the drawings is done by STARTING a post in the drawing thread with “I’m in”. In order to remove any confusion or misinterpretation, only entries with posts that START with “I’m in” will be considered. As with all other KiteLife drawings, bantering is encouraged. This is for fun after all.
  6. Whoo-Hoo !! I can't wait to order it. I have a few ideas for the next drawing. Stay tuned. Thanks Larry OKC ! Ken
  7. I'm in. I dont have one of Walts stakes yet. They look nice!
  8. I'm in. I got my 1st and 2nd rev's from "T". Also got all my LP linesets from her. Great place and person.
  9. Congratulations.
  10. I still love my red, white, and blue ones.
  11. Happy Birthday J.B. Have a great day!
  12. Congrats Jeryl. Enjoy the new kite.
  13. 555 is the # please...............
  14. I can't make it this year. Gotta go to work
  15. Holy Cr-p. I mean, Oh my goodness. I have been wanting a B series for such a long. I am looking so forward to getting this baby up in the air. This last month or so have been very hectic, so I have not been online much to watch the progress of this drawing. Thanks John. ( I'll pm you with my cell # so we can make arrangements for me to get out your way and pick it up.) Thanks everyone for the congrats.