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    Flying quad kits and r/c planes.<br /><br />I have : shockwave, supersonic, sle 1.5, John Barresi signature series, M quad, Benson airbow, and 2 parastunters
  1. What are your favorite Gliders at the moment?

    My favorite glider kite is the Horvath Hybride 250 , I also have the 200 and 130. I've had plutzes, wala, skate, manta but the hybrides are the ones I fly most. I also like using a wand made out of 2 two wrap rev rods with a home made eye on the end from a piece of wire clothes hanger using 85 ft. Of 90# line.
  2. Cool! I prefer a wand like a fishing rod with one eye at the tip with the line running on the outside (less resistance and less fraying ) and line control with two hands, think fly fishing. I also use a much lighter line.....just sayin'
  3. Need Help Deciding on Glider/Urban Kite

    I like to use a wand too, coat hanger eye (less resistance than running it through rod) taped to a section of a 2 wrap rev rod
  4. A little Micron in a good wind

    Absolutely ! I prefer twitchy, it gets me in to trouble faster, but I can also get out of trouble faster I like to fly the smaller kites (Cherry Bombs/ Microns for MKF because of the small field I fly on and It's less tiring. I noticed Ray Bethel uses relatively short handles in relation to the size of the Kestrels he flies which I'm sure contributes to his smooth flying.
  5. A little Micron in a good wind

    Yes I do, you can make your own using an old wooden broom handle or dowel cut to about 8 inches. Practice flying with one first, switching hands. Or you could just jump in and try both at once. Tails help, I use 48 ft. skywriter tails from Gomberg on 75 ft. lines. Have fun!
  6. A little Micron in a good wind

    Flying 2 Microns at the same time is even more fun
  7. Cherry Bomb

    Found this:My link
  8. Greater Longevity through Kitting

    All very true except the bowel movement part. If somebody walked up to me while I was flying and asked me how my bowel movement was, I would laugh so hard that I might have one on the spot and I don't usually bring a change of underwear with me when I fly:)
  9. WOW This is GREAT!!

    Out of all the glider kites that I have, the Horvath Hybrides are my favorite. Duane, have you ever thought about putting a small electric motor and propeller on your rev?
  10. WOW This is GREAT!!

    It's been foggy with no/low winds for the last couple of days, so I've been flying my Horvath Hybrid 200, Focus echo and Fearless sul:)
  11. The LONE RANGER!!!

    Hey Duane, if you want to see some of my kites go here: My link
  12. The LONE RANGER!!!

    I'm out flying every day no matter what the wind is or isn't. Today was a no wind/light wind day so I flew my Horvath Hybrid 200 slk glider, Focus Echo and Fearless sul. I used to give kites away, but no more because I never see the kites/people again. So now I just hold on to the kites and let people fly them if they show interest.
  13. Indoor Rev + Zen Glider

    Great flying as usual John:) BTW what is the name of and how can I get the glider kite you were flying?
  14. 'A life in Day'....Ray Bethell

    Ray's my idol:)
  15. World record

    Ray Bethel flew 3 stacks of 13 Dynakites for a total of 39 in 2003. Mix McGraw flew one stack of 230 modified Hyperkite Starfighters in Oct 2003. So you beat Ray but you would have to have 3 stacks of 77 to beat McGraw. Good job:) P.S. on your poll maybe you should add a MAYBE.