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  1. What Line Do You Glide On?

    First off, it's yellow. It feels kinda like the green spiderwire I have, pretty light and smooth. Doesn't cut the hands as much as spectra (I think) but I wouldn't use it for anything with too much pull. The guys who designed and produced it have always referred to it as 'bridle line' No idea what brand though. Probably just whatever the other FWK stuff is bridled with.
  2. What Line Do You Glide On?

    I prefer heavier line: The 'bridle line' that comes with the Wala being my favorite. However, for lighter-and especially softer- kites, I'll go to something like 50lb Spiderwire, Horvath's 5, 7 or my closest broken dual line set. The hair-like line that the Zen comes with, which I believe is a invisible thread ment for quilting, I'm iffy on. It's practically weightless, but will curl up if it's been stressed and forms knots easily. It does work very well with the Zen, but I imagine not much else.
  3. Prism 3D

    Congrats on the new kite! The 3D was my first indoor kite as well. Now, the way I did it (which in retrospect might not have been the best thing) was to glue the rubberband together in the 'inner' side of the standoffs so that I could still switch it around, but it wouldn't fall off. The downside is that superglue will make the rubberband deteriorate faster, and when it snaps, one end is glued to the spar. Perhaps a softer glue? Also, you'll probably want to put a drop of superglue on the back end of the standoffs, where they poke through the sail. This may help prevent splintering and give a little traction on slippery ground indoors, though a small endcap would be better for the latter. Good luck and have fun!
  4. ECSKC

    'Tis but a scant two weeks away, who's going? I finally decided to go myself this year, though i'm still working out sleeping arrangements (roomshare, anyone? ) Seems like a pretty big event, Just gotta do all those kite repairs i've been putting off!
  5. Dieppe Indoor show

    http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=6ECFA74ED1E3FF39Part 4 of 7 6 parts, over an hour
  6. iSPACE 7 Videos

    Wen Dual - Geary Quad - Albert Single - Litsong Single - Daryl Single line - Wen Combined - LyGer Synergy - Daryl Tai Chi - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XjZWWREE6A0
  7. Need help with flying in low winds

    I've also found when the kite's heading down and turning up close to the ground (too close?) i pull/push turn and when the lower line is slack, pull in the lower line and step back for a tighter turn (sometimes). the kite will stall a bit though, but better then hitting the ground (of course i try not to have to use this much ) hope that makes some sense... even if you think it means "make a sandwich"
  8. Windless With Watty

    looks fun
  9. Wind Meter App for iPhone

    Probably not "as is" i think a add-on mic should work though
  10. iSPACE 6 Videos

    well i had plans but the floor had slightly uneven wooden boards and roller stakes were not allowed next time i get to a place with concrete, i'll pull out my two-wheeled inline caster board and fly skate/rev on it (ok, i did that just to mess with you) if you really want to know my cunfuzeling definition is about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caster_board
  11. What lines fdo you fly with?

    i use 100ft for general practice, 50ft if i'm getting the feel of a trick and when there is low wind and/or low space with 50 you get to see everything up close & the kite get a bit more-ah- festive? gotta stay on your toes with 50
  12. Cesium Access

  13. iSPACE 6 Videos

    LG Wen dual Albert Geary rev Wong rev Geary dual Daryl Wen rev & skate
  14. Windless With Watty

    hmmm thats an idea i tried it a few times with no success but that was a long time ago about getting out of the fade, i think the rev can't be too slanted, it's gotta be leaning back just a bit. kinda like a backflip on a dual. or just keep trying. i don't even understand what i just said
  15. Windless With Watty

    i figured out the fade part the first few times i picked up a indoor rev but couldn't get it to spin, just recently i give it another try and it worked it looks great on long lines