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  1. Karma Flexifoil Stacker 8/14/17

    I had a couple of 4ft back in the late 80s/early 90s. One had a defect. Flexifoil replaced it with out any question what so ever, immediately. Their quality is absolutely superior. I also had several 6 ft which I stacked and really enjoyed the most. I no longer have any of the 4ft or 6ft, but I do have a 10ft, which I have never flown. It was given to me, practically new. GREAT KITES!
  2. Revolution Kites History

    Thanks Guys! All the tabs are mostly up-to-date now with the big exception of "Masterpiece". I need inputs from all of those who have "Masterpiece" REVs. I do need to add in thenewest REV 1.5's that are either coming out soon or are out. Then I need to work on the B2. JM
  3. Who made this kite?

    Only a guess... Mike Mossman? He's so talented! I really don't remember the name of the person. That is why I am asking. If I saw the name I think I would recognize it. I remember he was bunking in the same room as Ray Bethell, myself and two other guys, one of which was from Belgium and played drums in the evening.
  4. Who made this kite?

    Does anyone know who(from the USA) made this kite and was flying it a the Cervia International Kite Festival in April, 2004?
  5. I am in full agreement. There shouldn't be any change to the original rules.
  6. How about those who's guess date has expired more then 5 days being allowed a new guess. But that is changing the original rules as would a cut off guess date.
  7. Not a bad time span. Before you, you have someone with 10:00 11 Dec and behind is 16:20 13 Dec. I am out of the game. Good Luck!
  8. 60+ MPH Winds

    Have you made out your last will? A completely vented REV II should be okay.
  9. It's going to get real tight on 4 December. Knoted4ever at 18:00 6:00PM Jesse Stickley at 19:30 7:30PM Mushkin at 20:00 8:00PM Blondie at 21:48 9:48 PM
  10. Now my guessed time has passed so my chances are now getting less and less.
  11. Baloo, didn't you guess 15 December?
  12. Well I have run across a situation with a lady friend whom the doctors swore she was going to have a girl. A healthy boy appeared.
  13. 2:30 AM USA PST time. Written as 02:30 is using the 24 hour clock, note the "0" before the "2", which is common to Europe and most of the world, thus it is USA 2:30 AM. 2:30 PM would be 14:30 on the 24 hour clock. I specified PST(Pacific Standard Time) to be more specific to the time zone which I think you are located in.
  14. My wild guess is: 20 November at 02:30 PST. Let us guess, a boy or a girl? Hmm?
  15. SUL Blues

    By saying "breaks cleanly along the gold tape". Are you referring along the rod or across the rod. If it is along the rod, off hand, I would guess that something crushed the rod before the REV was flown. If it is across the rod, then I would guess it got a sharp blow from something. Was the rod used a lot? Was it new? If so was this the first flight? A clear photo of the break would be helpful.