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  1. Quad Line Kite Sail Design

    tight, i want to put some graffiti into a sail, i think it would be so dope!
  2. When did you start flying?

    my first time flying was when i was a year and a half old with my first delta. my first stuntkite was a diamond and 2 years ago i recieved my first rev.....kiteflying has been my DOC ever since
  3. dude we need to talk, i was wondering if i could get a ride to the clinic if you dont mind....i dont have one there

  4. Quad Line Kite Sail Design

    does the sail have to be symetrical?
  5. IQUAD Rev Clinic

    have one in Washington! ill come!

    happy to hear it mousie! im so stoked to see you again next summer!

    so i have a confession, i now have a good reason to appreciate police, regardless of how corrupt they so happy for you mousie! its about time, have you heard about what thier punishment is?
  8. kiting magazine

    yeah i would love to see that too, hey, i got it! you should be the editor john!
  9. Hows Everybody? (iQuad, others i met at WSKIF)

    the weather here yesterday got gusts up to 90 mph and other than that we have seen no wind only rain and snow, i wouldnt mind going indoors, only problem is money. i could use some for sure! but come january i start working so im stoked to start spending.....and yeah will do mousie! hey, did you ever see any of your kites? great hearing from you all! i miss flying with everyone! -c
  10. 60+ MPH Winds

    i hope to read about your darwin award, or even an honorable mention if you survive ha! . and thats crazy talk john, i cant imagine the confidence on your shoulders, i can barely handle 30, but 60, downright nuts! and also incredibly impressive.
  11. wouldnt mind hearing from you guys, seeing as i cant fly im hoping you all have good news, with life and flying hope to hear from you -c
  12. kiting magazine

    anybody know why there was only a page mentioning WSKIF which wasnt even about the event really, more a person in it? is this common?
  13. SUL Blues

    good to see you too bro!
  14. SUL Blues

    i bought the kite at wsikf, and since then the spar has been used for a total of maybe 10 flying hours, i usually use my 2 wraps. and yes it snapped cleanly along the gold tape, perpendicular to the rod, and i take very good care of my kites, and i know their limits. By saying "breaks cleanly along the gold tape". Are you referring along the rod or across the rod. If it is along the rod, off hand, I would guess that something crushed the rod before the REV was flown. If it is across the rod, then I would guess it got a sharp blow from something. Was the rod used a lot? Was it new? If so was this the first flight? A clear photo of the break would be helpful.
  15. my quad sticks

    do you have the plans for it?