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  1. Group Rev. Flying

    Sounds like you are onto summat Duane, what ya wanna call ? BTW did you wrap lines with anyone at TI ?
  2. Quad Race Rods...

    Howdy Duane I believe some use the race rods pretty much most of the time in light wind... some even like to use their race rods in their venteds when the wind picks up! have fun experimenting and seeing your preference. no idea if it's a fashion thing but the RRs were all the rage when they first came out.
  3. Treasure Island Sport Kite Championships

    Hi Duane Glad you enjoyed your first festival, and met up with some other flyers... I wanna say thanks to MrDenny for introducing Duane to the others, because it's often assumed that everyone knows one another. It's nice to be introduced... especially for the 'shy' amongst us. never know hey Keep it up
  4. General flying

    2009 UK
  5. Second outting with the Rev.

    Glad it makes sense and is working out for you all The minute wiggling action can be applied to many other things not just kiting (which I have recently discovered in life) happy flying
  6. Kiting on Holiday 2009

    Kiting whilst on holidays 2009
  7. Second outting with the Rev.

    hey Duane now your florida heat is subsiding, you'll be spending more time with your kites... and the rev may be calling you again have you guys seen the rev tutorials ? try the first exercise. It may seem silly just going up then down. However once you try the basic launch and land you will begin to understand and feel the basic controls of the handles. Then you can try the same movements at different heights, and with different speeds, fast, slow and dead stop - hovering. you'll be surprise how small the movements are and for hovering it can mean constant minute wiggling movements (depending on the wind). Don't worry about fancy stuff or touching lines for now. If things don't feel right and the kite always spins in the same direction it might mean your lines aren't the same length. have fun
  8. Advice for a Wanna Be

    Hi I would say weight shouldn't be much of an issue - you can always change foil size to get the maximum out of the wind speed. As a petite flyer myself I have found that leg length has been more of an issue - reaching to turn the wheels. Try before you buy is the best thing enjoy your ride
  9. Forum upgraded!

    I'm with Baloo.... I like "cheery" not "dreary". The brighter bluer ones are more pleasing on the eye, and they are so you John Can we have that with whatever format layout you decide to use ? Just think of those dark overcast days over winter, with the rain pounding down while reading the dark grey 'skins'....
  10. Airbow

    Hi You can trick the Airbow by pulling the top lines - I've seen a German guy do amazing things with it. However most quadline people tend to end up spending more airtime on their revs if they own one I've had a brief go on one but prefer the feel of other quad kites (just my opinion though) but you may love it. Try and find someone who has one and have a fly before you buy.
  11. yahoo first Bug ride :)

  12. Ethan,s new big wheel

    Only just seeing this thread *ahem* well I've not flown "Choccy" yet. She is bridled and by all means you can test fly her. Her nearest big sister Pur at 36 inches (LE) did get an airing this weekend much to others bemusement. "you can't fly that on 4 lines" I was barked at! Unbeknowst to them JB and Mike from iQuad have both flown Pur. Small movements are best... so anything is possible, but she is twitchy *giggle* @Jeepster I still haven't got around to stacking them together for the funsize progressive 31, 34, 36. cheers
  13. Signature Series - John Barresi - Just bought one!

    Hello Duane Good choice, but I was really surprised we had inspired you to actually buy one from just pics in the gallery! It's one of the best ways to spend time together, flying side by side. Hope you have many happy hours flying together
  14. Advice on second Rev

    Hi, sounds like you are heading to the right festival with a high concentration of experienced rev flyers to help you out with your decision making They'll be flying the latest light wind rev too... but I'm guessing the "Zen" is going to be more expensive than the other light wind rev options and of course it is a completely different kite being larger than a 1.5. (more discussion over on the rev forum). Some use the 1.5 SUL. Others get by (me included) with a 1.5 standard B sail + race rods using light wind techniques. No getting away from the addiction, always on the quest to keep on flying in the light wind Good luck....
  15. Occasion-al flying

    flying at special places and events