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  1. Have you seen me? (127" kite)

    You can make out the name on the kite left 'Firestorm' ...middle is a 'Mamba' and right is 'Thor's Hammer' Photo credit to John Chilese Hope thats of some help. Chris
  2. Video: 2013 Goal Study (line bending)

    Cool stuff John!!!! Never seen anyone else attempt it before ...been doing something similar myself for the last few years (not the 360's bit) Am just talking about flying from a stationary point and using the tall posts of lamp, rugby or football posts ...sorta like putting (but not) 'folds' in the wind window as it were. And when wind is blowing at an angle to the goal posts it makes it a little easier to fly the kite in behind one post through from behind out the front and around the opposite post so doing, bending the lines around both post, I know I know, can't be the best for your lines but I generally use my beater 100' lines, just in case there is any potential for unseen snagging spots on the posts. Gets you thinking tough, would love to see a 4 kite 'goal post' routine ...say that would look pretty cool, especially viewing from just below the posts, to see kite lines bending and kites coming out at all sorts of weird angles ...pretty interesting altogether. BTW found rough bark of trees to obviously snag the lines something awful, not to mention those little wind socks they put on top of football posts in the US ...on more than one occasion I've nearly come a cropper hehe! As kite flyers sure who doesn't love thinking about stuff like this, the potential of whats possible and expanding in that direction ...and inspiring others to follow suit. Chris
  3. Who fly's near columbia SC , or Charleston ?

    Oh another good one I forgot to mention (on the Rev forum) do check out (a worthy Kitelife initiative to get behind) ...might help find other kiters, a place to fly or with any hope both hehe! Chris
  4. Seadooooooo...

    Fan-bloomin'-tastic!!!! great flying both of you. Will we look forward to the Powerblast 4-8 video where you's pull the seadoo side/backwards up and down the river!? LOL Chris
  5. What to do about a tear

    Thanks Reef Runner and Jeepster ..yep thats the stuff 'Blenderm' surgical tape. Seriously for those of you with splits, tares or punctures in your sails ...a roll of this stuff in your bag does the trick. I will say ...I've started to use one of those small printers rollers when applying the tape to the kite, rather than rubbing the tape over with your fingers. Give it a go ...especially if you don't have a kite store nearby ...everywhere has a drugstore! Chris
  6. Help with side slides

    Goes without saving of course ...Johns' and Guidos' videos are invaluable resources, both. Beginner right though to advanced ...still find myself going back to them from time to time. If you take a look at both their videos on the move, you'll notice both of them have relaxed arms and take note of their handle position too. In that inverted slide the handles are more 'flat' than they might be when flying right way up. I think John covers the subject of the kite wanting to turn as it traverses across the window very well. In the video he is 'giggling it for effect' or over exaggerating (says it himself) for demonstration purposes, 'adjust the trim' to prevent the kite from 'sliding up' must be the way my own brain works but I always think no amount of words can suggest, better to see and then try it for yourself ...with time you'll develop your own style sure at the moment when I fly I might as well have my left handle in my front pocket and right in my back pocket when sliding right to left LOL But yeah low hands and flat-ish handles, whilst correcting the trim with the 'following' handle'll come in time. Inverted and regular (right side up) side slide ...when learning to get to grips with the Rev, I had found that I got the inverted slide long before I got the regular slide. But with that little bit more wind I started to get more comfortable doing the regular side slide ...not I can do either anywhere in the window on most wind strengths. Definitely those choppy wind is not going to help ...but as ever if you learn or can side slide in those conditions, then when it comes to those smooth stuff you'll be inverted sliding with your eyes closed just an inch over the waters surfaces BTW LOL 'JB-ness' ...where can we get that T-shirt!? Chris
  7. What to do about a tear

    The tape route, I think is best. Blenderm ...thats the stuff I've been using. Rolls come in a variety of widths too. Its a surgical tape so you'll find it in any drugstore/pharmacy. Its virtually invisible when applied to the sail. I've used it on the back of my printed Rev, running from top to bottom, the whole length under both vertical spars ..the icarex seems to have got a little thin from rubbing against the race rods. Since my sail is predominantly white, any repair I did had to be near invisible. Also where I've been unlucky enough to suffer a punctured sail too ...especially on some of my taut single line and dualie sails, I've used a patch of tape on the back and one on the front too, sandwiching the puncture spot nicely. You'd be hard push to spot the repairs by eye or by running your hand across the sails. As suggested by others, if you do follow us down the tape route, do round off those corners or it'll start to lift eventually ...and sure if it does you get another chance to apply a fresh piece of tape. Do follow up and let us all know how the repair goes!? Chris
  8. Every sunny weekend from April to October, Frank - The Kite Man of Central Park, can be found at the park flying one of his kites. From simple fighter kites to the majestic snake kites, Frank has built an amazing array of flying wonders including a replica of a moth with a 10-foot wingspan. Frank's biggest project, however, is yet to come to fruition. by Felicia Jamieson Excellent video this one. Enjoy! Chris
  9. A reason for being 'Carlos Simoes is the president of the Wind Climbers Kite Club. The club is based in Cambridge Ontario and has members from around Waterloo Region. Simoes has been fascinated by kites since he first flew a stunt kite on a Florida beach when he was in his early 20s.' Thanks to Mathew McCarthy for producing the video, do check out the other videos in his 'A reason for being' series. -- Hi all, Been neglecting my kitelife account of recent gets in the way and all that malarky. Anyways I just stumbled across this wonderful piece video above. Its from newspaper multimedia journalist, Mathew McCarthy. It pretty much gave me some pause for thought ...not that it needs any analyzing, why we care so passionately about, this obsession we all undoubtedly have for kiting. Whether it be the sense of freedom we get, all those people we get to meet, being able to put our daily worries aside or just getting outdoors for that blast of sunshine vitamins. All of the above and more. So here's to the coming season and all that sail in her, Chris
  10. Bliss Dancer catches kite

    An octopus kite gets snagged on the Bliss Dancer sculpture on San Franciscos Treasure Island. Nice video ....looks pretty cool, not for the kiter though Chris
  11. Two HOT dual line trick videos...

    A slightly better angle of that 'Chris Vs Richard' video ....certainly some hi-octane action. Chris
  12. Was on my youtube RSS feed this morning ...thought I share it out. A very nice little film by Mike Smith with music by Wayne Vejraska. Chris
  13. Snowflakes over NY

    Snowflake kites in Starbucks seasonal ad. Nice idea, nice song .....and of course nice kites BTW that song Enjoy! Chris