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  1. I have just sent you an email, but win it or not thanks you for your generosity and good heart Best Regards and Good Winds, Ezequiel - Freaks Team www.freaksteam.com
  2. Congratulations my friend!!!! and to Takako too!!! All the best!! eZe _______________________________ eZe - Freaks Team www.freaksteam.com
  3. Great performance John, I love the music and the ballet you use for it, really nice Incredible move when you jump the kite I wish you came anytime soon so that we can fly indoor together... (you owe me that ) _______________________ eZe - Freaks Team www.freaksteam.com
  4. We have redesign our web site, now it looks far much better. We have added some new sections as WSKC 2008 and all the ballets routines of it. Sooner we will upload the technicals routines of each team. http://www.freaksteam.com Good Winds eZe
  5. Does someone know if it is the Krystal or the Krystal FX? It's a wonderful video Thank you eZe - Freaks Team www.freaksteam.com
  6. The website is still in construction but the most part of it is done you can see a video of our tecnical routine and the festivals we have gone. The spanish part is already done Good winds eZe - Freaks Team http://www.freaksteam.com freaksteam {at} freaksteam {dot} com