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  1. Hello my name is Kelly Reed and I've been asked by the Weifang Kite Committe to announce to as many kite flyers as possible that the 22nd Annual Weifang Kite Festival is happening once again. When? April 19th - April 24th, 2005 Where? Weifang China What is the festival about? While I can't answer to the origin or history I can say that this festival is amazing. The festival begins with a grand olympic style opening ceremony, followed by 2 days of skies filled with kites from all over the world. Reportedly this festival can draw over 300,000+ visitors over the course of these few days. The festival invites professional kite flyers and kite enthusiasts from all over the world including; Germany , France, Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Colombia, Canada, Holland, and the United States…. and many more. If you attend this festival you are sure to be delighted by fascinating flying creatures such as 200’ long dragon kites, beautiful hand painted silk kites such as; butterflies, phoenix, eagles, dragonflies, bees. You may even be fortunate enough to see some of the best kite builders from all over the world, unique kite performances, power kite demonstration, sport kite and single line competitions. This event has something for everyone … be sure to bring a camera and lots of film or smart cards because you won’t want to miss the photo opportunity. You will come to Weifang with anticipation and leave with memories to last a life time. Weifang is located in the Shandong province and is easily reached by train from Beijing. Kelly Reed and Troy Gunn are currently helping fellow kite flyers to attend this festival. If you've ever wanted to experience kite flying in China, see the Great Wall, Fly Kites in Tianeman Square, and visit the Forbidden Palace be sure to contact one of them and perhaps they can help you get there. For more information ask your tour guide or visit: (coming soon)