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  1. I had a chance to test fly the Vertigo and the Vertigo Max (vented) when our local shop was deciding whether or not to carry them. I now have the Max and will probably get the Vertigo to match. The kite and I just seemed to click right away. I was able to do some things I hadn't been able to do with my B-series. When I went back to my B-series, those same things were now possible. I'm not the caliber flier who can win competitions or flail the kite around until it falls apart. I'm just your average flier who enjoys her kites. And I really enjoy the Vertigo. I'm not giving up my B-Pros or any of my Revs. My B-Pros are stacked and will probably be more of a festival fly rather than a daily fly. Most of my Revs were not random purchases and were bought for specific reasons and are flown for specific occasions. And there are a couple that I fly often. But I'm adding the Veritgo to the bag as another option as my mood dictates.
  2. We didn't even try to fly because of the heat. In fact, we haven't even been to the shop in over a week. We are becoming hermits because of the heat. Hopefully we can meet in September.
  3. I wish I had known you were going to be here. We could at least have met, shared some shade and had a bottle of water. Where did you stay?
  4. Believe me, you will be glad you have some shade to retreat to. And some help up the hill and down the path. Most of the local club members have some sort of wheeled cart to carry the necessities. Right now, the heat is so high, we haven't flown in a couple of weeks. Even the shade is hot.
  5. Congratulations SS Kites. You will love the mid-vent I'm sure.
  6. John will be saving himself some postage by bringing this kite to NC in September.
  7. I forgot all about the Island Inn. It's located right in the central area of Atlantic Beach just a block or two from the main intersection. Fort Macon is a straight run to the east and the kite shop is a straight run to the west. Island Inn
  8. The Cool Cabana and No Wind

    Extreme heat calls for extra care and that is why we are taking the Cool Cabana with us to the beach each time we fly. All it takes is one day of over-exposure to the heat to make us come to this conclusion. And it seems the heat chases away the wind. But being stubborn, we got some kites in the sky The Cool Cabana and No Wind
  9. @Tina Heatley If Mark won't let you fly one of his, I'll let you fly this one when I win it. I'm also sure there's something in my bag you can use if I don't win it. I've got a few. LOL
  10. A Hot Independence Day Weekend

    We celebrated Independence Day with a kite club fly of red/white/blue kites. There was a large variety of kites in the sky which made quite a show for people on the beach and people touring Fort Macon. A Hot Independence Day Weekend
  11. Those are my colors. It will go well with my Reflex, Shook mesh, meteor(honeycomb) Rev, three powersleds and matching line laundry, Shanti Skywave and mesh delta with tails. Could there ever be too much red/black.white/gray?
  12. Congratulations, Mary!
  13. Our choice for the Outer Banks is Ocracoke or Corolla. We avoid the "madness" of Nags Head/Kitty Hawk if we can. We do like the Avon/Buxton/Hatteras areas, too.
  14. review

    I have long decided that I don't need to join Club 38. First because there was such a lack of information and second because I really don't need it for education or validation. I have all of you here and the flyers at home and at the festivals we attend. Curiosity got the cat and the cat is getting away with all her lives. BTW, I prefer polo shirts to T-shirts but it's still not worth it.
  15. review

    Thanks for keeping us informed.