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  1. Kymera (12/25/15)

    So sorry, Scott.
  2. Something New For Me

    The gallery itself is not public. I use it to post images to the forums only.
  3. Something New For Me

    I trained my set of B Pros together and flew them for the first time today. The wind was higher on the beach than the weather apps were telling me so the pull of the kites was rather strong. I didn't want to have anything break my first time out so this was a short flight. But it was enough to show that training was possible and to get photos. I can't what until I get to try again.
  4. I guess I had better talk to Don this weekend about my commission. LOL
  5. Last time I looked, there was still one there. That's Kites Unlimited in Atlantic Beach, NC. I was looking at it myself but talked myself out of buying it.
  6. Is this a crap kite?

    Took a look at the link. I notice that the kite in the picture is vented. If that is truly the kite, keep in mind that a vented kite needs more wind to fly that a full sail kite. I don't know where you are located but if it's not a region with strong winds, you will be frustrated when the kite won't lift far off the ground and you will be limited on the number of flyable days.
  7. Stack lines-buy or build?

    I had Jeri at Kites Unlimited in Atlantic Beach make the train lines for my Dream On/Little Dreamer stack. She also makes the train lines for the Goblin and the Hyperkites. She probably could make lines for the Quantum.
  8. WTBT JS Hummingbird

    I love the Sky Delight kites. I have the Kestrel, Jaws, Neptune and Hummingbird. Missing the Luna Moth. Would love to find one some day, either the regular or the ultra-light version. I also have the Butterfighter and the Alien single line kites. Always looking for one more.
  9. New Rev Flyer

    Sorry, the information on that link is out-dated. Go to the Facebook page - "Kites Unlimited and Bird Stuff" for the latest information on the Carolina Kite Fest in Atlantic Beach, NC.
  10. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    It's interesting how the banter picks up when there's a Rev on the line. Personally my bag is full and I'm happy. Go for it, guys!
  11. Tilley Hats ?

    Love my Tilleys. I have four now, different colors, different styles. Which one I wear depends on the weather and my clothing choice for the day.
  12. Looking for an EXP leading edge rod

    Let's not scare the man. Let him start with 12" magic sticks and 13" no-snag handles. Definitely send business to the brick-and-mortar kites stores. They are a dying breed and yet they give the best service.
  13. Looking for an EXP leading edge rod

    You're in the right place. Check out Flying Smiles kite shop in Corolla. Elliot can fix just about anything. The shop in in the shopping center opposite the entrance to the Corolla Light and the Whalehead Club. Take a look at the Shook Mesh Revs while you're there. They're pretty special and made by Elliot.
  14. Dream On (8/10/15)

    Congratulations, Marcus! You will love it I'm sure.
  15. NC Rev Clinic (Aug 8-9, 2015)

    Good luck, Scott!