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  1. Reflecting On Kites

    It's raining on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and it looks like it will be a while before I get to do some flying. So I just have to think about the last couple of times and enjoy the memories. Reflecting On Kites While Watching It Rain
  2. The Annual Mile of Hope Kite Fly

    The Mile of Hope is a weekend away for families who have a child who has cancer. The children get to spend time on the beach, playing in the sand and flying kites. The Carolian Kite Club members put on a show of kites in the air and help solve any kite flying problems that may occur. The Annual Mile of Hope Kite Fly
  3. It's A Beautiful Morning

    It was close to a perfect day for flying kites. Lower winds, warm temperatures and sunshine (at least for a while). And a chance to fly some new single line kites and try out the Reflex. It's A Beautiful Morning
  4. The Reflex

    I got to fly the Reflex a couple of times this past week. The first time the winds were 8-10 mph and gusty. I was amazed how well the full sail handled the gusts. It seems to me to be a slower flyer but easy to handle. It didn't seem to want to reverse very well but that may have been because I wasn't used to the handles and line settings. The second flight went much better as I had more time and could set the brake where I was comfortable and in control. The wind this time was 5-7 mph and pretty smooth. Again the Reflex seemed slower in flight but handled reverse much better. At times it seemed to drift in the wind and feel soft on the handles. I had and easier time with inverse hover which I've never been able to do well. I didn't try the launch from a flat position. Bear in mind, I'm not that good of a Rev flyer. I don't do tricks nor fly team. I'm not into the technical aspects nor making modifications to my kites. I did like the Reflex more than I thought I would. I'm thinking the next time I may set up the Reflex and a 1.5 and try them side-by-side. My concern is the springs. I already see how they can bend out of shape after repeated assemblies and dis-assemblies. And the little velcro pad comes off the spring easily. So there you are. My thoughts.
  5. We've Been Invaded

    The NC State Parks System turned 100 years old this year. Fort Macon State Park, our local kite flying field, had a huge celebration by re-creating the Siege of Fort Macon. The re-enactors were everywhere, including where we usually fly. They enjoyed watching us fly kites and we appreciated the work they put into the re-enactment. It made for a special weekend for all. We've Been Invaded
  6. Shook mesh rev kites?

    Elliot keeps up with all the Shook mesh Revs on the Flying Smiles Facebook page. There is an album that he updates with the latest builds. Mesh Revs
  7. 10th Annual Morro Bay Kite Festival (2016)

    A great report. It looks like a nice, "laid-back" type of festival. I hate to hear you had to pack up early but at least you got one good day in. Love the pictures.
  8. Downsizing (SOLD)

    Congratulations on the new additions to the family.
  9. The Earth Day Celebration

    The Carolina Kite Club was asked to put some color in the sky for the Earth Day Celebration at Fort Macon State Park. Unfortunately, strong winds made it unwise and unsafe to fly kites on the beach that day. Although some did try. The Earth Day Celebration
  10. Back To Our Roots

    We started our kite flying journey with single line kites. And on this day they were the only ones out of the bag. It was very relaxing. Back To Our Roots
  11. New Additions To The Kite Bag

    I have to agree. Hot pink is not one of my favorite colors. But to have this vintage kite, I will put up with it.
  12. New Additions To The Kite Bag

    Thank you. The bidding got really crazy the last minute or so. It took me a whileafter the bidding ended to realize I had the winning bid. Then I was literally jumping up and down. Now I'm waiting for just the right day and right wind to give it it's first flight.
  13. Geisha close-up

    From the album Photomom's

  14. Red Geisha Revolution

    From the album Photomom's