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  1. The Reflex

    Got a look at the new Reflex Rev.  Pretty sail pattern.  Who's going to jump in and get one?
  2. The weather for the weekly kite club fly was once again unfavorable.  So instead of flying we went to the kite shop to visit with other flyers and see what was new.  The problem was there was something new and I ended up taking more kites home with me.  Check out the following blog link to find out what is new in my kite bag. The Problem With 'Hanging Out' At The Kite Shop
  3. New KiteLife pins!

    We have a cat/house sitter who is like a daughter to us.  
  4. New KiteLife pins!

    Got home and the envelope was waiting on the kitchen table.   Weather was crappy this week in VA, too.  Spending time with the grandbabies made it a good week despite the weather.   
  5. New KiteLife pins!

    I'm hoping ours are there when we get home.
  6. Happy New Year

    The title says it all.  Happy New Year to all my friends here.  May the weather always be favorable and the wind always at your back.
  7. The Last Kite Fly For 2015

    This past Sunday was the last Carolina Kite Club fly for 2015.  It turned out to be one of the best days we've had in quite a while.  Temperatures were above normal and the winds were light to moderate as the day wore on.  It's not often we leave the house at 10:00 am and don't get home until sunset.  Good weather, good flying, good friends and some new flyers joining us for the first time.  So here's to the beginning of another year full of more friends and more flying. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Last Fly of 2015
  8. Researcher in Anthropology

    Rita, I thought I'd chime in to show that not all kite fliers are men.  My husband and I became interested in kiting after attending the local kite festival a couple of times.  We decided it looked like fun and wanted to join in.  Both of us had flown the classic paper diamond kite as kids but it didn't get much further as we grew older.  That is until our daughter left for college.  We started with a nice single line kite by White Bird kites.  We were lucky enough to have a kite shop nearby and so met other kiters and became involved with the local kite club.   While we both still fly single line kites, I became fascinated with vintage dual line stunt kites.  Especially those made in the 1990s.  I love the slow graceful movements of those large kites.  I found myself becoming a collector of kites from such makers as Sky Delight and Top of the LIne.  At the same time, I began collecting the dragon kites made by White Bird.  My husband preferred the single line kites, particularly cellular kites, rokkakus and flowforms.  We have lost count of the number of kites we have when it went over 200.  And, believe it or not, they all get taken out of the bag and flown one time.   After retirement, we began traveling to nearby kite festivals as well as becoming more involved in our local kite festival.  At these smaller festivals, we have met some good kiting friends.  Some we don't see often but that doesn't seem to matter.  There is a camaraderie among kite fliers that transcends time and place.     Over the past couple of years, I've become more interested in flying kite stacks and quad-line kites.  I have a nine-stack and a six-stack of Hyperkites, a five-stack of Goblins, and several stacks of Trlbys.  I'm still learning how to fly my quad-line kites and have not reached the point where I'm comfortable flying closely with others.   For us, kite flying is stress relieving and relaxing.  And it gets us out of the house and into the fresh air and sunshine.  It keeps us active and moving.  We have a group of close friends that we fly with every week, weather permitting.  And when the weather does not cooperate, we "hang out" at the local kite shop. Beyond the flying, I also make kites and have a blog about our flying and the kites we own. Sorry if I've gotten long-winded.  Hope some of this helps your research. 
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year.
  10. New KiteLife pins!

    Merry Christmas!!
  11. New KiteLife pins!

    We shall see.
  12. New KiteLife pins!

    I wait until after the holidays.  Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and some quiet "down time".
  13. New KiteLife pins!

    Placed my order.
  14. Saw the post on Facebook but waited to post here. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. What A Kite Flier Does...

    This past weekend was the weekly kite club fly.  While the weather was great, the wind was nonexistent.  As it has been in many Sundays past.  And so this is the routine for a non-wind day. What A Kite Flier Does….