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  1. Crossfire (8/12/11)

  2. Crossfire (8/12/11)

    Hey Tucson Bill, Welcome on board!! But have you ever heard of the term, "A day late and a dollar short!"?? Well, you might not be a "dollar short" but you are a "day late"! "RAZOR" picked up my numbers and beat you out by a post or two! Sorry Bill, but now your odds are about the same as every one else! I do wish you the best of luck though! Well, the best of luck just behind the "best of luck" is wished RAZOR...heehee! "Lady LUCK" our master!! heehee! Keep It Up! Duane
  3. Crossfire (8/12/11)

    Hi "kjm", I agree with what you are saying and I know that most of the things that have offended you probably came from me! I am sorry for that. But, don't run off!! You, and others like you, are the future of Kitelife and of Kiting as a Whole. As I have been here in this forum for awhile I seem to be running out of entertaining things to say and that I believe is somewhat the cause for MY degeneration. So, it's certainly not you who should leave, but me! I'll be with you all in Spirit! (My Spirit is much nicer then Duane anyway! heehee!) So...Good-Bye! Keep It Up! Duane EDIT: Photomom...Remember: "Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it." You know as well as I that you are here for a purpose! I was good for Kitelife...but "GOOD" is the enemy of the "BEST"! When the wind is just "hot air", you don't run away from accept the responsibility to "Rise Higher" and change it...and as you also are not alone! You have my deepest respect!
  4. Crossfire (8/12/11)

    OK!! Way To Go RAZOR! heehee! Welcome aboard and you are now the owner of two other numbers, besides your own, ......let's see...I forgot what they were...heehee!...I'll be right back! EDIT: Your extra 2 numbers are 476 & 837! And I wish you the best of luck!! Keep It Up! Duane
  5. "It Works!!" "It Works!"

    That is Freaking AWESOME!!! I LOVE it!!! Guess I'll be breaking out my box fans!! You know what you need to do know right?? Find a way to market a fan setup, and make millions selling in home kite flying fan kits. Hey "Exile", That's a "GREAT IDEA"!!...(just don't forget the monofilament lines going to the ceiling!!) heehee!! Keep It Up! Duane EDIT: I know! I know! "It's NOT nice to fool Mother Nature!"
  6. "It Works!!" "It Works!"

    You Are Right!....This is "hurricane season"!! Keep It Up! Duane
  7. Fearless Tattoo goes to the City...

    Good Video Rob, Thanks for sharing it...I need all the inspiration I can to put in some dual line time...the Rev. seems to have taken over my mind! If that video was with the heavier spars...I see nothing wrong with that action. But, then like I said, I'm no expert here! I'd love to fly as well as you can! heehee! Keep It Up! Duane
  8. Green Rods

    Hi Razor, Check out the "CURRENT DRAWINGS" posts about the "Crossfire"...If you qualify, you can have my numbers for this next drawing! Keep It Up! Duane
  9. "It Works!!" "It Works!"

    Yes!! A new dimension in indoor kite flying!! Stick this up your nose Mother Nature...with your South Florida Summers!! You thought you had me beat!! HA!! Keep It Up! Duane
  10. E3

    Hi Rob, One thing for sure...I'm no expert with the dual liners, by any means! I'm better with the Revs. today then the dualies. But, I did fly the E3 when a guy showed up at the park with one awhile back and I found it to be really light on it's feet and sharp in it's responses, which I do see lacking a little in your video. The thing that impressed me the most about the E3 was how easy it was for me, with respects to, "ground recovery" (I still spend a lot of my dual liner time in "ground recovery" situations! heehee!) I don't know...maybe you'll become more accustom to flying it with the heavier stuff. I'd personally probably go back to the original set up and see it it happens again (what happened could have just been a fluke or mfg. flaw), and if it did happen again, then I'd think about moving up a notch to a different kite maybe...whatever that next step up might be for you. (But, I don't think you'll find any kite better looking than that one!) I've done enough mixing and changing of things with kites to, at least to my own satisfaction, come to the realization that the designers knew best...and I would always wind up going back to how they made it in the beginning. (That's with the exception of different bridles.) Keep It Up! Duane
  11. E3

    Hi Must86, That one beautiful kite! I'm sorry about the rips...I know how I felt when I ripped a sail once! My wife and I were flying our twin Nirvanas once and I noticed that her kite bucked for a second and then was OK. I thought maybe it was just some little weird gust of wind that hit it. But, after the third time I had her bring it down and I checked it out. The spine looked perfect, but when I flexed it I saw strips of fiber showing. I replaced the spine and it was OK then. I'm really happy I spotted it before it snapped. The sail I did damage, I put some of that clear kite tape over the tear and it was like new, except cosmetically, but you could only see the mend up close. Keep It Up! Duane
  12. Herefordkite fest?

    Ahhh Wow! That was my fault...I'm sorry...I forgot all about "imagining"! Keep It Up! Duane
  13. Single Line Kite Anchor

    The sand bag is coming along great! Here is a picture of all the webbed straps that I tacked in place. It’s ready for sewing. (I found that I had way too much webbing, so I went around the bag twice in the center instead of once.) As Nick mentioned, there is a far easier way to bag sand! heehee! And that’s really good to know for anyone that is just looking for a sand bag and doesn’t like the stuff sold at the kite shops, which I don’t care for any I’ve seen. But for those of you that are looking out your window right now, as I am, and are watching the lightening storm with temps in the mid nineties and no wind...OR...those of you that may find 3 feet of snow against you front door sometime and you can't escape...this is the bag for you (or something like it). And also when it is finished I can hang it on the wall over my beautifully crafted kite boxes and say, “What a beautiful sand bag that is!” and I can feel a sense of accomplishment for all the time and work that went into it! Seeing how the above picture will look about the same as the finished project...I’ll save you the final picture! heehee! Keep It Up! Duane
  14. Single Line Kite Anchor

    Nick...I agree with you, but it sure doesn't look like a 2200 lb. cap. bag. Are you sure about that...and if so where do you buy it? I'd have do "some" work on it, like cutting it in half and re sewing it. I can get 2 bags out of it. Keep It Up! Duane
  15. Herefordkite fest?

    Hey Baloo, That's sounds really GOOD! A nice quiet day of flying with others...Heaven on Earth! (I'll imagine Sunshine and Wind!) Keep It Up! Duane