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  1. The website working well has more to do with the framework my webmaster built for me. He spent a few hours tweaking things so they would respond well to several different devices. All I am doing is filling the pages with content.
  2. Hey All! JB let me know I needed to stop by. Kiting history, funny. Use a metal polish like silver/brass polish, that will brighten up your handles and stakes. I had the chance for some one on one with my webmaster, and learned a bunch about making a website. I am COMPLETLY redoing it, and it is almost done. I am missing good stock photos of some of my products, and I have a bit more content to add, but you will see I have expanded my line up by a little bit. But how about a sneak peek for my fellow KiteLife members? Enjoy!
  3. This would be nice to win! They would go with the black ghost I have now for a group of Dementors chasing Dumbledore.....
  4. My number was drawn once before, will lighting strike twice?
  5. If my number came up, then I would be forced to invent my own version of a buggy........... This is one by Popeyethewelder, pretty cool!
  6. JB, I need to make an appointment with for updating my site, it needs it BAD! Will talk with you soon. I am selling these, I am making them to order ATM. I haven't figured out pricing, I want to show the first one to a couple folks first and test the waters. I got to make sure that they are a sellable product in the price range I have in mind, knowing how much it took to get the matierials I made them with. If someone preferrs lighter line, I can load it with a temporary line so they can pull through the line they preferr. I did look at the fishing pole style....
  7. Here is a couple photos!
  8. I now have the LS Magic Wand. It is an indoor single line kite wand with 3/8 inch carbon fiber tube, polished aluminum guides, and hypalon grips in your choice of blue, red, black, and green. They are 4 feet long, and comes loaded with 25ft of 90lb laser pro gold line. I will post a photo of the first one soon!
  9. Don't know about ya'all, but I think I bought my first true masterpiece. This is drop dead beautiful! Steve Derooy sewed this Rok, after I saw a bengal tiger Rok in the same pattern that he donated to the SPI auction a few weeks ago. I told Steve that if he sewed a white tiger Rok that I would buy it for my wife. Boy did he come through! I get to pick this up at the Rev Clinic in Long Beach WA in two weeks, and present it to my wife as a Anniversary present. I cannot wait to see her react to knowing it is hers! Steve, Thank You so much! This is THE nicest kite I will own.
  10. While at WSIKF, i bought a 19' banner pole from one of the vendors. My thought was to make a banner I can put up at festivals so folks could see where I was set up so they could find me if they wanted one of the kite stakes I make. I would also love to join in the march of colors next year at WSIKF, as a way to advertise my hobby business. I would like to sew my own, but need to know what matierials to use, and where to get them. If anyone knows of a website with some sort of how to that would be revelant, that would be very helpful too. This would also give me some expierience sewing so I could start making a few kites of my own in the future. I figure a banner is not as hard to sew and get "right" as a kite would be. I did look at a few banners and how they were put together, so basic construction I have a fair idea of.
  11. The wife and I have booked a room at the Roadway inn and Suites in Longbeach for the entire week of WSIKF. The room is a double queen with kitchenette on the ground floor. It includes free WiFi, no smoking, micro, fridge, cook top, sink, and swimming pool. We would love to have someone/couple to share this with, preference of the whole week, but are willing to go part week if need be. Your cost would be $87 per night. This hotel is on the Bolstad Approach, within easy short walking distance of the festival. One note, we will have Scotty with us, our Scottish Terrier, he is a pretty good doggie. He will occasionally alert on people outside the room. If you would like more info, or are interested, send me a PM or email my wife, Mona, at kittyinpjs (at) MSN dot com.
  12. I was going to try to fly them and get photos at Kite Henge on Saturday, but the winds were epic (20mph+) going on to crazy, very gusty out of the NE. I kept them in the bag and had fun with the Aerovent Rev instead. I will try again next weekend!
  13. The kites have arrived safe and sound! I may have a chance to put them up this weekend down at Kitehenge. BTW, the Pyro Delta was black, but I am not complaining. It will look great in the sky! Thank You John!
  14. Oh My!!! Talk about a bolt outa no where!! Thanks JB, I will have fun with these at festivals. I love the legs, and I have wanted a real Gomberg for some time. [shameless plug]And yes, my kite stakes can hold a SLK, as long as the pull is not too great. They make great planter decorations toooo. [/shameless plug]
  15. I am leaning toward the pro classic. It has some updated graphics without losing too much of the feel of the old forum. The added content at the right hand side is a nice touch. I also would like to see a "icon legend" at the bottom of the home page to let readers know what is what. Custom icons for each topic, instead of a generic file folder. Examples would be a dual line kite for general sport kite discussion, a Rev for quad heads, a parafoil or Cody for single line, that type of thing. That would make these forums really pop and give them that personalized feel. Another item I have seen on other forums is a random sample of user uploaded photos from user galleries at the bottom of the forum home page (above the stats)that change each time the page is loaded.