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  1. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    Oh we will find away. Can't wait to try it out
  2. My kite reel project for the high flier setup

    You've done an excellant job! I make all my swivels for my large spinsocks 12-90 ft. May I suggest using sealed ball bearings on your reel? I use them on my swivels. They work great, and last for years. They only cost 2-5 dollars each, at any bearing house. You would need to add a brake to your reel though, if you haven't already. Barry
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    From the album Ocean Shores 2008

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    From the album Ocean Shores 2008

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    From the album Ocean Shores 2008

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    From the album Ocean Shores 2008

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    From the album Ocean Shores 2008

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    From the album Ocean Shores 2008

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    From the album Ocean Shores 2008