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  1. Update !! I went to my second favorite source (the library) got the only book on sport kites and got some hints. I converted it to a two liner from a quad line system and was able to keep it in the air for about 10 seconds!!! (We thought that was progress if not a grand success). We did learn you should not fly in an old abandoned asphault parking lot!!! f
  2. OK, 2nd NEWBIE question. How much wind should be enough to keep a 44" by 24" triangular kite in the air. My partner (and wife) is convinced the kite is "to heavy" and I'm convinced we don't know how to 'go fly a kite'. thanx, f
  3. Thanx Dorsal that really does help. Moderator, sorry about the post location; I meant to post in beginner section of sport forum rather than single line forum. f
  4. If there ever was a NEWBIE in anything anywhere anytime this is it!!!. I’ve searched this site as well as others and now know I’m undoubtedly the greenest one ever to post a question. I have a kite and I know NOTHING about it other than I’m determined to fly it. The package it came in was labeled “Dual Control Stunt Kite”. Basically I have two questions: 1) where do I tie the strings and 2) how do I control it? The kite is basically a triangle 44” across the base and 24” high (the kite is symmetrical along a center-line). Putting it together was no problem as it was “round holes and round pegs” that would only fit certain locations. There was a ‘bridle’ attached. This bridle is the same for each half of the kite. Each side if this bridle connects to the kite at three locations: two along the center line and one on the side. Where the three lines of the bridle join there is a ‘ring’ and also a ‘ring’ on the side where the bridle attaches. So there are a total of four rings; two on the kite and two on the bridle. The kite came with two handles, complete with string,. Each handle has two strings so there are a total of four lines (strings). Do the two strings on the ‘LEFT’ handle attach to ring on the left side of the kite and the ring on the left side of the bridle? And the two strings on the ‘RIGHT’ handle attach to ring on the right side of the kite and the ring on the right side of the bridle? Or, do the two strings from the ‘LEFT’ handle attach to the rings on the KITE and the two strings from the ‘RIGHT’ handle attach to the rings on the BRIDLE? Or am I so lost that I’m helpless? OK. Once I get the strings attached comes flying. I’ve seen several posts on how to launch and pre-launch checks so I feel confident I at least know what I’m suppose to do and how to be careful. But, controlling with four lines has me confused. I understand (I guess I’m right) right and left turns are controlled by tension on the side you want to turn to (pull the right side to make a right hand turn and pull the left side to make a left hand turn). Are the upper (bridle connected) and lower (kite connected) strings tensioned and relaxed for any controlling (or should both on a side always by tight or relaxed)? Thanx to anybody who will take the time to help the helpless!!! fred