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    Kites are my strong interest. I also fly radio controlled planes, gliders and helicopters on a regular basis. I'm also a member of our local pistol club. I work part time as an Agricultural Training Officer at the local Ag College.

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  1. No luck yet..................anyone help?
  2. Is that a pulley on the hardness ?

    For the amount of time expended building one it's much less head scratching to buy second hand. They come up quite regularly here and we have nowhere near your population density. Keep a lookout on Ebay or kite forums. Peter Lynn buggies always seem to be floating around and they transport really easily due to the way they pull to bits with only a few bolts.
  3. Is that a pulley on the hardness ?

    Yeh I have built/modified 5 buggies and I own 2 x Sysmic S2. I leave one Sysmic S2 in Queensland on the East coast of Australia (The freight cost would be enormous) and fly over for a month each Easter to go kiting with mates in Yeppoon. I post my kites and motor bike armour ahead so it's there in time. I have since changed my Hot wire system to just 2 stainless steel loops on webbing attached to the side rails as the system pictured above didn't prove safe enough. (wouldn't release completely every time). Here 2 sets are pictured. It's fantastic fun and I cover a lot of kilometre every year either Land sailing or kite buggying. We always have a ball. Don't worry bout the old fart bit all the guys I was with in January this year in South Australia I reckon the average age would have been around 45 to 50. I'm 56. Yeh it's me at the end before I started hot wiring.
  4. Got Whump?

    Loved it !!!! Out the back of the ute (truck) looked cool down the laneway.
  5. Travel Frame Kite Consolidation

    I thought about buying a travel frame and is there a reason it's 3 wrap. (just to be more robust????) I'd like a 2 wrap travel frame "if there is such a thing" as I like the lighter winds of an evening. I do notice a big difference going from a 2 wrap frame to the 3 in my 1.5B. I think the total remove for travel sound like cheap insurance for the sail. With a slight curve kept in the leading edge they come out very easily in one piece. (thanks JB for the video)
  6. Still on the lookout for one please.
  7. Is that a pulley on the hardness ?

    The safety release up close. I made the tapered release cones from stainless steel bolts and the white balls are made from melted HDPE plastic milk bottles and then turned up in the lathe. When activated/pulled the taper physically forces the whichard release catch open.
  8. Is that a pulley on the hardness ?

    I used that type of pulley block on the "hot wire" system on my kite buggy. It wasn't up to the task as it would bind up with use. Even when I repacked the sintered bronze bearing with grease it would bind in a very short time. There was a lot of pressure on it. I ended up making a pulley block using 2 x 5608RS bearings for a smooth action that has lasted well. It's really important that a safety release "Whichard" (not of the pin type) is used when flying on handles, for those emergencies if it all turns ugly.
  9. Fingers crossed.............
  10. Being in a rural area John I don't have access to the required bit's and pieces and thought there may be one out there complete ready to fly. The video cracked me up!!! Thanks. Your right I'm being lazy. Thanks for the info though.
  11. Hi, I'm in Australia and looking for a Quad Piggy. If anyone has one buried in a kite bag somewhere that they would part with, I'm keen. Many thanks.
  12. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    Lovin' those colours.
  13. Wind scooters???

    Wow I'm green with envy!!! Bet you had a ball. All sorts of kites too. I didn't realize that. I thought it was just traction kites and sailers. Thanks for that link. Chook
  14. Wind scooters???

    Thanks for saying so. Welding is a practiced task. I love teaching my student how to do it well. I'm 50yrs old and don't bounce well, so I don't risk it. Always have an out is my motto. Was out this arvo with my 6.8 sq/mtr Viper kite in much lower wind. 10 knots and had a ball. I did 35.4 kms of cruising up and back along the beach. It's 17 kms one way. I stopped and spoke to the couple of people fishing along the way. Also windofchange thanks for the info on Greenbird. There is a video in the multimedia section, that happened on Lake Lefroy. I cross this lake every time I travel to Kalgoorlie 450kms to our north. I had not heard a thing about it. Nice to find out about it from the other hemisphere, Ta for that. Keep smilin' Chook
  15. Wind scooters???

    Hi, yes it is very hard on your upper body when you are learning. You wear a cuff velcroed to each wrist called "Kite Killers" and they connect to the brake lines with a 400mm bungee cord. When it all goes wrong, just drop the handles and this applies the brakes only and the kite depowers and falls to the ground. Most times not even tangling the lines. In the photo you can see a small pulley that the strop (line connecting handles) is running through to each power line on the kite (it's connected to the back of the handle as the lines go right through). The pulley is attached to a "Whichard quick release" on a climbing harness, so if in trouble, DUMP the kite handles and all with a pull of the release tag. This results in much untangling as it blows away. I now have an "Ozone" harness that is more padded and comfortable. It spreads the load to your upper legs and waist. Very little load on your wrists. They fly very much like a Rev. Yes I built the "Chook Chaser" my self, as I have a good workshop with Mig welder, lathe, mill, plasma cutter and pipe bender. (My wife reckons I live in there). Here are some links. I got to 76.4 Kmh yesterday on a salt lake 2 kms from home. Had 15mm of rain last night so won't be back there for a while now. This guy is a star!!!!