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  1. Please REad and pass along....

    Hello fellow kite flyers from Wales. I am very saddened at this Kewo incident we should all get together and keep mailing them dont give up. here is their email details but you can go to the KEWO web. service@kewo-international.com They are stealing from us all, at the end of the day kitemakers will say sod it and not bother. I have seen these Kewo copies on Fano they are just copies and poorly made at that. These kite makers are very good friends of us all they need us now! so lets get things rolling email KEWO now with you complaints. Even if you have never boght on of their kites help them out with a few emails PLEASE. I would take my hat off to Amy Doran the new regional 9 rep for the AKA she has done a great job of letting everyone know. Email the Fano organisers ask them to ban Kewo from trading on Fano. Hey everyone happy new year for 2009 may you all enjoy your kite flying. Ceri
  2. Dark Horse kite flyers

  3. new kite club

    Well just a bit of info a new group was formed on Fano Beach see it at. http://www.darkhorsekiteflyers.co.uk/ Drop us a line you want to take part. see videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Welshkiteflyer
  4. Do you remember your very first kite?

    Greetings everyone. I realise I am coming in to an old thread. But im new to the board. I am in Wales uk. My first kite was a gibson girl, I think I was about 5 or 6 then . we had a junk shop not far from us he used to sell old valve radios. I can remember my father buying the kite it was in the tube. We flew it a lot until one day the line broke and it went over the vast ammount of railway tracks we had in the area. That was the end! of that kite. I can remember the first kite I bought in Belgium oostend beach it was a bird kite and flew great. So a potted history. I wish the shop and the kites were there now ha! Anyway I fly single line but like to watch all kites single line are much better for me as I can sit and watch them with a beer ha ha. Going to Dieppe France next month for the kite festival anyone on here going.