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  1. Loves his new B-Pro full vent !

  2. S7302345.JPG

    He'll be meeting you @ BKF !! He's only two and knows what a Revolution is, IQuad and John Barresi ! Your gonna be in for a treat !
  3. Future Flyer

    Justice getting some practice time
  4. Quad slack line tricks

    Just saw the video on YouTube!!! All i got to say is..... SICK!!!!!!!!!!! oh , and THANKS for putting the vid up !!!!!!!!
  5. Quad slack line tricks

    Thanks for the info. I will keep an eye out for the video.
  6. Quad slack line tricks

    Wow !!Double axle to a flic flac ! Nice !! Gotta give that one a try. Now does the LE have to face up once pulled out of the axle for the flic flac ? Or can the flic flac be performed after the axle from any of the other quarter turn clockwork positions ?
  7. Quad slack line tricks

    Question for the flyers of dual and quad .......... Has learning the dual slack line tricks helped you out in any way with quad slack line tricks ?
  8. Finally

    OK, you got me... What is a figure "9"? Is that a circle and a crash? Or some fancy-pansy move I've never heard of? Maybe it is just a little bit better than a figure 8. Or maybe it's Almost a perfect 10 ?!?!
  9. Kites

    My kites
  10. Is it available kite only? or only as a package with handles and dvd?
  11. Quad kite compulsories video

    I wondered the same thing, but i guess no one has any info ? ? ?
  12. worn bridle ?

    Thanks for all the advice everybody. i guess "i'll ride it till the wheels fall off" LOL
  13. worn bridle ?

    Or Support and call your local Kite Shoppe Anthony Some of us get Excellent Service and Customer Communication from some web sites (Thanks by the way Theresa for getting the custom line sets made and Rev bag out to me before the Santa Cruz Kite Festival by the way.....) so we are inclined to go back. We also have the face to face benefits of the local kite shop giving Free line to make adjustable leaders when I bought some extended handles(thanks Highline). These people love the kites and the fliers and it will sure bring them repeat business in the future.
  14. worn bridle ?

    The bridle on the leading edge tips seems to be showing a little wear (light fraying). How do you know when it's time to replace the bridle or can you repair it ? And are there any ways to protect the bridle on the tips ?
  15. eagle revolution ?

    where can i buy a plain white sail ?