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  1. I have had one for some time. Flies great, a bit more set-up (pieces) than the Revs.
  2. The longest set of lines I fly are 250's... though there aren't many areas that will accommodate that length. Veterans Park in MIlwaukee, WI is the only field I use them... but what a window!
  3. Got one! ...Love it for both the looks and performance! ...Love my Revs too!
  4. Revolution Zen, or Rev Indoor 1.5, both for the lightest of winds... on short lines.
  5. Be great if our Subscriber Number was included (noted) on our "Manage Subscription" page! ...Possible?
  6. Also on 'evil-bay' for about $7 (shipping included)... called "Tenacious Tape".
  7. Welcome to the "Dark-Side"! Nice Rev and I'm betting the first of many!!!! The Obsession begins!!!!!!!
  8. Congrats Windpoacher! ...Sweet Karma!
  9. Me TOO! ...I'm in!
  10. WOW Nick ~ Talk about LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations... couldn't go to a nicer guy!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Cool.......count me "IN"!
  12. until

    My home-away-from-home beach...but a bit early (in the season) for me... Is the spring NSB fest still in the planning?
  13. Nick ~ Ya Did It! ....Welcome to the DARK-SIDE! ...please keep me posted on your progress! .... Can't wait to hear!!!!!