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  1. I am sure someone will want them!
  2. HI, I am selling a nice condition used Nirvana Kite. I only see one small hole in the sail (can't even take picture of). Also the nose looks like it was reinforced, I don't see any rips or reasons or anything but the reinforcement looks very well professionally done. Also there are initials of the flyer on the back side of the kite in marker. Please note- this kite has been flown and does have some slight signs of use but remember these are $400 new and you are saving about half. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. $225 which includes usps priority shipping to the lower 48 states and I use PAYPAL and prefer no fees.
  3. SOLD SOLD SOLD Ok, This well used Nirvana has several repairs including the nose. There are still some tiny holes in parts of the thin Mylar part of the sail. It is missing the upper spreader (I can give you the measurement for it and Andy at Ocean Shores kites can get you a new one). The color is gray and the version is gen one (most desirable). Completely flyable and was used in world kite comp in France. I use PayPal. Remember these are $400+ new. Please don't expect new but expect to save some money. Let me know. Thanks. $100 usps priority shipped to lower 48 states.
  4. Yep! but great idea, that would look amazing if the new owner posted some pics of this.
  5. Let me know!
  6. SOLD SOLD SOLD This particular Revolution Zen is a custom color purple fade that if it did not have a few specs of California sand on it you could not tell it had ever been flown, it is in amazing as new condition. The kite has seen only minutes of flight time. This kite is sewn by the master him self Bazzer as seen in the pics. Comes with kite, sleeve and Zen frame. From non smoking environment. Pm me for question and details, thanks! $325 with priority USPS shipping to any of the lower 48 states. (if you need different let me know). Paypal only and preferred no fees (if you need different let me know).
  7. Sorry boys, not an SUL. SLE with white bridle. Normal LE material.
  8. SOLD SOLD SOLD HI, I am selling an essentially new Revolution Quad line kite. Its an SLE with all white icarex sail with black stitching. Again, this kite has been set up but not flown. Comes with kite, 2 wrap frame and sleeve. There are a couple places on sail where you can tell it was set up out side. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks. Free usps priority shipping to lower 48 states, if you need other shipping let me know. Payment through paypal only and hoping for no fees. $180
  9. SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi, I am selling a beautiful Genuine Revolution Kites Ron Bohart Master piece kite. This kite has been flown but very little. I see no issues anywhere and the leading edge mesh looks fine. Signed by Ron himself and dated 2012 (See pic), also signed by Bazzer. Add this beauty to your collection today. This is not a printed kite, ALL APPLIQUÉ. Any questions please just ask. Comes with kite, sleeve and 2 wrap frame. $500 USPS priority shipped to the lower 48 states. If you want shipping elsewhere we can talk. Paypal only (with no fees preferred) unless other wise discussed.
  10. Andy has them in Ocean Shores
  11. SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi, I am selling a like new set of Laser Pro Gold 150# x 85' Dual lines with BOA'S Great Winds handles on a LPG winder. All like new (flown once). $30 free shipping to lower 48 states. If you need farther talk with me. Thanks!
  12. This is probably in the wrong section but I would say call Andy at Ocean Shores Kites. He has a TON of very affordable bags to choose from. Quad roll up bags, Dual roll up bags and the like. Ask for Andy or Brenda and tell them Stephen sent you. 360-289-4103