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  1. Newest addition to my kite bag

    Nice, I was second bidder.
  2. Wanted: Revolution Bazzer Eyes

    In some crazy scheme to make money they made more than one, you will have your chance lol. If I can find more than one Neos omega kitefrom more than 28 years ago Ithink the time will come when its right to get your very own Bazzer Eyes;But, it took 5 years to find those Neos kites. Its all about timing.In the mean time you can go this route-http://www.ebay.com/itm/new-arrive-4-line-control-stunt-kite-quad-line-kite-sport-kite-stunt-kite-2-4-/201546762894?hash=item2eed1f8a8e:g:lpUAAOSwDk5T-du~ Just kidding, just kidding. Wait for the real thing.
  3. Wanted: Revolution Bazzer Eyes

    I have only everseen one used one for sale, that was oneBay. I think $500 was the number.
  4. R-Sky Nirvana SUL Sold

  5. I have responded to all offers in personal message. Thanks.
  6. Revolution 1.5 frame set SOLD

    Make me an offer!
  7. Plastic or something, not glass.
  8. SOLD SOLD SOLDHI, I have a used set of Laser Pro Gold quad lines from Teresa at The Kite Shoppe. They are 120'x90# quad. Light use. Asking $70 OBO Shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states payment through paypal only, prefer no fees. Thanks.
  9. SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi, I have a used kite stake. It has a buddha on the top and uses a steel rod. Comes with with sleeve or sheath holder to attach to belt to wear on the side. asking $25 OBO shipped anywhere in the lower 48 state. Payment is through paypal only. prefer no fees. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I have a used 1.5 B series 2 wrap frame set for sale. 5 rods total. These are used. SOLD SOLD SOLD Asking $50 OBO shipped to lower 48 states. Paypal only for payment as well. Preferred that there are no fees. Let me know. Thanks.
  11. KARMA - Flying Wings "Emong" (2/27/16)

    I am in, missing my Emong that i sold way to cheap.
  12. Echo - Like New!

    yeah, 7 is heavy for sure I think. no wind out door day, great indoor.
  13. Sky Dog Jammin Kite Dodd Gross SOLD!

    I posted that it sold in the title and the main ad but not below. will next time. Dude got a great deal, I am pretty easy when i can be. :-)