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  1. Giant Bat seen near Malvern

    I have an older bat kite but looking to make a Dark Knight kite this summer based off of a Rev shockwave or blast. 
  2. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Libby would love this! 
  3. Karma - iPrey Glider (2/6/16)

    I am in . They look cool in blue. 
  4. R-Sky Nirvana SUL

    Still for sale.  
  5. SOLD SOLD SOLD. Diode Stunt kite. Great for beginners. No lines or handles. Kite and sleeve only. Used. $30 free shipping to lower 48 states. Paypal only, thanks.   
  6. B-Series STD **ready to fly** 1/1/16

    WOW, awesome thanks!!!
  7. Dwyer Wind meters

    yep! I got one left. 
  8. hey, i see that you are looking to sell an eclipse or at least trade. have any more info on the kite? Thanks

    1. Hasek


      I'm not all fired up to get rid of the Eclipse. A B2 with red in it is high on my want list though and that's why I offered it to Rob in trade. What were you thinking as far as trade/sale? What info are you looking for about the Eclipse? I don't have much of info on it, but will see what I can dig up.

    2. 3wrapframe


      I was just more looking to see if you are looking to sell and how much? I am curious the color scheme and what all comes with the kite i.e.: paperwork, sleeve and such. I have a new Dodd Gross Jammin I am looking to sell/trade and some other lower end kites as well at the moment.  Thanks

    3. Hasek


      I'm not really looking to sell it. I figure I should have one dually on hand. As mentioned above, a red B2 is high on my want list and the Eclipse I thought might interest Rob for trade. For his B2, I would have done without the Eclipse. Thanks for the interest though.

  9. Sky Dog Jammin Kite Dodd Gross SOLD!

    Still available!
  10. Just enough kites

    3D? Me like.   
  11. Saber II tree lit

  12. Sky Dog Jammin Kite Dodd Gross SOLD!

    Guys Guys, you don't have to fight over the kite. I am open to offers and you can each have it half the year. ;-) 
  13. Prism Quantum Kite SOLD