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  1. Yachats Kite Festival footage

    Loved the intro, that Griffin stack flew great...
  2. Lincoln City Fall Festival Oct 8 & 9 2011

    Wife and I in Portland -Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for continuing education, hope to stop in LC on the way home Sunday
  3. Good ol' boys Club

    I know of a few women fliers who haven't responded yet, and some have even made careers from the sport/hobby Donna Susan Ronda Theresa Sandy Penny Lisa Jeanette Lynn Carol Annie And I expect to meet more lady's (of kiting) at WSIKF later in the week
  4. Lincoln City Fest.........

    Driving up Friday, staying through Sunday, hope to have a new stack tuned by then.
  5. Stacking two revs

    Some pic's of my rev's stacked I attach pigtails at each connection point, then larks head the stack lines to the pigtails. That makes it easy to add/remove/switch the kites around
  6. Lincoln City Oregon Kite Festival cica 1990

    I remember those days, lots of stacks, ballet flying, many dual line teams, and new kite manufactures just starting out I had been flying for 10 - 12 years by then, mostly Rainbow stacks, Hyper stack, Trilby's, and an Hawaiian (oh!, I still have them all)
  7. Kitelife is on the road...

    Ditto John, would be great to see you and TK

    That's a great walk thru Rob, I would only add one thing, especially with new lines. I switch my top and bottom lines from time to time, and also switch the handle end with the kite end. This will assist even stretch and even wear
  9. Hawaiian SpinOff

    Kite WINGS Materials SPINE Material LWR SPRDR Material UPPER SPRDR Material STANDOFF Material Hawaiian Spin-Off '95 65.0 SKYSK6.3 32.5 SKYSK 6.3 32.5 SKYSK 6.3 22.0 SKYSK 6.3 9.0 3/32 FGR Hawaiian Spin-Off '96 65.0 .240 GRPH 32.5 .240 GRPH 32.5 .240 GRPH 22.0 .240 GRPH 9.0 3/32 FGR Formatting not very good, but here are the spec's 3/32 fiberglass 9" long
  10. Rainbow

    I actually keep the tubes in a large Rubbermaid tote, so they dont see much sun. I also purchased some large carry bags from Into the Wind that the stacks fit into nicely More of my kite collection
  11. Rainbow

    I too got hooked on the Rainbow Stunt Kites. My story dates back to the late 70's, I was walking the beach in Lincoln City, OR and came across two guys flying these colorful stack of 6 kites. I stopped to watch for a few minutes, and then they called me over and introduced themselves. Steve Lamb (the owner of the newly opened kite store Catch the Wind) and Steve Edeiken (the creator of the Rainbows). After much encouragement and a little instruction they had me flying and soon purchasing the first of many Rainbows. I currently have a 10 and 9 stack, and many more new in the tubes
  12. Kite parts

    Kite Manufacturer Type Wing Spine Upr Spredr Lwr Spreadr Standoff Psycho Flexifoil Exel 6MMx49" 6MMx23.5" 6MMx19.75" 6MMx23.75" .090x8.25"
  13. Are kite flyers a dying breed?

    Funnier still, the previous Optometrist that was in Brookings, moved to Safford, Arizona I am aware of the weather in Oregon, Kristine and I moved there (Forest Grove)in 1977, got married there in 1979, our first son born there 1980 she graduated in 1984, moved to Redding, then Napa, then Tucson 1992 Besides it on rains once a year in Oregon.... starts in October~ends in May
  14. Are kite flyers a dying breed?

    30+ years and still alive (heart attack 7-15-10) fly every chance I get (most days), as a mater of fact, moving to the Oregon coast to get better wind new house here moving in 10/28/2010 Map MikeM Tucson AZ/Brookings OR
  15. Jazz flown by Prism owner

    check out video, Mark flys in many of the scenes he is quite accomplishedMany more video's Mark is demonstrating tricks