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  1. these are my 2 low wind favs the fearless is the light working on higher wind as we speak
  2. Indoor Dual Line Manual

    hi all i am looking for all the help i can get i have an inner space on it's way!!! any way i have flown an ozone so i knw what a flat spin looks like and it was the 1st kite to let me know that i had the side slide in me i have no idea what to expect from the IS or for that matter indoor style flying . any help would be appreciated ps i have PM'ed john about the manual as a start thanx KO
  3. Need help with flying in low winds

    thanx john great help KO
  4. Cesium Access

    yes T thank u very much for the kite and i do appreciate the new lines KO
  5. Silver Fox STD

    great kite congrats KO
  6. Silver Fox STD

    actually if i wasn't flying quantum pro's i would more than likely be flying the silver fox 2.5 trio great kites really good deal. on the topic of winning one I CAN'T STAND the suspense! guess i'll just have to cruise down to KP7 hope to see you all there KO
  7. How do you pack your kites?

    here is something that may help http://prismkites.com/tips.html
  8. kite stuff

    my kites