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  1. Does Anyone Still Fly Lam's ABS Quadline?

    Paul, Take a look here.
  2. Colibri XL

    andre, How many of these have you made? Is this your business; building kites? Is there any chance that you may be able to forward some more detailed photos of your construction technique? If so, I can forward you my e-mail in a PM. Chris
  3. Colibri XL

    andre, Hmmm! Roughly $850.00 US Dollars. Slightly more than I expected but not necessarily that bad. For that price could it be custom colors? Chris
  4. Colibri XL

    andre, Might one inquire as to your asking price to build one of these beauties? Chris
  5. Subscriber Number?

    John, I guess I'll be the next to ask. Thanks in advance for looking it up.
  6. cmay