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  1. oooooh, I'm crossing muh fingers!!!
  2. Thanks again! :-)
  3. Awesome, thanks! Was there somewhere on here that I could have found it?
  4. I'm new and don't know how to find my subscriber number. Any help?
  5. You've gotta lovett That's a really bad pun ... on so many levels ... That was awesome!
  6. PLEASE don't laugh at me...I know its an old, outdated kite and you're probably asking "What the heck does she want with a Wax Wing?" or "What the heck IS a Wax Wing?" but I'm looking for a few of them in various colors. I love how they just zip through the air. I have 2 already (red and blue) and I'm looking to stack some more, but can't seem to find ANY for sale, anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks so much. - Crystal Tampa, FL.