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  1. Silver Fox STD

    oooooh, I'm crossing muh fingers!!!
  2. Where is my subscriber number?

    Thanks again! :-)
  3. Where is my subscriber number?

    Awesome, thanks! Was there somewhere on here that I could have found it?
  4. Where is my subscriber number?

    I'm new and don't know how to find my subscriber number. Any help?
  5. B-Series Vented

    That was awesome!
  6. PLEASE don't laugh at me...I know its an old, outdated kite and you're probably asking "What the heck does she want with a Wax Wing?" or "What the heck IS a Wax Wing?" but I'm looking for a few of them in various colors. I love how they just zip through the air. I have 2 already (red and blue) and I'm looking to stack some more, but can't seem to find ANY for sale, anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks so much. - Crystal Tampa, FL.