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  1. Bridles bridles bridles

    I thought I had plenty of wind...and I do take a step or back when I launch...I'll try this weekend and get to you on what I found..... On a side note I got to fly a Pro Wren a few weeks ago and it was very natural to launch it with the hands down low. It literally jumped into the air that's what made me think it may be the bridle on the beetle. It doesnt seem to want to jump...of course that's the difference between a 45 dollar kite and a 250 dollar one, eh?
  2. Bridles bridles bridles

    I usually fly in 8-15 winds (when we get them), so plenty of wind. Ive got the bridle set to the factory marks. And have occassionally 'played' with them. Im wonderig if it may be my 'technique' or lack there of. I've got my kite club this sunday, I'll get with the guys and have them take a look also. If they can get er up conventionally, then I know I need to work on motions.....
  3. Bridles bridles bridles

    kind of after the fact...but been flying a coupla beetles for a few months now. Time to start fixing things that arent broken....OR ARE THEEEY???? I watch the pro's launch kites and have watched Dodd's video (everyday)....and I see everyone pull back and down on the lines to get thier sport kites up. I have to pull back and raise my arms to launch mine. Are my bridles set correctly? Or is this just inherint in the Beetles?
  4. suggestions?

    Ok, great suggestions...thanks. Guess I should clarify a little, I doubt I'll be doing any actual indoor flying. Mostly light wind outdoor...0-8 mph or so is the norm for nice days here in Denver. I'd like to narrow my search down to a few kites and then try to fly before I buy, but that's in a perfect the more suggestions the better. But man o' man are those pro wren's nice......
  5. suggestions?

    Just wanted to get some suggestions as to what to purhase. Im interested in picking up a zero wind-light wind kite. I flew a Pro Wren this weekend in basically no wind and fell in love. But I didn't want to spend that kinda money. Was hoping to get into something useable for maybe 100-130 bucks....any suggestions?
  6. Which has more pull?

    9' Thunderfoil or the Symphony 2.7.....The symphony recommends 320 pound test vs. 200 lb for the thunderfoil....The thunderfoil is bigger, so I assumed it would pull more, does anyone have any idea?
  7. Angel Fire, NM

    Anyone going to the fest in NM this weekend? Is it worth the drive from Denver? I just figured out it wasn't in Angel FIre, ALB is a bit longer of a drive...
  8. Daily updates from ECKSC!

    posted elsewhere...
  9. Second kite

    What's a good kite to get after the Beetle? I guess what Im asking is, am I wasting my time trying to trick the beetle. It's definitely difficult to axel. Should I be looking to purchase something a little easier to trick when trying to learn tricks? Are there some adjustments I can make to the bridle to make tricking it easier? Or am I just 'not getting it' and need to spend more time practicing? Would my time be better spent trying to lean basic tricks (snap stall, axel etc) on a 'normal' trick kite, or should I get these down pat BEFORE I step up to a more expensive and easily breakable kite? Is the Beetle even capable (given it's inherant stability) of tricking?
  10. begining team flying 101

    Yeah, I've watched (with awe) most all of the vids on this site....there is truly some amazing stuff!!
  11. Beginner Help

    I haven't tried anything but the Beetle. But I'd give it a thumbs up. I've taken some pretty harsh crashes and not broken or torn anything. and as far as tricks, I'm new, but I have gotten it to axel and snap stall so far....havent really tried anything else yet until I master those two techniques...
  12. begining team flying 101

    Perfect....lots of great the manual!
  13. Local winds

    I stumbled across this section of's website. You can bring up the weather/winds at specific parks throughout the country...also has an hour by hour wind forecast for the location as well... Basically, go to Type in your zip code It'll bring up current weather for that zip, but you'll see a drop down menu under "On the Spot Weather"'ll list parks, schools, golf courses etc. Click "parks" and choose your favorite spot. Then save it in your favorites menu in your browser...viola...instead wind readings at your favorite kite flying spots.
  14. Dual Line parafoil

    Hey Neighbor...Sante Fe's a great town been through there quite a few times. The little woman has been desperately wanting to take a weekend down there for awhile now. I'll hafta look ya up when we head that way. Yeah, the kite flying is becoming a sickness, guess it beats chasing skirts, drinking too much and gambling though. I picked up Dodd Gross' DVD this weekend and have been reviewing it. It really is a great thing to have if you wanna get into doing some tricks with the dual line. I was having a helluva time trying to get my kite to axel. Then after watching his video, and practicing a little, I was able to pull one off about every 5-6 tries. So if you're looking for some good info, that's a great start in my humble newbie opinion. It takes you through everything from setup-launch to the beggining moves. I havent watched the whole thing yet, kinda taking it in steps, but it's a great tool, different camera angles and split screens and slo-mo, really breaks it down. The dual line is really natural feeling as far as basic control and everytime I take mine to the park it draws alot of attention, even with my frequent crashes! People ask alot of questions. A passerby last night was asking lots of questions and seemed really interested so I handed him the reigns. He crashed in about 10 secs, then after a quick brief, launched him and he was able to stay aloft without incident for a good 5 mins before handing it back over to me. He said he'd never flown dual line and hadnt flown anything since he was a kid. So dont'll get it quick. I'd say most all of my crashes occur when I try 'getting cute' with it and attempt some trickery. But half the fun for me is trying soemthing and crashing then getting a good laugh from my 9 year old. If I'm lazy i can keep it aloft all day long without too much'll have a blast! Let me know how things work out and what happens when you get a power kite. It's one thing to ask and have veterans tell me, "it pulls alot" but another to have a newbie like me say, "it pulls more than alot, bring a rope to anchor yourself to a tree" ;-) Take it easy!
  15. Dual Line parafoil

    Well, looks like the parafoil will have to wait...the 9 year old needed his own we picked one up with a coupla tails and Dodd's video. So we've got some work to do before I venture into the para's...just as well. We had some fun with formation flying tonight. It really is visually stunning! I appreciate the advice from everyone. Think when I can plunge some more money into my new addiction I'll probably pick up a 2.7. It sounds like it'd be a blast but not deadly. I think my plan is to work on handling that, then maybe move into a bigger quad. I know I'm not dextrous enough, heal fast enough and have enough room in the city to do buggying, boarding or surfing so I'll stay within my skill level. I thank everyone for their input. It really helps to have unbiased opinions out there! On a side note, we went tubing this February in the mountains...cracked my tailbone, still hasnt healed. So when I was contemplating this my wife gave me 'the look' when i said I only wanted to go airborne for 'a coupla feet'. The look was, "You can't handle an innertube on snow...why don't I just call the paramedics now and have them meet you at the park." Thanks everyone...if there's anyone in the Denver area with 2-3 meter para, please say so, I'd like to see one up close! Thanks!