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  1. B-Series Pro

    My new Pro
  2. B Series VS B Series Pro

    Thanks John hey i was wondering if you had any idea when you'll be making it out to Berkeley again, unfortunelty i missed your clinic a few weeks back. I would very much like to catch the next one!
  3. B Series VS B Series Pro

    ok my bad
  4. B Series VS B Series Pro

    What are the differences between the two kites? I know that the Pro is sewn by bazzer, but overall what are the differences in flight, sail design, etc to these kites?
  5. B-Series Pro

    How long did you wait to recieve your pro baloo? What colors did you get and can you post a picture of it.
  6. B-Series Pro

    Yea im already very anxious I talked to the kite shoppe today she said that she was pretty sure that barry was in town and that i should have it within 2-3 weeks. Im unsure of how busy he is but hopefully the 2-3 weeks is accurate. Its gunna be beautiful.
  7. B-Series Pro

    Just ordered my Rasta black B Pro series full vent, with race frame!!!! from kite shoppe. I cant wait. Ill post pics when Receive!!
  8. Airbow

    Has anyone had a chance to see or fly the Airbow? If so what did you think?
  9. Extended Handles

    Whats everyone feeling on extended handles? I have two sets 13'' and 15'' Here's my delema i have trouble with the 15's on my 1.5 but i love the 15's with my superrsonic. I find with the 15's on the 1.5 even after making adjustments over and over i still feel like im only flying with only the power lines. Any one have any words of handle advice. Any one else have problems like this? All in all the stock handles work well all around, but i really do like the 15's with the supersonic how fun it is.
  10. Quad slack line tricks

    wow! John you are an amazing pilot as we all kno :} Thanks
  11. Quad slack line tricks

    JOhn what did you post the double axel to flic flac under on youtube trying to check that sh*t out.