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  1. Dang John, what is happening here ? Sorry that it's come down to this. Okay, I started this topic, so I'll end it. To all my old kiting buddies, so much for chat, but we'll always remember those Wednesday nights, even the ones when JB showed up Just kidding John. We thank you for this, and as always, for all you do ! I salute you sir !! and thanks !
  2. Hey Sparkie, Good to hear back from you. I suppose it's already 2017 down under, eh ?
  3. Hello Everyone, Yep, I've been gone for a while, but I still think about you guys. Just wanted to wish all my old friends (and new), a very very happy new year ! Take care guys.
  4. Hey Wayne....I think this was something from last year....
  5. He'll set you straight, for sure !
  6. Believe me, they will !!
  7. Ok JB, Don't get me started on this "sailing" stuff. We went down this road many years ago. I bet you forgot that
  8. Send it East I can still fly And still got all my gear (+ a few Revs)
  9. Happy Birthday SHBKF (Dec 11th) Hey Ralph - Hope things are going well, and that you will have a great Birthday. I suppose your kite loft (basement) is overflowing by now, but I'm sure you will always be able to squeeze in one more. Have a good one.......
  10. Now you can get back to work on those "JB mini Revs", but you can have Luca endorse them, for you !
  11. Congratulations JB & TK........... So did Luca arrive on the 25th or 26th ?
  12. So John, Since surely you've nothing else on your mind these days, any progress on the "JB mini Revs"? Just kidding bud. Wishing you and TK the very best !
  13. Probably not quite yet......
  14. Before you know it, we'll be seeing JB "mini-revs"