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  1. Jockey's Ridge State Park - Nags Head, NC

    That's quite a polite response there, "riff". Mine wasn't so kind, so much in fact, that after much thought, I have opted not to post it. I just don't see the point. Sad, sad, sad.
  2. WIN: B-Series VTD (signed)

    Yep, and I recently bought the Lime/Black/White (as your Standard), in Mid-Vent.....
  3. WIN: B-Series VTD (signed)

    Now you need to find a "Standard", and a "Mid-Vent", in the Red/Black/White combo, to complete yourself a set.....
  4. WIN: B-Series VTD (signed)

    Ok, we got a winner - CONGRATULATIONS !
  5. My HQ Symphony 2.2.4

    Hey, what are you guys up to ? 🤔
  6. Looking for a tutorial on bridle replacement (found)

    Hang in there. All kinds of good help here at Kitelife.....
  7. Happy B-day Wayne Dowler 🎂

    Youngsters ! 🍻
  8. Forum upgrade later this summer...

    Looks good so far.............(as always), will let you know
  9. Looking for a tutorial on bridle replacement (found)

    It's really no big deal. Lay the new bridle out on your kite. Remove one attachment point of the old bridle at a time, and replace it immediately, but with the new bridle. Just do it exactly as you took off the old one. Repeat at each attachment point, and before you know it, done and done..... Oh, do the top center first, as you need to pass the entire bridle through the loop, to make that attachment.
  10. Happy B-day Wayne Dowler 🎂

    You bet ! Have a great day ! 🎂
  11. Happy B-day Wayne Dowler 🎂

    Hey Wayne, Happy Birthday to you, my friend ! Hope you have a wonderful day and everything is to your liking. Probably warm out you way, about now. Enjoy ! It'll be winter before we know it. Have a good one "bud". Good winds to you ! 🎂
  12. Velcro kite straps

    Yep, seems ok now, if that is what you were asking
  13. Velcro kite straps

    Not sure what those .jpg's are, but not working - here, anyway ?