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  1. Wayne, you got way to many quads. And you used to talk about me 😜
  2. Good. I wonder if there is a cut-off date ? This could take a while 😇
  3. Don't know. That's just the last posted count. Could be more ?
  4. Well, all I can figure is - last count was 97, so that leaves 203 available.
  5. Hey folks - BUY TICKETS - so we can get this thing on a roll
  6. You see Ralph, if I hadn't coerced you to join Kitelife, when I did, you probably would have a different (non-winning) number. Congrats buddy !
  7. Way to go, Ralph ! Just what you need - ONE MO KITE
  8. Gosh, I suppose I'm guilty. However, not by myself, not by a long shot. When I'm at the coast, there are people literally everywhere, up and down the beach, flying SLK's at 200', 300', 400', even 500'. I must be missing something here, because 150' is nothing ? I agree, probably shouldn't do this near the airport fence, but really - 150' ?
  9. P b 4 u go up....🤢
  10. Well, actually, you got it ! It just doesn't get much better.....
  11. 240's....Really ?
  12. Well, you have just about got that RIGHT !! 😎
  13. Make that 90....
  14. Looking good, even better if it comes EAST........(right coast)
  15. Okay JB, It's been another eventful year, with lots of changes, especially for you. Just wanted to wish you the very best, as you partake upon your next trip around the sun. May it be one of your best ! Take care my friend & HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! 🍺🎂 🍺