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  • Flying Since A long time ago with single lines - 2002 with dual lines - 2009 with quad lines
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  • Interests Kites (obviously) Single, Dual & Quad-line. I also enjoy spending time at the Coast, Golf, Kayaking, Sailing, Fresh Water Fishing, GeoCaching, Grilling (almost daily), Messing with Computers, Building and Tinkering around with almost anything in my shop. (I hate winter and cold weather)
  1. Lost posts and PMs?

    Glad to see you still on the job !
  2. Team KiteLife

  3. Kymera (12/25/15)

    Well, be a good little boy from now till Christmas, because John is checking his list, and checking it twice ! Good Luck..............
  4. Kymera (12/25/15)

    Oh wait......darn "WHAT" ?
  5. Kymera (12/25/15)

    You would be correct............Hmmmm! I thought this was sounding familiar I hope this year's winner will be as shocked as I was, just sitting around on Christmas afternoon, decided to check out my email, while everyone was chatting.................and wooooooh! I won something! Couldn't believe it........... Maybe this year will be Wayne's turn. Oh, and Merry Christmas, everyone ! Ho, ho, ho !
  6. What is the best lifter ever if I need huge power and stability ?

    Good Question ? I wondered the same. Are we lifting laundry, or a 5 lb camera ??????
  7. B-Series STD Package (11/10/15)

    Rookies When the RNG picks your number on Christmas Day, that's when you are in his favor ! #98
  8. SOLD.............gone to VA
  9. This little kite needs a home
  10. Tanglewood Park, Clemmons, NC

    What a beautiful scene ! You have a great field there, Ralph !
  11. Kite making fluttering - buzz noise

    I always thought that flutter and noise was usually due to "too little brake".............(all drive - no brake) On a noisy Rev, I always shortened the lower lines (by one knot on the leaders), and it seemed to cure the problem (?) (or) let out on the top lines But I don't know what happens if you have a "poorly sewn sail" ?? Best of luck, but try just a bit more brake, and see what happens - go nothing to lose, eh !
  12. Going once, going twice.................
  13. This kite needs a new home too