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  1. Here, here, for the old machines......sews a mean stitch
  2. So when is the maiden voyage?
  3. Could be worse !! ­čśť
  4. Man, you guys are getting D E E P ! But keep it up ! Only good can come out of this ........ Hang in there RC..
  5. Congrats ACrop ! Enjoy !
  6. I'm thinking EAST.....just not quite that far
  7. Hey Sparkie, you don't need another Rev down there...............
  8. Unfortunately, I am planning on winning this one. Just kidding, or not ?
  9. Hi Laurie, If you are a Kitelife Subscriber, which it appears you are, you are automatically entered into the drawing. Good Luck !
  10. Hey Wayne, hope you are keeping up with this. I know you are.....
  11. Dang John, what is happening here ? Sorry that it's come down to this. Okay, I started this topic, so I'll end it. To all my old kiting buddies, so much for chat, but we'll always remember those Wednesday nights, even the ones when JB showed up Just kidding John. We thank you for this, and as always, for all you do ! I salute you sir !! and thanks !
  12. Hey Sparkie, Good to hear back from you. I suppose it's already 2017 down under, eh ?
  13. Hello Everyone, Yep, I've been gone for a while, but I still think about you guys. Just wanted to wish all my old friends (and new), a very very happy new year ! Take care guys.
  14. Hey Wayne....I think this was something from last year....