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  1. Now you can get back to work on those "JB mini Revs", but you can have Luca endorse them, for you !
  2. Congratulations JB & TK........... So did Luca arrive on the 25th or 26th ?
  3. So John, Since surely you've nothing else on your mind these days, any progress on the "JB mini Revs"? Just kidding bud. Wishing you and TK the very best !
  4. Probably not quite yet......
  5. Before you know it, we'll be seeing JB "mini-revs"
  6. Hey JB, It's been a while now, bud......... Have a happy birthday. Those years are clicking by, my friend. You take care and keep on trucking ! Your friend.....................nick
  7. Well, it would be a real shame to mess up that perfect record. HOLD THAT THOUGHT !!
  8. Probably pick 5-9-0
  9. I'm trying to spare you.............I love bourbon !
  10. I got no problem with bribes..............what kind of liquor ?
  11. Still pulling for you Wayne (well kinda, I'll send a pic, suitable for framing)
  12. Yep, and I heard it all the way over here, on the "RIGHT" coast............right "as in where it's coming".......
  13. tuning

    Deep Ralph............deep !
  14. Go Wayne !
  15. Yep, I'm pulling for Wayne. He never wins crap, and it's about time !