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  1. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Congratulations her well !
  2. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Well, you could just go ahead and draw NOW
  3. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

  4. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Hey Wayne...........I'm lurking ? I'm surprised at you - accusing me of such ! I'm not lurking. I just got other things going on, and I'm trying to keep in touch with my old buddies ! (even you) (and I was thinking about giving you my number) Well - N O T !
  5. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Yep, you need to keep one eye on Wayne, and one one me, but really, you need to keep them both on him.....
  6. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Well, somebody needs to keep an eye on you !
  7. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Hey, what are you talking about, "I see you are still a subscriber"? Did you think I went somewhere ? I'm still here ! I'm watching you ! Just want to make sure that you are not into anything "underhanded". Got to watch you all the time.
  8. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Well, I'm still in........I think !
  9. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Got no B2's...........they went to Virginia !
  10. B-Series VTD Package (2/25/16)

    Well, I'm in................
  11. New KiteLife pins!

    Just got my pins................Looking good there JB !
  12. New KiteLife pins!

    OK, but we are now watching GB, and hoping ! Love the Pack, unless................well you know ! I know, I topic for this thread.......sorry
  13. New KiteLife pins!

    Likewise, spending time with family, always makes for a good week, despite the weather ! (or the family ) Just curious, my mail does not end up on the kitchen table, while I'm away (?) You must have a "magic genie"....... Happy New Year !
  14. New KiteLife pins!

    Me too ! OBX has been unfriendly this past week ! Good times, good food & drink, good friends & relatives, BUT, crappy, crappy weather ! Happy New Year to all !
  15. New KiteLife pins!

    Hey, could be time, "to adjusts the sails"...........I know, I know, you got stock, and all that. Stay true to your course ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.......