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  1. Roomba

    how does the roomba work on medium carpets? how does it deal with lots of items on the floor?
  2. The Brio, My Freestyle Kite design

    48" x 86" and it does every trick? Sounds quite impossible...
  3. ground recovery ?

    Hey AR... What kind of high end (more durable) kite would you recommend for a hack like me, or other beginners that might not know exactly how to do a ground recovery ? It looks real easy on the videos, but not so much when you actually get to the flying field. ~Rob. Benson Gemini. Very easy to recover, very difficult to damage (unless it's by a dog). Good starting place, easy to find for 100-150 used
  4. ground recovery ?

    "high-end" kites are more durable by FAR. Not necassarily expensive kites, but good, well-built and designed kites. Just hacking at the kite while it's on the ground will certainly break it. Likewise if it's in the air. If you know how to do a ground recovery, the chances of breaking the kite are very, very low.
  5. Gallego Supreme

    Btw, does this one come with batteries?
  6. Gallego Supreme

    Hrm... John posts 1685 Rob posts... 301 (as of this post) Im still way behind
  7. Gallego Supreme

    Ok, it's my turn now right?
  8. Cinique

    Sea devil will not do it easily, may as well work on the comete on your team hawaiian. Xt.s will, krystal will, mohawk will... I have cynique tutorial footage done, will be first tutorial coming when my laptop gets back The kite should not come out of a turtle, otherwise it's not a cynique.
  9. AKA National Oct 2-8, 2006

    Ugh Figured it'd be something blatantly obvious.
  10. AKA National Oct 2-8, 2006

    How come I only find out about this stuff the day before it happens? Stupid question, but i have never known where to find out about events, festivals, conventions etc.. I only find out when someone (rarely) asks me "hey are you going to this?"
  11. The "Kill"

    Right now just waiting on my laptop to get back so I can finish the work on there... what a curse to become a mac user Got so much stuff done on that thing and now i dont have another mac to keep working on! Btw missrandall, your kites are finished
  12. The "Kill"

    Howabout you get my laptop back for me so I can complete the 6 tutorials I have half-done Bleh. I cant get ANYTHING done without that thing now
  13. The "Kill"

    Flying side ways a very slightly downturn (imperceptible but you want the top wing to start coming down).. Pop the top wing, the kite should flare unevenly. If you're flying right to left to right the kite will look like / Rather than - At the flare (it comes quick) then you fully release the bottom wing hand (left in this case), and keep pressure on the top wing hand (right in this case). Better in higher winds, if the winds are low, you need to give a tug and keep pressure on the 'back' hand to get or keep the spin. Not all kites will do this trick. Very easy on nirvana, transfer, akuji and all my kites do it well. Not easy on deepspace, sea devil (but not very hard), genesis and any kite that doesn't 'settle' deep into a turtle.
  14. Kitelife IRC That's where it's at. If you need help setting up the room or selecting a server and whatnot let me know
  15. Dark Side of the Moon Kite... pt. II

    I would be willing to build it for you. not free of course ... feel free to email me