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  1. Delta Park

    Flew for a couple of hours this morning-- decent wind, although rough & gusty. Need to get going to some Zombie related activities... Have fun if you all make it out!
  2. Delta Park

    Looks like it's just on and off drizzle so far this morning-- not so bad. I'll be over at the field just as soon as I have some breakfast!
  3. Delta Park

    Wish I could join you, but I've got some camping/hiking plans this weekend ... next time!
  4. Kite fun at Delta Park this weekend?

    I'll second that-- it was great to meet everyone! I definitely learned a lot more flying with all you than I would have on my own! Hope we can make this a semi-regularily occurring event in the future.
  5. Kite fun at Delta Park this weekend?

    Ahh-- 120' lines are on my shopping list. I'll see if I can get some before this weekend. Theresa, help me out here??
  6. Kite fun at Delta Park this weekend?

    Sarah and I will join you on Sunday. Spent the last couple of afternoons there in fact, and progressed my quad-line skills enough that I won't be completely embarrassed
  7. Hey fellow kite flyers-- Just posting to share a little tool I created for myself, that may be useful for others who have Mac computers. I use the website windalert.com to check the wind speed around my local kite flying fields, as well as their iphone app .. but going to their website all the time just to check one number was a pain in the rear, so I bundled their little wind speed web widget into an OSX dashboard widget so I can quickly check the wind throughout the day. I'm attaching it here, hopefully it's useful for others as well! To use it you need the 'spot id' of the weather station you want to view-- you can get that by going to windalert.com and clicking the 'details' button on the one of the weather stations. The spot ID will appear in the URL address bar at the top of your browser. As an example, the I-5 Columbia River bridge is the nearest weather station to Delta Park. The WindAlert URL for that station is: http://windalert.com/en-us/Search/SpotInfo.aspx?spotid=6478 So just enter '6478' into the widget and away you go! Hope this is fun and useful to others! EDIT: I can't seem to figure out how to make attachments work here, so I've posted the widget here: http://hellofromportland.com/files/WindAlert.wdgt.zip -Justin
  8. Delta Park

    Hey all. Curious if anyone still flies regularly at Delta Park. I've been there about a dozen times in the last 2 months and only once was there another person flying there.. just a bunch of dogs usually . I'm making good progress learning how to fly these things on my own, but I would be thrilled to meet some of the kite veterans and get some tips, etc... I have been flying mostly on weekday evenings, usually around 7pm or so until dark.